Friday, April 30, 2010

fight for the best.

"we gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for the best :D"

Lea made that up. I was singing "We gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love" when Lea suddenly tried to come up with a bunch of things. And we turned up with that :D
And there was a dilemma between A. Samad Said and En. Alias. I mean, I know I could've went with "creative writer" but then again, A. Samad Said's good too, but then I wouldn't have a funny line. :(

kays gotta go will tel more later now i'm going to PD back on Sunday :D

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, April 29, 2010

blogger favourite.

so I've recently read my cousin's awesome blog again (here's the post :D) and it reminded me of the 15-year-old guy who died of being shot by a police. well then, apparently it was a schoolmates' ex-boyfriend, a girl called Adina (or something like that). a girl from 2C. (some how I knew this because during Agama Nadiah was telling Lea how she fought with Adina and how she's regretting it and somehow it turned over to this thingy so I went all HEH?! yes. uninvited. but then I helped Nuryn with her Karangan Rencana :D It's gonna turn out awesome trust me, wait i just noticed I wrote all this in brackets so I'm gonna end it now).

and the "awesome" uncle that he (my cousin, not the dead ex-boyfriend guy) mentioned as a police in his blog is actually Pak U*coughcoughcough*da so yea. NEVERMIND you wouldn't know him anyway but he is, apparently related to my dad. and his mouth memang takde lesen so when I read about it before he mentioned the police thing I could've guessed it already.

and it's true that we should stop pointing our finger at polices and shouting "Murderer" because obviously. not all police are like that.I mean, what about all the good police that have done good stuff? We never gave them an applause or anything. (if such policeman exist, that is. not saying there isn't, just never heard of anything about it)

see? more proof to say that we think negatively too much and never take it positively.

I mean, I'm sure not ALL human beings go "Oh I want to be a policeman because they hold a gun and I can go around shooting people" (although I'm quite sure some uncommon people do say such things). I remember an era when everyone said "I want to be a policeman because I can (see this is where I stopped and stared to think what's that phrase they use) catch criminals and do noble things and set the law straight (??? I'm not really a quote person)" where did all the people that said this go? What, you want to become a doctor now? Say that in my class and you'll be the 24th of 35 people =.=

anyway, enough about police now, let's talk about.. CHORAL SPEAKING :D All teens aged 13, 14 and 16 in my school are going to perform choral speaking tomorrow. Wanted to ask permission for camera from Ms. Foo, when Lea stopped me and said "No, ask Pn. Sabrina" and I went "I don't even know her that well" and she just babbled a bunch of stuff I didn't understand which involved the Production Club (why are they so secretive anyway? you guys aren't THAT special. sure, make a club that hold meetings on Tuesdays and you're the most special club in the world =.=") and told me that she'll handle the signature thing and took my permission slip.

Later that day, I asked her if she asked for the signature yet, and she said she didn't see Pn. Sabrina during duty (she's a PSB Probie :D yay Lea). urgh, never mind Lea. I'll bring my camera and if I'm asked why I brought my camera, I'll say it's yours :) that's what friends do. blame each other :D

Lea: If they ask you why you didn't have a permission slip, just tell the prefects that I told you I'll get you a signature and I didn't. And if they ask why you trusted her to get the signature, just say because I'm your friend and you just trust me :) aww.

"And, we have our friends. Yes, true friends who help each other. Aww." like I said. random lines.

So practice went well, although during recess practice I wasn't exactly there earlier to see what most probably must've been Pri being whatever-ish (everyone knows all your drama baybeh). But even though I was late, I came at exactly the right time practice started :D I guess I'm not the only one interested in actually having recess.

And Lea found out who that person is :D yay congrats. kesian *cough* because Lea dropped the lontar peluru ball and it rolled to her foot :/ ouch. Lea said she didn't mind. okay who ever's in Yellow should know now maybe.

moving on... oh I have so much to tell about Geo. I could imagine some one making a movie of what happened just now. Maybe I should be a producer when I grow up :D So we were writing down notes for Migrasi Penduduk or something like that and suddenly Pn. Puteri tegur the group that was crowding the front of the class.

"Cerita cerita hantu eh?"
"Kalau nak cerita hantu cikgu ade"
"HEH? Cikgu cerita cikgu!!!" <--- you can just guess who this is.
"Habiskan tulis nota dulu"
*does work*
"Okay kamu nak cikgu cerita daripada my own experience or from my friend's experience?"
"YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE" (oh what a typical class we are)
"Okay okay..."
and so the journey to the past begins...

*flash back*
so when I was younger when I was studying, I had to go to Bandung with my friends. You know, us unmarried young girls. we stayed at a very vintage hotel. there were five of us, and they gave us three rooms - two in one, two in another and me in one. apparently my room was huge - imagine suites, with potraites and all, you know the creepy type you wouldn't want to sleep alone in (i'm speaking in my language for teacher HAHA). so being tired and all, after checking in I immediately fell asleep. after a while, I heard my shower on. I checked the toilet but there was no one there. hokayy. then I got ready to go out with my girls.

when i was on my way to the lifts, i noticed how quite the whole floor was actually (oh yea I got a different floor then my friends :) HOW LUCKY) the silence was killing me, but at least I survived to the lift :) then a while after i pressed the "Down" button i looked around. and beside me was a lady in blue, fair skinned.

and her smile reached her ears.


yea well that's what happens when you're in a girl's school. and the shriek was creepier than the story itself, really.

after all that, Pn. Puteri moved to another room and all that, having 4 guys going to take her 2 bags. so yea. there was another one but I have homework, yes, even though it is 10.11 p.m. i have not done my homework. sigh.

Japanese was okay blablabla Yee Sensei didn't come, had a ended-with-ChongSensei-ranting-about-how-we-don't-know-what-stapler-is-in-Chinese combinated class blablabla. ME AND CYNTA HAVE A PLAN KYAPUU XD hopefully it'll solve the problem I have yay :D

goodbye then :D

xo, Lynnie

You Raise Me Up in JAPANESE :D

being a teenager is very tiring.

I even told my mom "Mom, if I suddenly shout out random lines from my choral speaking, don't mind me :)" I mean, I memorized the whole script last night, repeating and repeating it again, how can I not get addicted? The most common line that pops into my head is "Being a teenager is VERY tiring" and so that's my post title today :D

First was science - usual usual. *ehem ehem* then PJK we had to go to ICTL lab (which, if you know where it is, you would know how tiring it is to get there) then went back down to go to Pusat Akses (for some reason I don't know) and then later some one said another class is in it and us confused people just stood in front of our class, not knowing where to go.
I asked Anesha what we were doing exactly. And you know, we don't know. I guess we were waiting for Ms. Foo to come around and scold, us asking, why we weren't there yet. Then later we heard some one telling us to go to Bilik Kuliah Bakti, and then on the way we were asked to go back.


so later we had PJK in the Chem Lab. :D at first I was excited - we shouldn't even be here until form 4, but then when we entered, I felt as if everything were so RADIOACTIVE. but never mind. later the pictures that teacher showed us (one of them being a girl cutting herself - and you know how I am with blood. brrghhh.) bothered me even more.

then we had a 15 minute recess and we had to hurry to the gallery :( met Nurin though :DD then Pri got pissed off because some of them were late including the conductor *cough*. so after a while we just started the practice. after that we went to Bilik Kuliah Bakti for choral speaking (English) then went back to class for BM a lil late (fine 15 minutes)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sony vegas pro 8.0.

