Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sukantara people.

so had Sukantara today. today was kinda exciting. all emotions coming. a.k.a. negative thoughts. well, most of the time.

was mostly disappointed by my oral. :'( i couldn't even look at my marks. i bet i disappointed Pn. Noraini. sigh.

what is wrong with me? why do i keep thinking of that? stop it stop it stop it. gawd, I feel like slapping myself but I know it wouldn't work. plus i met HER OMG alaa i felt so bad sigh. even though she was evil as usual, i still feel bad for her.

eesh, stop it stop it stop it!!!!!!!!!!!

i've lost my mind. some of you guys i have asked what was the most weirdest experience ever since entering secondary school? there's a reason for it. and it's WAY bigger than you guys punye. it's just too much. i'm waiting for someone to tell me one that's as big as mine THEN i'll tell someone. I even told Annie I'll tel her but in the end i didnt. sigh sigh sigh.


i failed lompat jauh. :'( terlebih plank my foot. CIS  i could've at least got ONE FREAKING MARK but i didn't :'((((

My running yang paling memuaskan :)) I was like, 4th out of seven, but still, sigh. I felt like it was the fastest i've ever ran at SA. seriously.

then lontar peluru (bullet throw XD) got 2 :) yihihihihi XD

then i got cactus from Nurin Nasuha for friendship week. ;D



cactus on the left, teh tarik on the right ;)
it says "Dear Nur Elyna Mahzan,
Randomness is AWESOME
heart, Masnu-rin" 

ANYWAYS Kai got it from a STALKER DAMMIT it said "Can I be your Friend" like OMG AHAHA

ngeh nuthin else to say. ngeheheh. ngeheheheheheh. see wat i mean? lost it. hundred percent. lost. it.

xo, Lynnie

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