Thursday, April 1, 2010

black cat rocks.

lol. okay, I finished my Komsas. Phew. now all left to do is to explain to teacher why we did it in a Powerpoint rather than in a Mahjong paper. and gosok baju skola.

so I was searching parodies for opening and closings again, and I found a Black Cat -YuGiOh! XD so here's the original video...

and here's the parody XDD

And here's to one of my favourite openings! oh, maybe I'll put another favourite opening too :D and maybe that one too... okay decided I'll put a bunch of openings and closings that I like most XD


okay so the first one's obviously from Black Cat. Never actually finished following that anime.

second is from Paradise Kiss, one of the romantic animes they were previewing in Animax, along with Honey and Clover (i dont like that one) (did you know that out of a million romantic anime preview Animax put up, i NEVER liked Honey and Clover, and LOVED the other one? yeap. never.)

third is A FAVOURITE I LOVE IT if the drawng's familiar don't be surprised, it's the same one of Cardcaptor Sakura! Yeap, and they even made a mix of these two anime to make... *drum rolls* TSUBASA CHRONICLES (Chronicle of the Wings)! XD another favourite. but xxxHolic is a whole different thing of it's own, I love it, with all the ghouls and stuff. just makes me shudder XD

xo, Lynnie


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