Annie told me how bossy some people can be. I'm not gonna start a fight after yesterday's status update - I <3 2 Gigih because all the problem we've had so far is those people who don't know when to shut up - so let's stop here.

so Agama didn't do much... then BM we had fun making up stories for karangan :D Pn. nor Laila's good at it, and we laughed to ourselves because of the people who shout out unnecessary stuff that we all know we can't use in that moment. you don't get it? you don't have to. you'll feel it one day, maybe.

had recess with Dina and Ain again, had fun talking about random stuff. felt like my laugh was a lil bit too overpowering me, couldn't control the volume at that time. well, we all need a lil burst sometimes.

during English we practiced choral speaking at the gallery... and 2 Bakti had to kacau us. >:/ We came here first, thank you very much. Good Bye. and it just had to be 2B, didn't it? I think I felt my face flush, especially during the gossip part, cuz my face was too close to Lea's. :/

after that was Art :D I LIOKE MY PEAR xDD and I like Hafizah's too - it reminds me of some of the paintings we used to have at my house, the ones that Mom bought back then at U.S. I think it's now at mom's office. We inserted in more modern paintings now *ehem paintings from Aunty Salmah's when she was broke and had to sell her stuff ehem*. so yeah. lovely.

Azi: Ohh, you guys lukis pokok eh? so obvious *points out the colours are all green and brown*
Me: nolah, kitorang lukis muke korang :)
Azi: heh? oh, mesti cantek you lukis muke I :))
Me: memang la, tengoklah siape yang lukis :)))

after art was.. oh Maths. I had fun doing it all, but after a while I got a head ache. then because Xueh Wei didn't understand and she asked me to do it for her. that's when I got the head ache. I think it's a one time thing, maybe? Oh what ARE we doing? chapter 7, I can't remember any of the terms :D

what is it again? perpindicular? herpitosis? ftw?!

then was Sejarah. we finished learning Bab 5 then teacher gave us tie to finish / start our notes. I told Anesha to do one of those things she did with Sabrina. a mind map on our good sides and bad sides :D so she did one for me. lol. I love it all, but it's lil off. I think. Am I calm? and there's another one too... but I can't remember it :P

had fun with Nurin and friends mase balik. There were these guys who were handing out flyers for this tuition centre, and Marishka was all over them, even though rupe taklah seberape.

Marishka (M): Can I ask a question?
Guy 1 (G1): Yea?
M: Aren't you guys tired walking around in the hot sun like this?
G1: Well.. this is a girl's school so we can never get tired :P
M: WHAT?! ahaha!
Cesca (C): LOL Gatalnye
M: I mean, how much do they pay you to do this even?
G1: ... I dunno
G1: But we have our *** club and we always go together with the girls here so yea
M: You guys are still schooling?
G1: Yea
M: LOL seriously? nampak macam like in college
C: What school?
Guy 2: KJ *signs G1 to leave*
C: What form?
G1: form 4. Kay bye
M: *waves*

memang sah gatal. but seriously though, they didn't look like they were schooling! they wore school shirts, sort of, without badges. and their ties weren't school ties. and they wore black pants. and they weren't exactly skinny *ehem ehem*. and Abang picked me up naik Mercedez. sesenang hati je.


xo, Lynnie

Monday, April 26, 2010

hyped for 23.

Oh believe me, I was so relieved when I was announced number 23 in my class. everyone was so scared. I mean seriously, how can you NOT be happy at that moment teacher FINALLY calls your name? But then when I looked back at it, I got 23/35. I'm not even an average student in the class. How depressing. And Lea should totally be hyped cuz she didn't get last! :D It's because her CGPA marks aren't the lowest. She's 33.

So first is obviously Qian Rui. But I can't remember second. Khairin got third - the CGPA thingy. and Jing Kai fourth :D I think Xueh Wei got number 5. Smarty pants. Sabrina got number ten... huhuhu :(

My CGPA's 3.33/4, and people who's picked to go to Singapore has to get 3.5 and above. meaning obviously I'm not going. so sad :'( I mean, I wasn't expecting it anyway, and this WAS sort of what I would've gotten anyway, I could've predicted it, but it's never wrong to hope :)

wow I just wrote three whole paragraphs about a March exam test. this is really getting to my head.

anyways, the rest of the day went well. spent recess with Ain and Dina (I guess) discussing people of the past *ehem ehem B ehem ehem* Geo we spent practicing choral speaking because Pn. Puteri is also an English teacher :) Agama me, Lea and Laila discussed our future plan (Laila's the simplest, Lea's the funniest, mine's the boring-est and different) BM did some stuff. had fun with Anesha discussing the answers :P Then during Science I showed my brochure and YAY teacher gave me 9/10 XD shear proof that Pn. Noraizah DOESN'T hate me YAY :D and I love Nadhrah's, it's so awesome :D and Le Dya's too! Mine's plan and ful of facts, so I guess that's why I got 9. I bet Le Dya will get a good mark too.

bye the end of the day, I just felt like jumping on my toes, even though I was very tired (but not as tired as last week).

xo, Lynnie

p.s, did something different on my profile link. if it's not there, then check again in a couple of hours. :D

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Story -
Sora and Kairi knew each other ever since they were little, and they loved each other. But they never actually got together. When they grow up, Sora starts to neglect Kairi since he had to go and save the world.

One day, Kairi found out she had a brain tumor. She looked back at her past, when Sora was there to be with her all the way. But now, she was all alone.

Time passes by, and while Sora was gone, Kairi met Roxas, and they immediately got together - Kairi needing someone to be there with her, and Roxas loving Kairi too much. Sora never knew. No one told him, since they knew it was wrong for them to get together. Sora loves Kairi.

When Sora got back to Destiny Island, he found Kairi lying on the ground, inconscious. He shook Kairi. "Wake up! Wake up!" Kairi's life was at an end, and Roxas wasn't around. Her soul could feel Sora's presence. She cried, knowing that Sora really DOES care. But it was too late.

Later Roxas came to Sora.
Roxas cried and attacked Sora.
"Who are you?!"
Roxas didn't reply. Instead he fought some more. Remembering Kairi, his strength grows.
"I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS THERE WITH HER!" Roxas said, as he hit Sora. Sora defends himself, but feeling Kairi's presence, his knees grew weak.

The End.
Yes, that was a purposely done cliffhanger :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

different atmosphere.

I just typed out the title to make sure I spelled it right. awesome.

okay random much. emotional moment during piano class today. mostly because I'm thinking too much (why must Bakmal be so much more smarter than me, and yet not use that smartness? he must be so dumb he doesn't even know he's smart) . Biting my lip to stop me from crying but in the end I broke down anyway. oh my heart is just too soft. i got to stop this.

so my teacher warned me if I didn't pass up the FULL summary by next week, she's not gonna care anymore. she says that I might have a chance to get distinction, but if my summary sucks, that distinction can easily change to credit. :( how sad.

and believe it or not, i haven't even finished my Sejarah notes 5.1 :D I'm gonna die tomorrow. yay me.

wqell I've been editing my video so yea. at least I did something productive. n it's not finished yet. better finish it tonight before I get bored and give up again. tonight's sleeping time - 11. PROMISE. no later!

Bakmal just announced he got accepted for the interview at this Maktab Perguruan thingy. Alhamdulilah~ He's going for Guru Muzik *ehem ehem*. thing is, he doesn't seemed so hyped. I think he wanted the Architecture one for UPU instead. well, they haven't said that he didn't get it so yea. just wait and see. if he gets both, at least he has a choice.

xo, Lynnie

p.s, Cupid, I think you're lost. No seriously. have you ever thought of retirement? Find a replacement, maybe?

bokura ga ita 13.


