Friday, May 21, 2010

gut feelings.

sigh sigh sigh.
die human being that has made my life more complicated, and return with a different appearance. :)
I know you're a nice person, everyone has said so, and the only way for me to forget is to hate you, and Anesha said problem is, you're a nice person.
so that will be impossible.
huhuhu but then again if you die i'll cry. :'(
don't die don't die don't die.
okay, all I need you to do is start the conversation :) then i'll be happy and I won't have to waste my time worrying about anything anymore :D

i might sound happy go lucky my heart feels like it's a lump in my chest and my eyes feel heavy with tears but it just won't come out. why must this happen to me?

Hanis Syahira, why did you have to go to Ampang? I know you've had a good life so far, but if you were here... if only you were here... i miss you la babe. I hope you're reading. I hope you haven't forgotten about me or have realized how boring my life is and skipped out on reading anymore of my posts. I mean, I know you don't exactly like all those videos I post, you'd prefer it if I posted a hot Korean music video BUT but I'm sorry but I'm not that type. :(
Question : Have you ever wondered what would've happened if you STAYED?
I know you don't have your laptop this week and your exam's next week so, please reply as soon as you read this.

and with that, I finally start a HIATUS. on blogging only, FYI. maybe Facebook too, I can live with that. but not YouTube. Definitely not YouTube.

I take that back. Hiatus on FB ONLY not Blogger or YouTube :) can't live without my blog. Hafizah can do it, so can I! :D

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