Saturday, March 20, 2010

ra ra fashion baby.

*eek, go away Lady Gaga, I hate your fashions sense and I hate the fact that your songs are good but the wording makes it awkward for me to sing while I'm in the same car as my parents!*

so went to KLCC :D omgee so much to blog about, where to start?
So first we went um WHE- oh right we went window shopping at Robinsons :D just entering it makes me feel posh. I told mom when I grow up I want to buy Burberry as my perfume like Estee Lauder is hers and we went searching for the stand and my mom was actually asking prices and asked when my birthday was :') AWW thanks mum. but i don't think you wanna buy a 75ml perfume for 250+ =.="

so after that we went for Kinokuniya :D my phavorite place in KLCC other than Chilli's and the movie theater. had 50 bucks. so what I do?

spend 43 of it.

these were what I bought:-
-Devon Delanley Should Totally Know Better
-Bersamamu di Ros Biru (which turned out to be lame, I really expected more from Washio Mie!)
-Dunia Dicipta dengan Gembira
-Dunia Dicipta dengan Penuh Gembira (yes, the sequel)
-Gempak 15 March

So yea. I wasn't planning on buying the lame book at first but the cashier girl was like, "adik beli lagi satu dapat set bookmark ni. ade 5 dalam satu paket" then i was like, "umm, boleh kira dulu tak semue ni brape?" then she was like, "oh okay. adik ade brae? *pulls out calculator*" "50" "*calculates* hah, cukup cukup jer kalau beli lagi satu 43 ringgit." "*grabs that book i've been eyeing*"
then suddenly a foreign voice from the conversation.
"Anime huh? Bace anime ape?"
I looked up and this random Chinese guy was like looking at me smiling.
"Bleach ade?"
"Er.. ade lah tengok jugak.."
I look at the cashier lady. she just smiled. SMILING DOES NOT HELP. she just continued ------- my books. then after a while that random Chinese guy said "I bace Naruto je.." Then he put down the book he wanted to read and it was like, a book smart College guys read! what's the author's name again? Scott Patterson?

Yea that's the book. See what it's about? "How a new breed of math whizzes conquered wall street and nearly destroyed it". the only way I could know this story is by watching it on HBO. and this guy who buys this (hardcover also!!!) READS NARUTO?!

let this be a lesson to us all.

teehee. i still dunno the reason he tegur me. but never mind that. i bought three comics, one story book and a mag with my own money and feel good about it! ^ ^ (even with the six bucks in my pocket)

so after that we had dinner and went for Maghrib then went to Guardian :D had fun. oh YEA after dinner we stopped by the theater. we thought we'd buy the ticket now, solat then come back later BUT Alice in Wonderland starts at NINE P.M. :'( so we just went back home. OH but we bought popcorn ;)

xo, Lynnie

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