Friday, April 23, 2010

vanilla twilight.

The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake I miss you,
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly,
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'll send a postcard to you dear,
Cause I wish you were here.

I'll watch the night turn light blue,
But it's not the same without you,
Because it takes two to whisper quietly,
The silence isn't so bad,
Till I look at my hands and feel sad,
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly.

I'll find repose in new ways,
Though I haven't slept in two days,
Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.
But drenched in Vanilla twilight,
I'll sit on the front porch all night,
Waist deep in thought because when I think of you.
I don't feel so alone.
I don't feel so alone.
I don't feel so alone.

As many times as I blink I'll think of you... tonight.
I'll think of you tonight.

When violet eyes get brighter,
And heavy wings grow lighter,
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again.
And I'll forget the world that I knew,
But I swear I won't forget you,
Oh if my voice could reach back through the past,
I'd whisper in your ear,
Oh darling I wish you were here.

all the lyrics to this song touches me, and so I didn't highlight anything - you get the point. 
oh and if you'd like to read my cousin's blog, click here .

the biggest regret.

if Hafizah's blog is the biggest irony, let this be the biggest regret :) but it won't be anything like Hafizah's posts, or any different from my old posts. it's still me.

finally Hanis has updated her blog, explaining her lack of typing. i love reading long paragraphs, really, but I guess there's a limit to it. *ehem ehem*

how's MPPH? yea well basically we didn't do much other than take a bunch of lame videos and perform. Orchestra was great, and apparently the fact that we were in our school clothes (not in outfit/uniform like the other performers) already gave us a down side. well it's not like we re praised before anyway, we've always been second/third/whatever that's not first after *** . well that's it for the ranting today. I'm not gonna go on about how unfair the world is.

sometimes I really find a blog unneeded. I practically blog in my head anyway, thinking creative words and long, meaningful paragraphs and discoveries never to be told. but apparently my brain and heart doesn't work with the keyboard like that. my fingers keep pressing that backspace button, making sure I'm not offending anyone's feelings or telling a little bit too much than I'm supposed to, based on the laws of socializing. I keep in mind who reads my blog, who MIGHT read my blog and who I don't want to read my blog. and so I developed mind-blogging - which works, really it does. So don't be surprised when this blog is gone, cuz I won't be needing it anymore when I'm a pro at mind-blogging.

And my cousin, a uni student has a blog, and I have found it, and so I'm gonna follow it. He has the same name as my brother - Akmal, but FB name is Akmal Mahfar (Pak Andak). He has a sense of humor, there fore I shall follow this blog of his; anonymously, of course. like always. :)

xo, Lynnie

bokura ga ita 12.

STUPEED HOW CAN YOU FALL FOR HIM OVER AND OVER AGAIN??? Urgh I hate Yano. cold, selfish, heartless. stupid.
and don't judge Nana-san so easily like that! >:(
And I just love Takeuchi. ^ ^

we're all tired.

I mean, just tell the truth. We're tired of skipping class, doing homework up to 2 a.m. and later find out what you did was wrong because you weren't in class when the others were doing it.

we're tired of the full-on practice every single day where we waste every single drop of our energy for something that will amount to nothing for us.

I am tired of ranting (since I'm sure there's people who actually enjoys all this practicing) and I'm tired of everything. I just wish there's a time in my life right now when I can just sit back and relax and know that there's nothing to be worried about.

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, April 22, 2010

bokura ga ita 11.

Adam Syafiq you son of a bitch.

see this is why I hate Yano so much. I don't blame Nana-chan at all! and I'm not a big fan of Yamamoto neither.

and I SO know who this is ;)) clue : she's in my class :P

have you guessed it...?

we would like to present to you, us.

wow. it's like, choral speaking fever now a days. if you look around the form 2 classes, at least one is practicing their choral speaking. if there's no teacher in class, practice. English, practice. seriously! and Pn. Noraini's even planning to steal one of our subjects (PLEASE BE MANDARIN PLEASE WE DON'T HAVE EXAM FOR THAT) because we don't have English tomorrow. what people do for things like this. In fact, right now I have four tabs which are Choral Speaking videos because Khairin requested me to watch and download these videos and email it to her because she can't download videos. (I can because I installed the Mozilla add-on thingies all the time, plus my video editing business) The things I do for my class.

so today I was so tired of choir practice, by the time we were on our way back to class (from the gallery, which is where they practiced, and didn't even tell anyone (well me) so I had to go around the school T T) I felt like falling down to the ground. sigh. I should eat more during break.

stayed back for Japanese. fun fun fun. we sat in this new, our-own-want position. I wasn't there the first few minutes so I didn't know the real reason we did this. then we did revision. but by 3.30 everyone got bored so we decided to take a break (students: kyuukei shitemasuka? sensei: hai, kyuukei san jyu pun desu.) and watch a video :D but half way through the break (3.45) the television went off. and s did the PC. but the fans were still on :/ Yee sensei went to check out the Pusat Akses and apparently they were shut down too. so we spent the next 20 minutes doing kanji. then we played JANKENPON!

it was really fun. this is how you play.

-play "rock paper scissors" (but to be more traditional say JANKENPON instead of 1, 2 JUS or OSOM or scissors paper stone although I doubt any of us do that anymore)
-who ever wins points to the loser and say "hachimonHOI!" and points to a direction (up down right or left)
-if the loser of the janken looks to the direction of the pointer, then that person will lose. same goes if the person doesn't look anywhere. pointer gets one mark.
-if the loser of the janken looks another way, no one gets any mark
-repeat from step one.

the player who gets five marks first wins! :D

so preliminary rounds, I did it with Zaza. lost. was SO close. every time one gets a mark, the other gets one too. apparently Zaza got the fifth mark before me :'( then Zaza did with Iman, Nadhwah with Maryam, Chloe with Zalika (although no one from this team got to the finals). then final round was NADHWAH and IMAN. it was so tense; well it would be if we weren't laughing our asses off. Nadhwah won. :) YIPEE budak 2G vs. 2H and 2G WINS XDD

so that was it.

xo, Lynnie

p.s, apparently I find you sweet and cute sometimes, not evil at all :) well sometimes.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bokura ga ita 10.

strike me down.


along for the ride.

my head is really full right now. can't think of anything, but just now I was probably writing a book in my head. it's just that feeling when you think of something to blog about, and later when you're about to type it down, it feels like something that you have keep in your brain and not let anyone else know.


finished "The Amanda Project". lent it to someone I'm not sure whom, I think it's Aziemah. Started Along for the Ride. Given up on attempt to keep it clean cut and dry. I know I can never succeed in it with bringing it to school so maybe I should just leave it at home so that it'll be safe :D

skipped class the whole day minus PJK when we practiced choral speaking. two hours of choral speaking for them lol. during English I went for choir so yeah :(

skipped Pandu Puteri for fun / to teman Iman because she bribbed me with a drink to do so (fiine you're the angel I yang jahat) but then Jia Yi came along and after a while I was on my own anyway. we went to pusat Akses where I met other people (Syaira, Aliya, Lea) then I just went off to solat. after that I naik balik teman Lea and went out again at 4 then bought a drink and waited for mom. read my book lonely-ly. suddenly, XUEH WEI'S HERE :DD "Oh, wait, I have to go, BYEE" AWW :'( went back to reading.

heard we had to do kerja kursus during KH. grr. gotta send it on Friday. GRR.

so here's a list of stuff I have to do WHCIH I haven't even started yet ...

