Tuesday, March 16, 2010

two's the new one.

ahaha, uploaded two videos instead of one ;P

first up, Celcom KH ad. people PLEASE watch because this is my first Sony Vegas video and I need comments and rates. plus it's not that long, just one minute! :D PLEASE? Yes? THANK YOU! XD

Shitzu. I got the long screen one. =.="

Second one, ngeh, you may or may not watch it, because I didn't really edit it :PI just changed the song WHICH thankfully, have not been disabled. This is the same case as the Come Home SoKai Tribute. It has "content that is owned by someone else". =.=" Okay anyways. Here it is.

AHAH eheehee got the shorter screen one ;)

So actually this video has a STORYLINE. Lets copy n paste the *parts* of description, shall we?

"So one of my hobbies, I gotta admit is watching videos like this from KH and FF then mute it while I play another song and i admit that this actually made me see a storyline.

Terra's gay for Xenahort, Ven's trying to impress Aqua, Aqua's chasing Terra, Xenahort's using Ven and Terra's jealous. King Mickey comes and spoils their fun.

Okay you may even need a character intro.

Terra's the tallest of the armor people.
Aqua's the girl of the armor people.
Ven's the shortest *and looks like Roxas* of the armor people (no, they're not the same person, Ven's from the past and Roxas is a nobody who's destined to live as his "somebody"/original person / disappear/die.) yeaa the storyline was never clear.
Xenahort's the baldy.
and you know who Mickey is. ;D if you don't, he's the mouse at the end. 
And that face masked person HAS A NAME but i forgot :D

so, ENJOY :D

xo, Lynnie
p.s, people haven't commented on the Doraemon song thingy... just proves that people couldn't care less.. if you think it's a dumb idea, ALSO shoutbox. i just need help, you know, someone to discuss all this with.

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