Saturday, March 20, 2010

you make me smile. :)

LOL. Reblogged from Yen Fern's blog. I don't care what Hafizah says.

Thanks everyone :')

Someone sue this guy.

You're welcome :D

just fun old clickables.

I've never been called pro before. I slept SMILING last night. XD who would've known a couple of tutorial videos and a lil inspiration could bring me to be called PRO? XD and yes, I'm talking about the sample video I gave to Harith last night. :D

so this morning i spent finishing my Sejarah h/w (it's not even done, but that's on purpose :D) so let's just list out my plan.

Sejarah- done until 3.3.2, will finish tomorrow
Piano - will finish tonight. might have to cheat a little on the string instruments and baroque suites.
Sivik - WILL FINISH ON MONDAY NIGHT. I don't care, I HAVE to buy a new notebook, and will ask someone's book to borrow then will rapidly finish it and ketepikan h/w lain which will most probably be corrections jer.
Seni - will finish tomorrow :D colour in jer tinggal

So I'm in a hurry because I have to go to KL with parents. So tomorrow's plan is piano class, sejarah h/w, kemas bilik (THOROUGHLY) and finish at least half of Misery Business. maybe until second verse, last chorus tak tau lagi :D

so that's it. bye and askum

xo, Lynnie

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