Tuesday, March 2, 2010

torn apart.

DISH DISH DISH. Sri Aman gossip specially in this blog!!!

so me and Farah were gossipping just now. It started of with the school's number one enemy right now. Puteri Balqis. 1A. Biatch. Nobody i know likes her except for Lea and that's only cuz she an click with that girl.

second i was talking about my bad experiences today. first was Iman and Nurin Recess Case. so i went to the gallery as usual for recess and I don't see Nurin anywhere so I asked Lea who was still changing from PJ if she knew that Nurin went anywhere but she didn' so I waited for Lea then we went and sit with Keshika. We saw Iman's pencil box there so yeah. Then as we were chatting, we saw Iman and Nurin walking from the PIBG building. they went to take Borang Kebenaran. and so I asked them what they were bringing. Iman hurried Nurin to go and see Pn. Yap. I asked them again. still not answered. i looked at Lea. Lea looked at me. i asked them a million times annoyingly like how we usually do friendlily and they would usually answer annoyed and we'd break into laughter, instead Nurin told us where they're going an left me and Lea, my question still not answered. "I can't believe that just happened" Lea said.

then when they came back, i tried again, but they still ignored me, but i ask tegas-tegas at Iman then she told me radio and i asked for what and she ignored me. and kitorang kengkawan yang baik ni tolong them buat their BM. terasa sangat.

then later on during KH (i'm in group B, btw. the classes seperate during KH.) we were chatting while doing our work as usual and suddenly Kai scanned the class and said "Alaa, no one here's from Sri Petaling."

ahem ahem.

i didn't say anything. if you know me, you'd know i wouldn't say anything to something like that, especially to people like Kai. Lea looked at me like she did during recess tadi. she knew. she always know when i terase. she would smile even though she knew what i thought, and i just smiled back. i know how she is. that's just the way things go.

and for telling Kai that I'm from SSP, it's just that your could imagine how it goes. I'll tell her as cool as i can get, and she'll say "OMG I'M SO SORRY I'M SO SORRY"  and i'll say "It's okay" when I know it isn't. like if you care enough to say sorry to me and don't want to offend me, you wouldn't forget that i'm from SSP. just like you. like if you're from a different school FINE you didn't spend the last five years knowing each other but ME AND KAI have known each other since we were TEN. we were in choir together and we totally could say anything to each other, but now, now she's not that Kai. or maybe I'm not that Elyna, i don't know.

then (remember this was actually a scene mase balik, me and Farah chatting/ gossipping) Hanan entered our chat like YAY. she's a fun form 3. ^ ^ so she asked Farah what class and Farah asked what class she's in and they wow each other by how young (for Hanan) and old ehem i mean mature (for Farah) they are to each other. then Hanan asked what class i'm in and Farah said smart class. =.= DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING LAA DX then she asked me about Kai and found out SHE also doesn't like her much X) because if you ask someone about her, well 70% la, they would say "OOH she's very nice!" NO COMMENT LA DUDE.

anyways, gotta get ready. pukul 4 i'm going back to school for kawad practice. goodbye people. see you after six.

xo, Lynnie

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