Thursday, April 1, 2010

guides, rangers and scouts gathering.

i'm lovin' it! :D
wait no,  HATE IT Xueh Wei can't come!!! :'''(((( HUHUHUHU WHY?! the timing's so WRONG so if Tammy can't come, all Chinese can't come bcuz it's that time of the year where they go to the grave and pray and all those stuff... SO JOY CAN'T COME NEITHER. Ora any other Chinese friends! unless their kampung is nearby.
well then.. here's my plan from tomorrow after school...

1-1.30 - makan lunch
1.30-2.30 - help out dekat dewan
2.30-4.30 - kawad practice
4.30-whenever, maybe 5.30 - help out dekat dewan
11-1 - help out dekat dewan
1-1.30 - eat lunch, change
1.30 - 4 - the event
4-5 - help clean the hall

so yeah. I'm wondering what to wear. I'll ask for Kak Ain's black cardigan. and maybe I should borrow her black tudung too, which has red flower stitching, and wear something red inside. hmm. i got that old red tee. nothing new's red. and i got a short-sleeve tee that says "Control Freak" with a bunch of remote controls and PS controllers over it. in red. but maybe that's inappropriate. maybe i should bring all possibilities and ask my friends. opinion in shoutbox, please. I need something that goes with the theme- masquerade.

i don't even know what pants to where! i only got ONE none-jeans and jeans seem inappropriate. unless i wear the Levi's from Bandung. that'll work. it's light wash. or maybe i should go with the dark one? OPINIONS HELP, thank you very much.


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