- Sejarah notes (due next Monday)
- Science brochure (due on Friday, gotta finish it today because I have to ask Abang to print it dekat office)
- Read maths' textbook to understand the notes Xueh Wei wrote
- KH Kerja Kursus (yet to know what it actually IS meaning that I'll have to start tomorrow)
- BM Karangan (due on Friday)
- BM Ringkasan (dunno when due on but better safe than sorry, I'll just make it Friday)

so plan is, maths finish it tonight together with Science (because I'm borrowing Xueh Wei's notebook so gotta give it back tomorrow!) and try to do a bit of BM, maybe the ringkasan (because it's EAS-EH [yea right later get 13/20] ) then finish the rest on Thursday night :) although there's a possibility of addition of homework by Thursday night, I'll just have to face it. sigh.

to Jia Yi who I just met, who randomly said "I hate you", and likes to say "Thank You" a lot, YOU HAVE A GOOD GRIP. like how do you do that, takes steroids or something?? like seriously.


to Joy, miss you. why didn't you come online recently? exam ah? so early one! :'(

to Xueh Wei and Laila (and Sarah for KH), thanks for helping me with homework and stuff.

to Nurin Nasuha, Thanks for being my recess buddy and not minding me taking that last bite of lasagna :')


to Engku, get well soon :(

xo, Lynnie :) (haha, I know, so many to's XD)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bokura ga ita 9.


Can't wait for next episode, that's where my mystery will be solved! :D

odd one out.

Hoping that Azriana is wearing her taekwando outfit tomorrow so that I wouldn't be the odd one out.

Yes I claimed my shoe. forgot to mention that earlier.
but apparently even teachers had an evil side- Pn. Tan told me just take one off the racks while the rest of the orchestra members were still in the music room :P So I did. I just picked one that was like mine (including design and stuff) and my size. it wasn't really hard, there was only one size 5 with that design in the whole shoe rack so yeah.

OMG. Cisco Rivera knew my name. How cool was that? - via The Amanda Project - Invisible I. Finishing it, like FINALLY. A few more pages to go. Can tell that the mystery's not gonna be solved just yet. Can't wait for the second book. sigh.

xo, Lynnie

tak perlulah aku keliling dunia.

Kapur putih yang pucat
Terasa penuh warna
Dan pelangi yang enggan datang pun berbinar
Kertas putih yang pudar
Tertulis seribu kata
Dan ku ungkap semua yang sedang ku rasa


tomorrow we're gonna have a rehearsal for the MPPH :D
the guys who usually sets up the hall already came just now. I kinda feel jealous at the orchestra because they got their "Chamber of Music" where they can't hear anything from outside, much less get any sunlight.

even though we got their last year's music room (even though have given in more space) still it's narrow, un-spacey self. AND ooh what a plus we're so special for getting this-- the hall. terrific. they don't even shut the doors (which is tinted, but apparently no one gets the use of tints anymore.) so there you go, a free show of the behind the scenes of choir's mistakes and blur-ness. and a series of waves from the seniors to the outsiders whom they know, who later wave back hesitatingly since they don't want to know people who sing in the CHOIR. (except my friends; my friends rock) (i think- i can't read minds.)

so we sang a lot. I skipped some classes although this time people knew I existed today because I didn't skip the first two periods :D after recess I decided to stay a while and skip choir to practice choral speaking with my classmates but then teacher decided we should go to the library WHICH later I saw them go back to class 25 minutes before the period ends =.=" so I dunno if they practiced, i think they did, but never mind I WASN'T THERE ANYWAY. :'(

so later after practicing with the orchestra (nice last minute composing there, En. Razali, I can tell-- well anyone can tell, really- that you guys didn't really do much on the school song yet but Sheera dah sebut nak buat ape), had a lil discussion on practice and went back to class. had to juggle homework, Sejarah and art all at the same time. I'm kinda relieved I didn't get the Sejarah thing today because I've got enough on my mind (Maths things to catch up with, Science brochure that I haven't started at, Sejarah bab 5 notes) then all the activities and the upcoming exam and the studying... GAWSH THE STUDYING.

didn't I plan to start studying like last week?! but then last week I said I'd start THIS week. well apparently with the MPPH coming up, I maybe will start NEXT week. yes I am glad I have a bunch of excuses to not start studying, although I am not happy THAT much cuz I want good grades. no more B's. at least, under 80 marks. except seni and sivik, I can live with that being an under 80.

remember-- EXAM IS ON 31 MAY 

xo, Lynnie

p.s, AMANDA IS REALLY ANNOYING. Can't wait to finish the book and await the second book and read Along for the Ride XDD

Monday, April 19, 2010

the presentation.

lol. well not exactly a lol thing. I just lost all the hard work that I wrote just because I accidentally clicked the X button on the tab. grr. not a happy moment not a happy moment not a happy moment.

so let's just skip the whole ranting thing and move on to how my day was.
normal. tiring. a bit different. i guess.

the only different thing was I started my recess time with a trip to the toilet. and then the rest I spent at the gallery- not exactly with Nurin and Lea and Iman, because at first I wanted to play "Afternoon Streets" with Nurin (because I can't play both parts so I decided to ask Nurin to play the left hand and I'll play the main melody. worked for a few seconds.) then Sie Mone came and she had to practice her Grade 5 exam songs so I let her. apparently her songs are harder than mine, even though we're at the same grade. =.=" oh well. different schools, different levels. and I can just say she better than me (although it HURTS). and I spent the rest of recess (well almost) listening to Sie Mone saying she's not good at playing the songs although she's better than me =.=" THANKS NURIN for temaning me to the toilet ^ ^

mom, please jangan ungkitkan cerita lame, lagi sakit hati okay.

urgh. I should lessen the amount of words used.

saw Eva with even SHORTER HAIR during assembly (is it true? you cut you hair even more short? i couldn't confirm it with my friends since you disappeared so quickly).

couldn't claim my shoe since the orchestra was having a workshop :'( I MISS YOU SHOEE i wonder why the person who took my shoe didn't notice anything.. maybe cuz it's so comfy :D

umm that's all :D

xo, Lynnie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

scattered all around the floor.

question-- HOW DOES THIS HELP ME?! :'(((
seriously.. it'll just make it worse. i hate you, person. you don't even know who i am. i hate you.



JOY please ask me what's wrong whenever you see me online :'( I NEED TO TELL

Saturday, April 17, 2010

sarah dessen.

YAY I bought Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen XD
I've read Truth about Forever and Lock and Keys and That Summer, all being one of the best book I've ever read (except That Summer, seems rather normal to me =.="), and now they've published Along for the Ride with Spine Breakers too, I'm hoping ALL Dessen's books are going to be published with Spine Breakes, since they're all so pretty :D (except That Summer, they outlined it so it doesn't look so nice =.=")

Okay maybe I'm putting down That Summer too much, but it isn't her best work, plus her first, actually. only Just Listen was the first to publish with Spine Breakers, there fore first OFFICIAL book. Plus (some more) it's a lil (okay a lot) thinner than the other books so yeah. Can't wait to borrow Just Listen from Nurin A., read the first chapter in That Summer, SEEMS REALLY INTERESTING. well all Dessen's books are interesting, but you know, it's really pulling me in. hmm :D

The best so far, for me, has GOT to be Lock and Keys, since it's super cool, even though there's drugs and alcohol everywhere. but still. not knowing how it really is like and reading about it, it has to excite you. Although I have to say Truth about Forever's really nice too, but maybe that's because that's the first Sarah Dessen novel I read and that's the one that pulled me in, so yeah. And I hate the ending, it really doesn't explain a lot, as if the story hasn't ended yet. a.k.a., no CLOSURE. :(

note to self: when you write a story, make sure you insert closure.

xo, Lynnie :D
p.s, make sure you guys visit Sarah's website at :D her blog link's there too, I think. if not, go to :D those are all NOT Spine Breakers' publishing, Spine Breakers always publish BLACK so I'll try my best to search for the cover :D

The author behind it all :D

xo, Lynnie

misery business.

by me :)

and the world comes alive.

