Wednesday, June 30, 2010

three down, two more to go.

the title's the amount of days left to Hari K. can't wait.

so what if lately I've been kinda obsessed with you-know-who? it's not like anyone knows :) so now you know. but I've been keeping it to myself a lot. but the other day Cynta really made me go "EEK" and blush and shoved the blanket the camp gave me into my mouth the other night for me to stop saying anything that will embarrass myself. I know it's just Cynta, but embarrassed is embarrassed.

I find myself staring at times, and that can be kinda disturbing. O.O I should stop with the obsessing. sigh sigh sigh.

well Hari K prep is going fine. I contributed with some ideas I really liked X3 I'm so proud of myself. some of my classmates gave nice suggestions too :D we weighed ourselves during PJK and I am officially 42.5 kg now :) usually it's "umm around 41 or 43 kg" but now I actually know :D and I know I was 41kg before, but it just shows I'm growing up ;) then we had this sort "fight" and we had to partner up with someone around our size. unluckily, Laila and Amira were left out and had to pair up. and they were totally different heights too! X/ so I won :D although it was kinda tough, the pairing me and Fal and Sabsab and Afiqah were the only ones left. luckily I got through before teacher decided both Afiqah and Sabsab lost :/

so they had to run around the gallery and when they finally came back, Kaii was like, "teacher teacher blood! Jing Kai's bleeding!!"

and we saw Jing Kai. she looked like she just came out of one of those movies!! it was really creepy, actually seeing blood run on someone's face like that. *shrugs*

what happened was that Kaii was running and passing Jing Kai and accidentally hit her. Jing Kai hit her head on a TV? I dunno a bucu la and when Kaii looked back she saw blood on Jing Kai's hair line and got freaked and called teacher. when Jing Kai got back to the gallery, the blood ran. haiyaa.

life went as normal. as normal and plain. or so it seems. everyone has a secret, right?


My heart jumps when I see you. Knowing it's impossible hurts most, but seeing you smile makes me want you more.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

camp ohohoh.

so I went to camp. there was also another school there so the most "weirdly memorable" was when the dudes decided that it was "okay" to walk around the camp site wearing only towels... WEIRDLY MEMORABLE.

other memorable things...

- Xueh Wei LYING bout me hearing things =.=" NOT FUNNY.

- water pipe activity.. was so fun yet stressful XD and wet lol. i loved yet hated it when the water started leaking and pouring on me haha but sometimes it feels like sumone's peeing on me ew >.<

- getting to know the Fasci's... Isaac (Team Alpha, my team XD) Mark (Team Bravo) Samuel (Team Charlie, my fav fasci cuz he's so cute with his camera and all lol) and Choral (or sumthing like that) (Team Delta)

- me leaking >.< you know what I mean.

- the weird, but yet not so exciting anymore Night Walk.

- sleeping in a tent with Cynta. before that went to Nadiah, Xueh Wei and Aziemah's tent to tell ghost stories.

Cynta - and then.. when he opened the door...
Xueh Wei - eek...!
Aziemah - ee, tak nak dengar tak nak dengar!!! jap jap biar i tidur dulu!!! D:
Me - EEK...!! *steals Xueh Wei's sweater*
Xueh Wei - GIMME BACK!! *pulls sweater*
Me - *tugs*
Aziemah - *kemas tempat tido, got into sleeping bag with sumthin over her face*
Cynta and Nadiah - O________o

- me practically getting death threats through eye contact whenever I pass by the teacher's eating section.. scary O_o

- the activities including rock climbing and a lot of negative marks that caused us to lose >.<

- the bros at the rock climbing and night walk.. asked everyone's names and were so friendly.. would find SOMETHING to say, and not ashamed to say it. for instance I was last to do the ab-sailing (or however you spell it) and that dude was like, "it's just me, and you~" and i was like Q_Q DON'T RAPE ME

and Cyn kene ejek >.< "Cynta? CINTA BETUL EKK"  not funny.

i think i'll stop here for now, since i haven't finished my homework >.<


Friday, June 25, 2010


today, in the morning we go a big surprised. okay, book mode ><


I look around, bored. There weren't many people around, since the morning just started. I saw Yen Fern, a familiar face, in our class, checking the cleanliness. Ms. Foo's advice rang in my head.

"Keep up with 2H, and you'll get certificates at the end of the year."

Suddenly, as I was about to put my shoe in my rack. I saw Yen Fern pass by.

