Tuesday, March 9, 2010

welcome to my life.

after recess in Sri Aman during the exam week, you won't see tables perfectly aligned two by two in every row in every class, you won't see dull classes with students still loafing around to enter class, and you won't see bags on the chairs or on the floor by the desk. Every table is set separately, and every student is arranged by their names. Every student will be in class, still discussing with their friends about the next subject they're having a test on. And all bags are scattered on the floor at the back of the class, so that none of the student would cheated whenever the teacher isn't looking.

The next subject was Science, so everyone was discussing about Vitamins and Minerals in 2 Gigih. A few still on eyes and ears. When five past ten arrived, everyone automatically pack up their books and got ready to answer the exam.

there are many type of people in 2G. Everyone has their personalities. Everyone has their trades, their pros and cons. Some would worry about the next exam and try to remember the facts the learned in class and read in their books. Some slept, not worrying about anything. Some observed people around, watching them, observing what people do in boredom. What people think of. One girl in particular was thinking of what she's gonna blog about later at home. She had a sketch on her upper right corner of her front page, she thinks it's nice, but what do others think? This girl in particular was me.

So that's how my day went until Science. BM was okay, and Agama I totally killed it. But never mind if that's good or bad. So after school we had Study Group! YAY! We had lunch and then we spied on Santra who had her lunch in her car >:( then we went back to the canteen and started studying. We started with Sejarah, and I REALLY wished we spent more time on that, because during Maths we totally loafed. Most of us already left, so in the end Me, Annie, Tammy, Santra and SabSab sat at the table near the gate near the trees. At first we wanted to study SOMETHING then SabSab's sister came and she told us about the bug/something that looks like a morphed snail and caterpillar and bee, IT WAS SO PRETTY AND CUTE but Tammy was freaked out. Annie said it was pretty too, but was still phobia-ed. Sab agreed with me - it SO AWESOME and RARE XD then SabSab left and we started singing. I liked it when we sang Welcome to my Life!!! WE WERE AWESOME although Santra and Tammy phobia-ed about Pn. Mary. Keehee.

then we planned to go to the bus stop because SOMEBODY was still freaked out by the bug and thought a leaf was an insect =.=" okay fine me too but i wasnt freaked out! but Annie had to leave and suddenly Ayah datang awal plak =_=" so i went home.

I'll miss singing randomly.

xo, Lynnie

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