"The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn't simple. ~Doris Janzen Longacre"

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Namine would be locked up, all alone in the house.
No one to talk to.
Her life was simple.
But she was happy...
Whatever she drew would come to life, and she would watch it play out.
The loved the look of joy on the girl with red hair's face whenever the comets would fly past the island that Namine had drawn her.
She loved watching it all come to life in front of her.
And she loved watching all of the different world she drew connect to eachother.
A type of.... escapism... if you like?
It all made her happy.
Her simple life was joyful, rich and creative...
but it was definitely not simple.

by XionFan95
also on hiatus.
it seems a lot like Hiatus Fever!
n I didn't catch it, btw.
although there's a different fever that has landed on SMK(P) Sri Aman.
a deadly one too.

when Pn. Lau announced it, I heard someone from 2F screech. it really is freaky, a form1 girl caught it. what bad news. hopefully Hari K 's still on :O
no, back to serious matter, I do not have flu-like whatever, so I'm safe. so far. gonna have to take those Vit C pills mom said I should take >.< yucks. well it's for my own safety. I ingat lagi last year the disease caused a lot of things being canceled. sigh. why did it have to come back?! D: gawsh. I hope we get holidays, WITHOUT replacement this time. 

xo, Lynnie

following your heart.

isn't exactly the best thing to do.

didn't go to Autism Walk today. parent issues. am NOT gonna rant about it. well at least I got the t-shirt. I didn't pay anything, but Hanna did. her parents couldn't go so she gave me a ticket :) sorry Hanna. I just didn't feel like it.

man. it seems like all the stupid things I do is because I follow my heart too much. The only reason I'm actually online now is because Bakmal stopped using it so I get the privilidge (what? how the heck do I spell it then? oh well you know what I mean) of not having to ask my parents but still being able to use the wireless :) if you don't understand, it's complicated. you don't need to understand.

went off topic there. sigh. stuff confuses me so much. life could be simple like *ehemehem* or life could be complicated like mine. if I choose to be simple, will everything just go away, or will all the complications run after me again? I dunno. I guess I just have to go with the flow, like I've been doing all this time, just push everything inside and let it leak once in a while, not changing anything, not shaping anything to what I would like it to be.

but does everyone do that? when things happen, just let it fall apart by itself? I bet not. because not all problems can fall apart by itself. I don't want those type of problems to come, because then I wouldn't know how to handle it.

why do I have to do this?

xo, Lynnie
p.s, weird dream last night. involved unexpected people.

Friday, April 16, 2010

qing qing de wo di bao bei.

we practiced for the MPPH today :D

was fun, especially when we practiced "Take These Wings" with orchestra :) but i felt as if semput jer :( i have no stamina. maybe I should skip rope more.

took home a different shoe :'( I WILL CLAIM BACK MY SHOE ON MONDAY, just wait and see >:/ I think it was someone from the orchestra, since when I went back to the hall and asked them no one said anything. and thanks Pn. Tan for helping me solve the problem for a while :D i didn't know I can just take the abandoned shoes. :P

well, can't wait for Monday! I wanna learn the BM song and try the Chinese song with the orchestra :D AND claim my shoe >:)

xo, Lynnie

ps, LOL when I went back to class to clean up, they were all like "OOHH HI ELYNA :D" xP bet you guys thought I didn't come.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

untouched, ohh.

I feel so untouched
And I want you so much
That I just can't resist you
It's not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow
I can't forget you
Been going crazy from the moment I met you
it's hard when all I can do is watch from a far. 

no the above lyrics do not have anything to do with my situation, just love it too much :)
well fine the bold part. :)


love me, love me, say that you love me.
fool me, fool me, go on and fool me.
kiss me, kiss me, say that you miss me.
i don't care bout anything but you.

love this song.

that head-down feeling.

it's okay. it's fine. we won in another way. we fought our way through. the seven marks that separated us.

God I hate the number 7.

so congratulations to Red House (even though I'm hating you so much right now grr), and all the Blue girls, WE DESERVE BETTER and we'll claim it next year, don't worry!!! STILL FIGHTING FOR THE LEGACY

My eyes are smudged with blue (what's it called? I'm not exactly a make-up person even though people have put it on me since i was 9...), i want to solat but I can't (the make-up) and I want to take a bath but I feel as if the computer's the only thing I can hold on to.

well not really. Okay I'm gonna take a bath. Will come back later.

Phew!  I feel so much more comfy now :)

It's almost gone now. Yayy. Clue: facial cleanser :D
Xueh Wei said we looked scary as if we were gonna kill them XD lol. Gawd I love the Yellow house (second from Blue :D) . So many friends from there. But I'm still proud to be a Blue. I mean, who WOULDN'T be proud?

and to Ika's question on Facebook, they all said tak kesah asalkan Biru tak menang, sekarang Merah menang kenapa tak sokong, it's because we all know.
the difference was seven marks. it was anyone's (well, either from Blue and Red) game.

well nothing much to say. we lost to 7 marks. so what. there's next year. we're still semangated. not hating Red at all (yea right).

make sure you watch the following videos. if not, and you're a Red, then I hate you.

Enjoys. Hopefully it will make your day better like it did mine. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

broken heart2.

I can't help but post this, it's too much. I love it too much.

Misery Business KH AMV will be coming soon after Sports Day ;D

Song: Broken by Lifehouse

The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight
Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time
I am here still waiting though I still have my doubts
I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating

In the pain there is healing
In your name I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on
I'm barely holdin' on to you

The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head
I tried my best to be guarded, I'm an open book instead
And I still see your reflection inside of my eyes
That are looking for purpose, they're still looking for life

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain is the healing
In your name I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin')
I'm barely holdin' on to you

I'm hangin' on another day
Just to see what you will throw my way

And I'm hangin' on to the words you say
You said that I will, will be ok

The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone
I may have lost my way now, having forgot my way home

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain, there is healing
In your name, I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin')
I'm barely holdin' on to you
I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm barely holdin' on to you

Don't songs like this make you see how lonely you are sometimes?

fighting for the legacy.