"Hi!" I said, waving. She looked at me. I thought she didn't recognized me.

"Elyna!!!" she exclaimed. "This is your class?!"


"Come here!!!" she said, pulling my arm. I just followed her in the class. She lead me to Anesha's table, Nadhwah's sweeping row. Then, there right in between Snatra's table and Anesha's place, two pieces of itsy-bitsy paper on the floor.

I stared at the can-be-considered-trashes. Then I look at Yen Fern.

"Small cross."


okay that wasn't what I wanted to tell you guys in book mode, but ya know, It's 1 and I really should sleep. So I'll just tell you plainly.

Firstly, Sabsab came to school. that's when all the surprises start. she gave a small green paper with the writing "Elyna" on a side with a familiar writing. I didn't open it until I was sure who it was (Sabsab said "Singaporeans", nice help. Had to recognize through checking the other letters to see it was from NURULAIN ;) )

then I read the other letters, and I was like, aww :') I miss them oh so. You wouldn't believe it, but that three days were something new, a different experience, a fun experience. Even if I got back my place, it feels empty, the class. sigh :'(

so yeah, we also got CHOCOLATES ;) I plan to not eat one, and freeze it as a souvenir X) just for fun. hopefully no one ate it! I put it in the fridge D:

Okay, nighties people X3 here's a lil song for you guys.. which do you prefer? KPOP or JPOP? nyaa, I'll just give both XD

Hope you guys enjoy >.<

NIGHT! going camping tomorrow!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Goodbye Singaporeans... :'(

Helloo original place :D

Well today was the Singaporean's last day of Malaysian school X'( I was kinda surprised when... never mind. So the beginning of the day was as normal, they would come into class after the announcements. then before the second last period starts, they went :( but they told us to wait at class after school, because they wanted to take pictures X) so like, Sharifah and Nurulain gave me these like, lil contact cards which I really appreciated X3 so I ftly bad for not making one. So I just made a simple sort-of-contact-card out of test pad paper including my emails and websites :D I forgot to give my number and address though :( although I practically live online lol :P

so after school we took pix :3 then bla bla bla JAPANESE! :D I got 82.. even though higher than I expected, it would still be nice to get A :(

then when I went back home I saw them left X) I waved but I dunno if the ones I know saw me.. but never mind..

so to you guys ;)

You guys are real awesome people. Smart, too. I have never met people like you guys :D well obviously since like no one is exactly the same in this world.. okay anyway good luck in life and all :D if Lea had a the voice, I'm sure she'd randomly say "Good luck in life" anytime, but apparently you guys came at the wrong time =_=" I guess I can say you're lucky, cuz Lea's just as loud as Divyia, just that she doesn't talk as much XD

no seriously though. You guys are quite lucky >.< so best wishes to you guys! :D


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

human beings.

we human beings keep doing mistakes, don't we? in this unfair world, the littlest things are judged. and the biggest things done (if by the right people), are forgiven and deeply buried into the ground, whee it can't be seen or dug up again anytime soon.

I forgot to pass up my Maths PATS.

"If there's no book, no formative mark."
-Cik S's Bad English



In other news, Abang's sick. He's wearing Umar's Kool Fever pack or whatever. I whispered to Kak Ain, "Bagus juga Abang demam camni, takde appetite nak makan kurus sikit" XP

Just joking Abang... don't take offense.. I know you're kinda sensitive..


I love my brother sho much! <3 Just now I wanted to show him something I drew, and different from expectations, he actually said "Tengok" I was so happy~ Then he said "Okay la boleh tahan" and that gave me the enthusiasm to make it better >:3 CAYIOK!!!

*hugs Bakmal*
Oi,, blah ah. *pushes shoulder*


P.S., no, that didn't happened. I haven't hugged Bakmal for years.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


today the Singaporeans came. they were... interesting :3 will tell more later.

grr. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. wonder why wonder why wonder why. most probably cuz now I got freakin deviantart where peop-- ughh, I'm not gonna rant.

well, Im'a edit Kings and Queens now. I practically have another life online, don't I? well, at least if I grow up to fail at reality, at least I have another world to run to.

Emo much? You won't fail at life, Lynn. as long as you remember to study whenever you SHOULD study, and get 10A'S for SPM (yea sumhow I don't wanna give a sheet for PMR. but never mind, banyakkan doa dan bace buku, concentrate dalam class and you won't fail.)

Okayhs then. Goodnight.


Monday, June 21, 2010

lemme tell ya what you're missin.

