Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Reader discretion is advised.
Also advisable that non-Muslims do NOT read this.
Thank you for understanding.

So right now I’m blogging offline a.k.a. writing in words and later copy paste it into the blog. So just now I was making my Agama flash cards and as I was writing, I was thinking. Orang-orang yang kafir akan masuk ke neraka, kan?
So that includes my friends.
Just thinking about it makes me feel like crying. All my friends; Joy, Anesha, Li Qin, Xueh Wei, Eva, all those people… they mean no harm, and they’re going to hell? I mean I know they don’t believe in Allah, or beribadat kepada Allah, but they’re nice people. Orang-orang Islam tetap akan ke syurga selepas semua dosa dibayar, but these people don’t get any second chances. They didn’t choose to be born Christian or Buddhist or Hindu. If they now better, I know at least half of the kafir people would choose to convert to Islam. But their luck, oh my God, is unbelievable.
Like Ustazah said. One minute in the after life is like 1000 years here on Earth. I.. I don’t know what to say. I just want to cry.
If you guys remember, I once told you about me chatting with Core right? And one of the topics were about racist people on YouTube. I also told about this to Lea just now. See, there’s this video about “Draw Prophet Muhammad Day”. The first time I knew about this event was on FB, but I didn’t really take it seriously and just flagged the event and left. But when I saw the comments on the video – Fuck Islam, etc. (astarghfirallah) – I thought, this is serious.
As we all know, it’s totally unacceptable to draw Prophet Muhammad. Although I can’t explain why, but there is a reason. And even if you’re not a Muslim, that doesn’t mean you can just simply make this day. Have some respect. We don’t make “Let’s Tie a Man in a Circle instead of a Cross Day” do we? So please.
So I commented on the video “Why do you have to do this? Why can’t you respect us like we respect other religions?” and in 15 minutes I got 3 replies. Mind that I only wrote this by memory; I deleted the comments from my inbox immediately after I read it. I’m trying not exaggerate or over speak.  One said:
“It’s hard to respect a religion that gives death threats to people who want to draw Muhammad.”
Another said:
“And it’s also hard to respect someone who sends people to prison for having some free speech.”
The one I chose to respond to is this one:
“Let’s not forget that this religion also sent a woman to prison for a lifetime for bringing home a man.”
What I responded was:
“Well I’m sorry but I didn’t know all this was happening. But I’m sure that the woman was a Muslim, and if she was, then she would know that what she did was wrong. And if they put someone who did something wrong into prison, wouldn’t that be making other people stop doing wrong? And wouldn’t that make less people going to hell?”
The response I got was about me believing in “myths” like hell and God. But that’s a whole different topic on humanity so I’m not gonna touch on that. But man, I feel so bad. This thing that’s happening, what people are speculating of Muslims, what Muslims are doing to stop people from doing wrong. It seems like the worst thing humans can do, but if you think about it, maybe it’s the only thing they could do. But it makes us seem like were the bad guys, when the only reason you would think we’re doing bad is because you’re jahil (that would be stupid, but in a more exact way, clueless of the Islam way) and you wouldn’t admit it. I mean, I don’t make bad speculations on how other religions live. I make a good reason for everything they do, but I don’t follow it. I stick to my principles. Anyone can do it, if they have the right heart.
But back to the first thing, I know my friends are not like this. They respect Islam, and even if they don’t really, at least they don’t go around saying “Fuck You” to every Muslim they see or anything. These people who make these speculations are stupid adults and Americans (give me the freedom of speech the way you used it to tease our religion). They think they’re so smart well, think again. There’s more to the world then you know. It’s a part you don’t know and I know, even for a 14 year old kid. Please. Stop what is happening.
P.S, Have YOU ever felt like you know something bad is happening, going to happen or happened, but you can’t do anything about it? Shout. Thanks.

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