Wednesday, May 26, 2010

don't even.

so since I was cut off from Internet connection totally yesterday, today I get a chance to go online until before ten :D and since I wasted my first 30 minutes on stupid stuff (curse you FB), I'm gonna make this very simple... categories :D so you can pick which ever title you like from the below that seems interesting to you and you can just read that instead of having to read all the boring stuff to get to the good stuff :)


this will most probably get the least readers. so, so far I've been studying a lot of Sejarah XD NO MORE B FOR SEJARAH. but thing is... I haven't studied Agama :O *die* its like, on Monday and going to Terengganu on weekends and and and ... well I'm gonna start tonight then :) even though I'm stil not getting Bab 5 for Sejarah.. let's move on :)

those are the hard ones. now to brag on how much I don't care for Science cuz I'm so acing it :)


sorry I was a bit ego there. I just HEART Science isn't the most interesting subject in the world?! don't get me wrong I mean, it's not like Sejarah's NOT interesting it's just hard to understand. have you ever had a sudden urge to read a Sejarah text book like a story book and see if you could understand it like you do normal story books? yea it doesn't work. I wish they made it into a comic or something. I mean it doesn't have to be funny, like I still love romantic slow comics where you'd most probably sleep half way. if that happens I'd just continue reading when I'm NOT sleeping (isn't that totally obvious). okay back to studying.

Maths? well. I love doing it. I just hate it when I get a wrong answer.

enough bout that for now. I'm running out of time.

The Secret Club

well one thing for sure is that the theme song is Secrets by One Republic X3
President : Proudly, me :)
Penolong : Azi
Members: Ain
Nurin Amalia

so what the f*** do we do?
we trade secrets :D
everyday during recess at 9.45 a.m. we see each other at the corridor between 2E and the cabin classes. also known as club meeting. everyone has to trade a secret everyday. no secret? fine. no problem. :) but NO LIES, NO EXAGGERATION, NO LYING THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A SECRET. and club is full :) sorry.

Holiday Outing Plans

I know I should really concentrate on studying, but somehow I got caught on searching for open MEPs. Maybe I'm just getting ready for the two week holidays. which brings us back to the topic.

So I've been planning outings for the holidays. Even though I'll be busy with family trips and shizz, I'm still trying to squeeze in anything I could :)

So during Seni last Tuesday, Aziemah invited us to a "rombongan" (we SO have to polish Aziemah) and we decided it was a good idea. But she doesn't even know what FB is. No, no she has a Facebook account but she doesn't know the short form - FB.

So let's just skip to Science today.

So I was planning we could -- 
So study for exam eh?
Uhh ye cikgu x3 *snickers*

So during English we continued making plans x3

Lea, Laila and Aziemah outing - they were planning 17th June but then we're going to Cameron then.

Old and New friends outing - planning to meet up with Hanis and others. although this is my own plan, I didn't really ask them. I was thinking if I could even meet up with Hanis's friends from her school like Bat and At and Core. But I don't really know.

K-On! Marathon - with Suaidah at her house x3 this is a must. just have to pick one or two days when we watch K-On! non stop :DD

Chores 4 Cash :D - Every morning I'll do something like sweep the floor or vacuum the carpets or wash the toilet (hopefully not this one though) so that I could get RM5 a day 8) that's the money for the outing. although surely Ayah will give me RM10. but I'm not sure if that's enough.

Another Outing - this is just an extra plan, just in case one of my other outings weren't a success. So I was planning with Joy or maybe Eva and others...? I dunno. just someone. Azra pun boleh :) oh yea Laila said she's having an outing with Vie and others. maybe I could just join them. ... ... I dunno anymore.

Umar Mikail's Blog

that's my nephew. this is his blog. even though he is 4 months old, he has a blog and an email. bagus betul.

visit. don't visit. you can even visit just to see pictures, up to you :)

reblog. via Eva's blog. somehow.


p.s, the blank part just highlight it. I dunno how to make it go back to it's original colour.

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