Tuesday, May 18, 2010


this morning i had everything planned out - I'm gonna go with the flow, finish my Sejarah notes during recess and other homeworks during English. but English was right after recess so no homework before (except for Agama notes, but never mind that) and I didn't have enough time to finish Sejarah notes during recess so I think you could guess what I did.

during Science before recess I had SUCH a headache. Khairin was asking for the RM10 for Teacher's concert and Amirtha was asking for my Sejarah notes and I found out Pn. Lily came and I didn't bring my artwork and was like

*do Science wuestions* *finish* *pass out*

no, I didn't sleep, i just closed my eyes and tried to relax. but I COULDN'T KYAA DX

then we discovered we were having our second dosage of the vaccine today. great.

during recess I went to the library and found Idah. she told me bout SuJu's new music video "Bonamona"? I'll search it when I get back home. she says Kyuhyun looks hot in it. can't wait x)

the injection was... a bit more painful then the one before. the needle stayed a little longer then it did before. and we got Choki Choki instead of lollipops and vitagen X( tak best.. but the nurse that was signing our paper thingy signed some cool some awesome and some okay. she was like, "You're cool!" to me and I was like, okayy, "Thank you". then when we got back to class, Cik Shatirah was inside. I could just hear the thunger and lighting booming from somewhere.

during Seni I totally died mentally. then during Sejarah we were doing PATS and I totally sucked so I decided to bring it back home :) so I decided to do my maths, when I looke at the clock "OMG IT'S ALREADY 1.45" so never mind. Tammy was KLLING ME MENTALLY (even though I already died mentally just now) WHAT FIVE?! OMG I WANNA KNOW!!! and the clue you gave me didn't exactly help, neither =.="

okay, gotta go now, and study Japanese and finish Agama notes and Sejarah PATS! X)

xo, Oh I Dunno, Who Do You Think? ;)


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