Saturday, May 15, 2010

I [ a m ] n o t h i n g - w i t h o u t - [ y o u ]

Sora and Kairi made a promise together. That they would always be together and that they would never 4get eachother. Sora cherished this promise and told himself he would follow it 2 the end. Sora and Kairi found themselves in need of this promise when they were suddenly seperated. Kairi went back 2 the island while Sora dissapeared.
With memories of their seperation fresh and only just setting in his mind he vowed he would find her nomatter what. Then he meets a girl being controlled by an evil organisation that misunderstood her power over Sora. She could tear apart memories - undo the links and chains of his heart. She was told 2 replace memories of a red haired girl she never met with her... And so she did wut they sed. After succeeding in her deseption she began 2 grow guilty and so her powers weakened uncontrolably. Sora snaps out of this trance and is disgusted with himself 4 mistaking her 4 KAIRI. He sets out to continue his search then... HE FINDS HER. She has long redish hair and wears a pink dress. She luks so much different than the Kairi he remembers but he recognised her. IT MUST BE HER he thought to himself. IT HAS 2 BE.
But when he speaks his words she replies . "Who are you?" His heart sinks. "I looked EVERYWHERE 4 u" ... Maybe it wasn't her? No. But it HAD to be. His heart told him so. She broke her part of the promise so that means he could break his right? Thoughts of confusion,sadness and anger befalled him, engulfed him. He walks away and the girl screams "DON'T GO!"... Sora tries 2 bury his memories... FORGET. But he couldn't just forget about this girl. She was special to him. Meanwhile Kairi thinks about this boy that approached her for a long time. One part of her recognised him and made her heart skip a beat but... Who was he? What's his name? She writes a letter 2 him, in a desperate attempt 2 find him and meet him again. She speaks about it 2 Selphie . This letter in a bottle the girl threw in the ocean reached Sora just as she wished. He was behind a door... A Door to darkness. He reads this letter and just about forgets all the negative feelings inside him, and because of this the door opens. After being motivated by this letter they reunite. She remembers him with the second meeting. "Sora..." ...This WAS Kairi and Sora knew it... He could FEEL it. They were finally together again. And in a way.. Their promise was fulfilled.

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