I guess Idah got it worse than me. But I dunno how she reacts to situations like this, maybe she handles it better than me, i dunno. let's just keep it low profile -- Suaidah handles these stuff better than me. I think.

anyways, today was the raptai. phew, how tiring. we had to repeat the arak lintas, meaning standing in the heat, sweating, suffering, twice. but it was good exercise :)

then was the cheer. first was Green, congrats, you guys did great. second was yellow, obviously since there's so many yellow cheerleaders. to me, worst was red, but they didn't announce the last two. Blue did fine, it was just the music really, a lot of people liked the Blue's cheer, although OBVIOUSLY green was better.

after that was recess. today's KHAIRIN AND MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY! forgot to tell :P lets talk about mom first~

I simply paid a book for her at Xcess and tied a ribbon and a note on a paper (bcuz she wanted to read it! so I couldn't give it to her today) and placed it on her bed that night. Abang and Kak Ain (and Umar :P) bought a HP! it was because mom's phone was ruined at first, so she used dad's old one. a few days back, they went to a shop to repair it and she was using her old one. dad's abandoned phone was traded (RM70, more than what they expected) and they bought a new phone! it was a lil higher than Kak Ain's just like mom requested before her old phone was fixed ^ ^ I love the colour, ginger red. it's pretty. Bakmal bought mom Famous Amos, as usual. Bakmal had always bought mom Famous Amos cookies for anything, including mother's day. so yadiyadiyada back to recess.

so we were given 45 minutes recess (yay! although the canteen was CROWDED :/) and Khairin gave us CUPCAKES iced with BLOUSES and PURSES! so cute. funny:


this is TORTURE!!!
no it isn't it's made out of ICING not ANIMAL SKIN
no I mean looking at it and not being able to eat it is torture.
oh. LOL

i got a purple blouse :) so pretty, sayang nak makan.
so after a few ramblings and getting out of class and back in and eating and hiding and stop eating and telling people not to eat and listening to prefects saying "don't eat in class" recess finally ended~ after recess, we sat in houses for the award giving ceremony. sigh. was so tiring, and in the end we didn't even get to watch the senamrobik! :'(

went into class, drew during seni (wowww so many people are better than me! I guess that's what's shading's all about - being tough and fast and still look good) and lepaked with Lea during Sejarah (nobody was really doing their work, I mean, we have to pass up on Friday =.=). that reminds me. I told Lea too. third person to know- Lea. although she doesn't even know who that person is (well not sure), but it still counts. she knows. Oh well. after that bla bla bla practice bla bla bla finished tabik hormat bla bla bla. fight for the legacy babeyh~

well gotta do PJK presentation now :) gotta send it to Tammy before 10.30, just in case. kay ba-byes!

xo, Lynnie

Monday, April 12, 2010

a 3.47 post.

so basically, my brother didn't tell me what I told him to do.

wake me up when he's done with the computer.
so I woke up at 3 just now, concluding, hey, I'll just make everything fasten up and go online until before 4. 
and so I'm here.

anyways, I changed my blog title. I think I'm gonna make it like chapters now, every month I'll change the title because, like, everyone changes, right? or at least the story changes. and as you can see, my blog says "Stories" :) so chapters it is then. 

this month's chapter-- of Combat Boots and Tank Tops. shows the two personality of me. :) but tank tops are rather... well, it doesn't exactly mean what I want it to, but it definitely sounds nice :D

so today, the assembly was held at the Gallery. meaning no singing :D I don't think the choir should go to the front during assembly la, just embarrassing us :'( TAULAH KITORANG TAK KUAT HUHUHU

then everyone went from =_= to XDD when Pn. Norindah talked about the sports day :P gonna bring camera on Thursday, still schooling on Friday, studying the last two periods tomorrow :( so here's the kedudukan of the houses MINUS all the extra hard work a.k.a. newspapers, acara padang (the ones that we'll have to do during sports day, of course) , senamrobik, cheer and kawad.

1 Ruby Red
2 Sapphire Blue
3 Topaz Yellow
4 Emerald Green

the last two ones I can already conclude. I was mouthing the words before teacher said it, to no in particular X) betul lak tu kan, tu yang best tu :P 

sigh. I guess we can at least hope for number 2 for kawad. I dunno, Yellow punye tabik hormat is like, awesome but messy, Red's creative. but the walking for both of this is WAY too menyusahkan for them. Green punye walking almost like us, difference is counting and hands. hmm. :/

Red punye senamrobik and cheer best :D let's just hope they won't win EVERYTHING. >:(

oh right. ma blogging :D

so yadiyadiyada. RECESS TIME. I'm so confused on whom to go recess with. No one is like "I SO WANT TO HAVE RECESS WITH YOU" or anything to me. So I have a choice -- go to canteen, fill up my usually empty stomach, or go to Gallery and hang out with my old pals (minus Iman). We're getting less and less topic to talk about, and it seems like Iman doesn't want me there neither. She's writing this like dialog story and me and Lea wanted to be in it so we picked out our names and I think Lea's is Sasha and mine was Jodie. I just thought it was cool, you know, I heard it somewhere. and Nurin was like "That's such a cool name" and I just smiled.

but Iman wrote my name as "Jordan". I dunno her real reason, maybe she forgot, maybe she like Jordan better, or she just doesn't want me to have a cool name, but Jordan is DEFINITELY not I wanted. and Jordan's like, supposed to be bossy and controlling and all.
it makes me seem so lame in the book, if it's a story book and published, and they start discussing who they dislike the most, it'll be me and that evil one in the book. :'(

anyways, at the canteen, I get bored very easily. as I sit and eat, tak sampai 2 minit dah bored dah. mostly because I have nothing much in common with the ex-1D'ers and maybe they like to eat when it's eating time and leave when they finish eating. which is what I'M doing but I don't want to seems like "eat, leave" and not even bother to talk to them. so usually I wait a while for Dina and then leave. and we'd spend the last ten minutes doing nothing in particular. :/ maybe I should just stinking sit alone!!! lagi lah bored ekk. =.="

anyways, during Geo, I asked Pn. Puteri about the orchestra thing. APPARENTLY they already have FOUR pianists-- two on senior team, another two in junior a.k.a. extra. :'(( she asked me what club I'm in (because she's always confused whether I'm in choir or orchestra, because of the whole musical drama thing) and I'm like "choir *sadface*" and teacher went

"Stay in choir, it'll go places"

... seriously? cuz from what I've heard, they're not even gonna hold a choir competition this year. and during the Musical Drama, my mom said the choir is being "di anak tiri-kan" which means like orchestra is always number 1, "choir's nothing really, we don't exactly need them". that kind of thing. sigh. well I hope it'll go place, since I'm not going anywhere.

then after school Eva was carrying Lavynia's guitar bag, saying it looks cool. =.=" even if it does, don't go around the canteen carrying it, it's 90% your body size. you could fall down (and hurt the guitar, I don't care about you :P what a joke) then when me and Lea were on our way to the gallery, we bumped into them and suddenly Eva burped this loud, nicely-done burp. Lavynia went "I DON'T KNOW HER" and me and Lea and maybe everyone else too started laughing. I was laughing softly, not in the mood to burst out laughing, but I took my time, damn I took my time. after a while it felt as if I wasn't gonna stop, and maybe I WOULD burst into laughter (the loud one), but I stopped. phew.

then after a few series of dramatic practice (we're the blue family, fight for the legacy ^ ^ HEY THAT RHYMES) we finally ended at 6, a lil later then the others (minus Red) . then nuthin else happened... blablabla then the Bakmal Not Waking Me Up case. well goodnight then.
well good morning. oyasumi~!

xo, Lynnie

Sunday, April 11, 2010

that summer.

I don't get it Sab. I think it's a nice story. But then again maybe I'm making myself believe it is beause it's by Sarah Dessen.

anyways, here's something cute I found. I do some of them, I don't some of them. Read them anyways, you'll know what people found annoying about what you do.


