Friday, March 5, 2010

tuna and bread.

i don't have much to blog about. except Annie discovered Glucose which makes her hyper and feel like running. and I let all my stress go through seni ;) I like seni. next year I'm being AJK Seni. DAH COP DAH!!! XD

mase balik i had to wait 2 and a half hours so i waited outside with Lea. then Marishka came and join and her friend and Eva XD Eva left and Marishka's friend left then Lea left so me and Marishka went in started chatting. then more and more people start coming. so COOL so many new friends X)

people who were there : Ika Idah Marishka Hanan Intan (then masuk lagi) Cynta Adline and that other person

then i had to go for rumah Biru :'(

then balik awal! I thought balik 5, skali 4! so I chatted with Mas, Maryam and Nezu. They were supposed to have a study group, but ended up talking bout Maryam's latest lesbian crush =.=" but quite interesting gak. then ayah came >.<

orait then, that's all.

xo, Lynnie


 Thank you Laila!!! SO CUTE XD
i dah hantar dah surat tu X3
yes, that is a keychain.
and yes, that is my ironing board.
and yes, that's a stack of books my mom's supposed to read.
and yes, that is an anime.
wondering what's it's name. 
i dont want to give it a random name.
ngeh. feel like calling it Birelli. somehow.

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