Thursday, April 1, 2010

friendship month.

English has taught me more of how to appreciate my friends. So I've decided to do one of those "POSTS". Please be open minded kay? I'm not lesbo.

firstly. Nur Iylia Syaurah a.k.a. Lea.

I remember yesterday when you fought like a warrior to save seats for me, Laila and Aziemah. and how you utamakan your friends rather than strangers like Farah Emilia. I was proud of you when I heard what you said to Cassie and Hanna when they "stole" our chairs. I love you Lea, for these lil things. The lil things that touch the heart ;D

Secondly , Masnurin Nasuha a.k.a. Nurin

Hope you can cope with that many siblings with the additional one in your mom's tummy. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for names, and I think your braces will only make you look better later in the future ;)

You have always been there to listen to my problems and teman me during recess. You always have something to laugh about and talk about and you have one of the best music taste ever XD Thank you, Nurin for being there and understanding. I love YOU too :D

Thirdly, Laila Syahira bt. Zulkifli a.k.a. Laila

Your tears are too cheap. Find a better price for your tears, don't cry over silly little things. And jangan merajuk over silly little things. I merajuk because pagi-pagi you buat I tahpahpeh. Of course lah I suspen, wondering, WHAT THE HELL DID I DO WRONG? And later you say "You emo bcuz me and Lea ignore u kan?" OBVIOUSLY DUHH

okay this is about appreciation. so, THANK YOU Laila, for always being my friend and somehow always find me to tell your problems :D I appreciate it, I do, but please, I don't have the answer to everything, especially when you start crying in public. And you're always there to be my pal/partner/group member when I don't have one! Lucky :D I love you!

fourth, Hanis Syahira a.k.a.Nis

Thank you for introducing me to a whole bunch of new friends such as Harith, Bat, At and Faiz. I'm happy you've got good friends like them. I miss discussing so many things with you like boys and bra sizes. It's been a while, hasn't it? Sigh. You've always cheered me up when I'm down and thought me how to use more "Assalamualaikum". You encouraged me on wearing tudung to school during fasting month., until now. You've shown me better ways to handle problems (although sometimes it seems like I never changed) and have known the right way all this time. Thank you, Nis, I love you.

fifth, Tam Xueh Wei a.k.a. Tammy

I remembered one day when Annie didn't come and you sat beside me and cheered up my day :D you always have a smile on your face and you're so smart. seriously you are. You deserve to be a prefect (not like me, I've repented, I KNOW I can't be a prefect) because you always finish your homework early XP You're good at writing poems too, and you have a great heart. and I can't believe you're a 34A!!! I'm a 32(+)!!! EEK not fair. Oh, and you have a great bod XD I love you ;)

thinking about something... never mind...

sixth, Anesha Balakrishnan a.k.a. Annie

THANK YOU for being my deskmate! we share anything, don't we! from stationery to answers ;D

You're one of the best runners I've seen, (thanks for being rumah Biru XD) and don't be down because you lost to Taman Sea, at least you got to the finals! You're one of the funniest person I've known, and you always make me smile. You're so experienced in ghost stuff (LOL). I love you. <3

and you know I've been avoiding you! you can tell! you did it to Kacang! But my purpose is different...
It's because I'm saving the best for the last!


I love you love you love you XDD I say that first, you're special.

You're always there to listen/read to my problems, you always make me laugh and you'er (almot) always understanding. you always try to cheer me up and make me feel good, with sweet words and all (although I know it's a lie when people say I'm beautiful). You weer my friends when I needed one. You eased my boredom You called me whenever I ask you to and call me like this Monday when I couldn't go online. Chatting with you when I go online perfects it. I love you <3

So anyone I left out, take no offense, you're just a big part of my life as these people, just that these people helped me out when I needed it and I try my best to do the same to them.

... well, later then.

xo, Lynnie

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