Friday, April 2, 2010

to make a difference.

phew! what a trip. we took about four trips just now. first stop was section8 for dinner, then we went to Old Town to that usual place we buy my Pandu Puteri stuff ^ ^ dah lebih kurang lengkap... because instead of Pandu Puteri, my "boggle" or "bogger" or "wogger" or "woggle" says Tunas Puteri. but never mind. not much difference.

then we went to King's to buy many MANY bread which costs RM30.10, if I'm not mistaken. yeap, that much. because there's those people whose coming, i think, is the reason :D

then we went to BSL where i bought TWELVE boxed drinks XD it's because I'm under refreshments tomorrow, so just in case some kids didn't bring their pack of drinks, there's the extra there :D but if I bought twelve, then should only cover one person.... :( I hope everyone remembered to bring their drinks.

so just now me, Lea and Ida were talking bout Hari Kiamat in 2B. I didn't say much, I didn't know much about it as they do. so no comment. sigh. it seems like there's more to worry bout everyday we walk in life.

so just now went out AGAIN so we went to buy ice cream... which is better? Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream? I wanted Double Dutch but there wasnt any... Abang said "Cookies and Cream jer la" ... i never tasted Rocky Road before. but never mind. ICE CREAM! XD

xo, Lynnie

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