Monday, March 1, 2010

rock lee omg.

so today was fine~ FINALLY didn't sleep in assembly :P even though i slept at about 1 jugak since i was rolling around, trying to sleep since 12. grr.

TAMMY GOT HER PREFECT INSTALLATION! aww, she looks cute in maroon clothing ^ ^ and so does Kai, Santra, Arshvina, Khairina and ... did i miss anyone? anyways everyone was AWESOME as their FIRST official day as prefects ;D it was even PREFECT APPRECIATION DAY today! like, aww, so sweet ;)

today i felt so hyper. well, after a while. when maths finished i immediately go low battery. but still cukup bertenaga for the dental check (why do i have 24 gigi kekal and most people have 28?! nasib ade laila - 22! (: ) and also the NEW and PERMANENT BM teacher Pn. Laila !!! yay~ Sejarah no teacher entered PTTCH. just when i started Sejarah's fun. although we weren't really happy that Pn. K was about to enter anyway. SKALI TAK MASUK YAY she's not our teacher anymore XD i know so bad :P

YAY found the PIBG form XD keeheehee supposed to hntr like last Thursday but forgot hari ni baru jumpe balik :P

then mase balik Hitz Fm van was at our school and i was outside to go and hang out with ma friends then we ended up playing the games they were hosting like YAY but i was rushing like hell cuz 2.30 i have choir and 2.25 i was still playing. in the end i got number 6 and I GOT A FOOTBALL MAGAZINE. XD my parents laughed when i told them.

then during Choir practice we only had like form1 and 2 cuz the rest were doing Sukantara. somehow, i was more semangated than usual. me and Azrianna also met JUNIORS ;) dunno their names, but one was from 1D and the other 1B but both from 1P (psycho) or so we've been told. kyahaha what's wrong with juniors now a days? they get comfy too easily. :) and we sang Take These Wings extremely satisfying, somehow :) at first we were all tired and stuff and Mr. Melvin said some things (ehehehehehe) and we terus bersemangated nak nyanyi!!! and i was one out of 6 people from alto that has "better hearing" :') I'm so proud of myself. PELAJAR YANG DICONTOHI XD nolah. i still feel like i'm not as good as the others :'(

xo, Lynnie

p.s, SOME CUTSCENES FROM NARUTO that shows how AWESOME Rock Lee is!!! XD

And this is so CUTE!


clickable ;)

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