1. Do not abuse the Facebook status feature. It specifically says "What's on your mind?"...not "What are you currently doing every five minutes of your life".
2. Do not become a fan of Facebook pages that don't apply to you. People are just going to laugh when you are joining Facebook pages such as 'I love morning sex' or 'Unexpected blowjobs' when you are still clearly a virgin.
3. Do not like your own statuses or photos otherwise I think people are going to think you're a little bit sad. Although, that's my opinion.
4. Do not send silly gifts on Facebook applications. Yes...we are very grateful you considered sending us a kitten or a hug...but how about sending me something in real life?
5. Do not post attention seeking statuses. This includes making up stories such as your grandmother falling down the stairs to get people to comment and like your status.
6. Do not post indirect, subliminal statuses. If you are in love with 'him' and 'he' is constantly on your mind, do us all a freaking favour and tell him for heaven's sake! This includes b***hing about someone without writing the person's name. We all want to know who the d**khead is thank you very much.
7. Do not, if you have Facebook on your mobile, post a photo of everything you eat during your daily adventures.
8. Do not add someone, then post "Sorry...random add!" on the wall. You clearly thought that person was nice looking...but you shouldn't be adding people you don't know anyway.
9. Do not have false middle names. You are not 'James Bedrock Goldstone' or 'Mandy JustinBieber Riddles'.
10. Do not put an apostrophe in your name (such as 'George Harrold') just to appear first on your friend's chat list.
11. Do not tag all your friends in a 'supposedly funny' photo you discovered on Google Images.
12. Do not have false profile pictures. It's an insult to make us think you're a Pokémon.
13. Do not ask people to comment or 'like' your photos of yourself. I refuse to explain myself with this one.
14. Do not have your relationship status set to "It's complicated". If your relationship is so damned complicated that you have to identify it as such on your Facebook profile, get the hell off Facebook and go fix your relationship.
15. Do not import your 'tweets' from Twitter. If we wanted to read your tweets...we would have Twitter accounts wouldn't we?
16. Do not inform us you are deleting people. Firstly, no one cares. Secondly, no one is going to request you to keep them as a friend, if you know them or not.
17. Do not use Facebook if you are meant to be ill. Documenting a day of ice cream, chips, video games and jumping on the bed isn't going to solve anything.
18. Do not lie about your relationship status then suddenly changing it from 'single' to 'married' to seek attention. We all that your anonymous lover doesn't exist.
19. Do not 'appear offline'. If you are not on Facebook to talk and socialize then you may as well deactivate your account. If you are trying to avoid certain people, block them.
20. Do not add someone just because you have mutual friends. It's a small word...and because one of your friends know someone you also know or...doesn't mean you know them. This also applies for those who spots someone with the same doesn't mean you're related...don't add them.

last but not least,

hmm. I love those pictures, but I sometimes I get stuck on whom to tag.

if you're wondering wth I'm talking bout, here's an example...

and this one has a small amount of people to tag. what about those that has about 30 taggable ones?! huh. people will wonder why you even bother to upload the pic if you tag only 8 people.

13th April- Mom and Khairin's birthday.
1 May- Cassie's bday.
don't think I forgot my own birthday. :P

xo, Lynnie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

i want nothing else but you.

i was talking to Facebook :P WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS THING?! tell you what, I'm gonna restart the computer :P later~

so I restarted it. sigh my mom is such a drag. baru bukak FB dah cakap "Sleep please" EEK okay fine I'll sleep in like, an hour. I just spent my day mostly doing maths so PLEASE. it's not even done! >:(

wait... I don't even have anything to talk about :P

except for this guy who's getting on my nerves... please stop commenting and saying hye at every status I commented on, including my friends'. I need privacy. I don't even know you.

oh yea, went to Amcorp and bought this book from Xcess (i swear the best book reject shop ever, especially the new space, so big XD for a reject shop, that is.) the book's called The Amanda Project. it's sort of cool, ya know, the new girl all mysterious suddenly goes missing with all these clues left behind. Check it out. by Stella Lennon.

okay then. urgh so many scribbles in my book blog. i should draw more. haven't drawing DRAWINGS lately. a lot of scribbled drawings but no drawings drawings (as in sketches). sigh.

night then. askum.

xo, Lynnie

Friday, April 9, 2010

camping is so fun fun fun.

So today we learned Mandarin. :D FOR THE FIRST TIME! Xueh Wei, sitting in front out of all the other Chinese school girls became the Ketua Kelas. we learned one to ten, a hundred and a thousand which was..

(100) bai
(1000) qian

ahaha, dah cukup bagus lah ni.. Japanese is a lil harder, but here u go...


we even learned a song! :D

yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi
(pronouncation wise) wo de pen you chai na li
chai zhe li, chai zhe li
wo de pen you chai zhe li


so before that was sort of dramatic, Pn. Noraini being so sensitive and all. I begged her to come back to class, but I'm not sure what Kai said to her, but that made her come back :) so we had to draw a sunset XD my Sun was nice, but my others were AMATURE LOOKING XPP Sabrina punye cantik :)

and BEFORE THAT which was Agama (i'm going backwards here...) Pn. Izan told us to follow her, and DON'T BRING ANYTHING. i already knew. mesti kerja buruh. 

then we passed by 2D, Lea and Zaza leading us. we said hi to Pn. Noraini in 2D and then Lea suddenly said "HI TEACHER" when we already passed 2D and reached Lab D! and there weren't even anyone there! we all loled. then we loled some more when teacher turned to the orchid place n we terlajak so we had to patah balik XP then I told Laila I can sense something fishy. 

"Ni mesti kene buat kerja buruh ni" i said as we walk closer to the Bilik Kuliah Bakti. then I notice that Pn. Izan was walking right beside us. she turned to me and gave me a guilty smile. I knew it.

but then when we arrived something happened I'm not sure what but that sent us to the library. i can't help but glance at 2B. then I read Nurin A.'s That Summer (by Sarah Dessen XD I can feel the love again) and half way through the period (doesn't mean I read a lot though, remember the trip we had :P) I slept. woke up in pain --didn't pull off spectacles. ARGH. ouch. went back to class with spec in hand. 

then after Chinese class (kelam kabut nye! XD) all the prefects left! :'( PRI HUGGED!!! OMG THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY PRI WAS OFFERING HUGS! I appreciated it when she offered me one :DD and I hugged Tammy and Santra too. I mean, what if something happened like Maryam? she got stung by a bee!!! so always appreciate your friends while they're still there to hug you :')

totally loled during Biru pratice. "we're trying our best kay". yea trying our best to not laugh. lol lol lol lol. 

fifi: "buat same-same tau" *shakes head* FAHAM
us: *giggles* FAHAAM
fifi: rumah Biru, Tabiik Hormat *drum*
us: *"tried our best"* XPPP

got home tired... saw a pair of unfamiliar sneakers by the door. ??? enter house. TEACHER WTF R U DOING HERE TODAY'S A FRIDAY obviously i didn't say that. i gave a guilty smile for "forgetting" (i swear i didn't know anything bout this, you must've mentioned it to Bakmal only and not to me) so hurriedly (well not really :P) took a bath, draag, solat, draag, come downstairs, draag, start my hour. haish letihnye.

the best part during class was identifying chords C majo, D major, F major, G major, Bb major and Ab major. Ab was the easiest, it sounds a lil fishy, maybe like a lie or something. G pown senang. all the others susah. :P something new, you know. Teacher said I should probably start recognizing chords so that if I hear a song I can just simply play it. hmm.

i even asked Teacher about the Orchestra thing. she was expecting me to play something else. I dunno how to play any other instrument! she recommended (if i wanted to play something else) flute or violin but i said then it'll be hard to get on the senior team (lie lie lie it's bcuz of Eva) and flute.. hmm is there a flute in our orchestra??? I said i wanted (if other instrument) cello. but nevermind. 

she said if I play the piano in the orchestra I'll have to do solo's bcuz there's only one piano in the orchestra XD but I remember Musical Drama tahun lepas ade 2 ke? but maybe that's for the Musical Drama, not real orchestra. cuz I remember going to the Philharmonic concert and there was only ONE GRAND PIANO pianist XD i wanna try a grand piano.. seems fun... anyways, will ask Puan Puteri next week :) can't wait. or maybe I should ask after the Autism Walk... but I don't even know if I WANT to perform, especially the Mandarin songs seems like such a trouble! >:( eek I'm babbling.

yes, I DID spent up to 4 am writing this :D so now I'm planning to brush my teeth then go to sleep before 4.30 and manage to make it seem like I never went online :D

will tell u bout dinner tomorrow I mean later XD

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, April 8, 2010

nodame cantabile.

listen to this. very soothing. I love it.

