Monday, May 24, 2010

rasional vs. lust.

I laughed when I read Eva's blog. she said she read mine and felt lost. XD

mind all the tigers. she thinks it's cool. even her FB profile picture's a tiger.

so today wasn't that good. was kinda emo. I bet Laila would've noticed. but then again, who knows what other people noticed? maybe I've missed out on something, and I'm not realizing it until now? who knows.

Mondays had always suck anyway. assembly? usually Lea would try her best to stick with Nurin and the gang, and if I joined in, even better. but I found Lea sitting with Nadiah. Nurin haven't came yet at the time. I went to the hall with Dina, but somehow it was different. she didn't say anything, I didn't say anything. In my mind, today I was going to make a difference. little did I know.

The assembly was really short, most probably because there's nothing much to talk about. it IS the exam season. no more wasting time. Sivik we did the undian. 7Up won. XD congrats guys. the thing I'm expecting most from your manifesto is the tutoring part. Qian Rui, you gotta tell me how you can be the top of form 2!!! like seriously!!!

"It's PRI!!!"
And with that a loud chatter and laughter followed, later a demo of the fan page "Laughing so hard until I clap like a retarded Seal" on Facebook came like ripples by the beach.

I was hoping during recess I was a little hype so that I could do the thing I wanted to do a.k.a. the difference. but somehow, I managed to make myself down without having a reason to be. I ate a bun, sat next to Ain and Dina and that was it. Left. then I told Dina how I wanted to make difference today (like the post before, I told Dina, but I don't know if she counts). Then Ain started asking "what? what is it?" and like I swore, I didn't tell her. so we kept it to ourselves, teasing Ain on how she can't be trusted with secrets X) i can't believe I forgot she told me Dina's little secret about ehem ehem XD

later we met up with Azi, and Ain went "Kitorang pun ade secret gak en?" and Azi went "Yang mane? Banyak secret you kat I" and so it was war >:)

LOL: "HEY GUYS i nak britau you guys a secret jangan britau sesiape tau.. Ain ade banyak secret XDD" (Azi)

I just posted it on my blog babe, it's no secret no more :P Li Qin was with Azi and when we started about secrets she went away like "Secrets? COUNT ME OUT" lol

so later bla bla bla ya di ya di ya da BALIK. wow mom just called and gave me a lecture through the phone. how much more to the maximum can you go? although I think it's safer through the phone cuz they can't see you roll your eyes. but it does hurt the ears. but cuz I love me mommy i'm gonna stop now 8) bye peeps.


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