Obviously I can't play anything like this, but it really is good. I loved this too! :D
and if you're wondering why the hell they shook their head vigorously, that's just the urge you get when you play the piano very emotionally. how you look doesn't really matter (well, sort of, i don't get the use of slurs) , it's what you sound like that counts.

and that's the music of Nodame Cantabile, you should see all the fun and humour. Let's just say I recommend this anime to all music lover, and anime lover, or comedy lover, cuz it has everything in it.

xo, Lynnie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


oh, nothing much. just a random post after seeing a couple of flairs (haven't opened that for a while, huh?)

Yea, WHY?

wow. oldies fever XD

I've been thinking bout entering the "Wake Up Your Brain" on FlyFm Pagi Show. i mean, RM5300?! I can buy FIVE freaking DS's with that!!! And I think I know the answer XD now I just need to switch on the radio early in the morning and call while getting ready for school :D LOL. won't mom be pissed off.

ohkay~ just a random post. :P

no matter what they say.

i feel a rush of oldies songs coming XDD

"love me love me, say that you love me. fool me, fool me, go on and fool me~"

"I am beautiful, no matter what they say~ words can't bring me down~"

"I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky"


so we had the vaccination :D some people didn't take it, but it was fun. Anesha and Tammy put on the survey "pre-vaccination" as "given gula-gula, coorperative and laughing or giggling"

i wanted to put that too but I know it'll look weird! so I put "frightened" but I was smiling the whole way XD then the lollipop i was afraid I was gonna finish it before the vaccination but apparently it lasted until half of the next period :P Tammy took the longest time because she wouldn't bite hers! and she keeps sucking it. I told her "Just bite it already" and she licked it. ew. :P 

and during the vaccination I just "relaxed" and be brave. no really I wasn't shaking or anything. I mean, how many shots have we gotten in 14 years? about three. so there isn't really much to be afraid about. but it was kinda like more painful mase die masukkan the ubat so i bent the lollipop's stick. I was closing my eyes too. pergh I always close my eyes mase injection. then after that I gave the survey form and got Vitagen :D finished it in 30 seconds.

the rest of the day was fine. the only side affect (yang rapid) that I've gotten so far is drowsiness. you wouldn't believe how bad my KH notes look like.

Ida I dunno why I said I didn't want to know. Maybe I liked the curiosity, maybe I didn't want to get too much of it, I dunno for sure. One thing for sure, I just don't wanna know.


xo, Lynnie :)

p.s, Eva dreamed that she was dating Sasuke. ew. :/ I wonder if they kissed XPPP

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i know you care.

addicted to Justin Bieber's "Baby", if that's how you spell it.

"I know you care, *uhuh*" that part jer lak tu. XDD

videos Idah told me to watch...

BTW, all by Girl's Generation or SNSD.

Firstly, Gee.

well, I only watched the first part of the music video, so they were supposed to be dolls??? but never mind. I rate the song 3/5. nice voice, pretty girls, nice beat. but somehow too giddy for me.

next up, Oh!
Oh, this is another 3 stars :)

I dunno. these type of songs don't interest me. they're catchy and all, but the most I can give them is 3 1/2. Plus, it's only my opinion. and as I've been told before, I have a bad taste of music.
or so I've been told.

okay personally, I find this (Run Devil Run) the most interesting out of all three.
"you better run, run, run, run" XD and they're all so bitchy-cute :D
I dunno why but I find the one at 2.33 most interesting. maybe because of her hair. it's so Dalja from Dalja's Spring like. so cute ^ ^ 2.42 pown EEK so comel so jealous =.="

hokay now something more my taste XDD


enjoy ;)

spill the beans.

i told Suaidah. yes, Joy. I told her THAT. the SECRET. I dunno i just feel bad.

okay back to life :D

so after school (awesome science exhibition! my hand's green of food colouring :D gonna wash it off tonight) me and Lea went to Pusat Akses. Full. never mind, lepak-lepak je. so we discussed about our aimings. 

my aiming is to beat Marina XD 

Lea's is to beat Zaza, but I dunno, even though Zaza's super smart I don't feel any competition with her. Mostly with Marmar

and you know, 2G and 2H are like, most probably the most competitive class ever. But 2H got us. Their first got 91 purata, our first place (which is Khairin, CONGRATS :D) is 90 :( our last (huhu, sadly, LEA :( ) is 69 purata. I'm 81.5. I'm a B :'(

others... Tammy got 86 :O Nadrah got 89 O.O and Laila got 78. Annie got 77. 

here's the position from bawah. I didn't get to see second place :P but most probably Qian Rui la, like Khairin she got only two B's :O


I NOE RIGHT. KAI. OMG. she said she got 3 A's. I GOT 4A'S. :(( 

4A, 4B and 1D (seni XDD) A was like, BI, KH, Geo and umm Science. so sad Agama got 84! SATU MARK LAGI DX i worked so hard... sigh... looks like it's not hard enough... Engku got 100 :( OKAY I'M GONNA START STUDYING NEXT WEEK >:( 


OK anyways. then I got bored so I left. I went to the gallery to see that Biru kawad memang sah cancel because a lot of the seniors were in Tarik Tali. but I stayed anyway. I got into a convo with Ain. OMG I'm so gonna hang out with her more. then I feel bad for Ika. But then she shooed Idah when she was just trying to pujuk her. Idah cried. Gawd, a lot of crying happened then. then she ajak me go around, so we went to 2B. ahaha, yes, again. I'm starting to get comfy :)

so we practiced (once) the kawad then started to talk about marks and people and school. then she got bored so we went separate ways. then my mom wasnt there yet so i searched for her and then finally found her at the telephone booth. then we went to the bus stop to chat some more.

that's when i gave her the clue. then we walked to the canteen to discuss some more about it. i had to belanja her because i wanted to go back to the bus stop and she wanted to stay! >:/ so we made a deal, who ever belanja the other gets to instruct that person to do what ever they like. all decisions go to the pembelanja. :D best nye.

so after that we talked about how Buck Stanley (heehee hidden name) confessed to Adeline. I went EW EW EW EW immediately! 143 message, how typical. And Adeline didn't even know what it meant, and I knew she wouldn't know, why would a tomboy like her know? Then Cheryl or Sheryl (not sure which S/Cheryl here) broke it to her.

a girl is crushing over Adeline. how seriously typical.

And I've always wondered why Adeline, out of all the tomboys in this school. I mean there's rumors about people (as in Puteri Balkish) liking Kai or taking interest in her, but that one person.

that one person urgh.

okaay back to story, so after a while Lea joined but Idah had to go home, and just when I wanted to chat with Lea about Adeline, my dad came. =.="

well, at least I didn't choke at that time like before. yay me. act natural, that's the secret.


xo, Lynnie

Monday, April 5, 2010

I've been tagged :D


And i Just Love This Video It's So Cool XD FF People Though Not KH :D