[ p a r a d i s e ]

today was so full of secrets. today was the Secret Club's day. unluckily, the secrets are in between me and Lea so apparently the Secret Club didn't have anything to do with it.

oh God. I skipped choir today and apparently Musical Night's BACK. I got a message from them. Haiyaa. Obviously I want to enter Musical Night but I don't want to enter the Subang Parade competition.


p.s, sorry for short post, I'm not in the mood. Plus I bet you love it better like this anyway XP

Sunday, June 20, 2010

school fever.

no soccer fever for me.

since I have the littlest time on earth, i shall point out what I have done throughout the weekends yay :D

- finish a couple of MEPs :3
- updated and activated my Deviantart :DD
- made friends online ^ ^ aloha, Emily senpai!
- became closer friends to some ^ ^ You know who you are.
- got some distance with some other friend(s) :'( we need more chatting time.
- i DIDN'T finish my homework :D
- did a lot of ART ;)
- scribbled a lot
- went somewhere new ^ ^
- clipped my nails

and yipee for that. although I yet have my TOEnails to clip, at least I won't be demerited ^ ^

okays gudnight peeps. hope you guys have parents like mine who make you guys go to sleep before 12.


cameron highland, i love the weather.

I LOVED the weather at Cameron Highlands! if only it was like that here T~T the only thing I hated bout Cameron was the shower-factor and the hard-to-find-places factor. but that can be forgiven cuz the only reason places were hard to find was cuz we weren't used to Cameron.

anyway, i want to upload a couple of pix but since the digital camera's broken again and the DSLR was used 24/7, it's kinda obvious Abang will upload it on FB first before I could get my hands on it. =.=

can't wait till Tuesday so that I can scan my artwork for Deviantart already. hopefully tomorrow never comes though - homework not done.

wouldn't this be better - we open school again on Tuesday :D


Thursday, June 17, 2010

of to cameron.

going to Cameron Highlands at 10. hopefully I won't forget anything.


groans 430.

sometimes life gives what they call "a mystery gift". you'll never know what it is and the only way to find out is to unwrap the present yourself.


- YOU have to do it, asking someone else to do it is called CHEATING LIFE.
- it has to be face to face - you and the gift, nothing and no one else. good or bad, you have to face it.
- sometimes, the gift can cheat YOU. it can be beautiful on the outside but actually contains the ugliest thing in the world...

Question, what do you do when you suspect someone has a crush on you and you have almost all the proof, but you don't know for sure?

Deny it.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tests that you'd maybe take interest in.

Okay so now a days Kak Ain likes to take these aptitude tests, and I've decided to do one myself. well, thre but I'm giving u on one. let me warn you, there are many many questions, so take your time. all tests were from "" yea I know what you're thinking. "Fun education? you gotta be joking." but sometimes these Ph-D certified tests are needed. (I seriously can't find the right word.)

Okay I've given up on the personality test. I mean, who cares? I'm taking the employment test. I've always wanted to know what my right job is. ;)

I will not post this until I finish my 485 questions :P


Question 101. 21% done. discovered a tab can be transferred into a new window with double-clicking the tab. Feel like I should move on with the Kings and Queens AMV (or KHMV, like Core decided it should be.) But I'm going to finish this test.


Question 251. 52% is done. getting kinda bored. FBing while doing this but I don't really get much notification anyway. I'm not that popular.


Question 276, 57% done. closed FB tab. people had slept about an hour ago. haiyoo. I should too if I wanna finish my Sejarah notes (WHICH btw I haven't even started yet.) and I also have about, four other things to do for school. :) thank you, teachers, who decided that we shouldn't have a break on their subject.


Question 326. 63% done. Decided to download a couple of songs I heard on the radio just now. Just to not waste much of my time :3


Question 382, 78% done. I'm getting sleepy, dunno if I should save and exit cuz I don't want this to affect my thinking. Decide to edit videos bit by bit while doing this.


Question 401, 83% done. Bigger, perfect AMV song X3 by BSB, btw.Gotta pick a MEP song fast, I feel like hosting one :/ Glad there's only 85 Questions left =__= zZ~


Question 441, 91% done, THE PERFECT MEP SONG - You and I Both by Jason Mraz XDD YAY. I'm gonna make this MEP a couple of weeks before August holidays. yea, seriously. because I wanna finish the MEP by the end of the holidays :)


WOOT I'm done. ... It's processing. Oh gosh. there were a couple of questions  would like to go back and mark the exact opposite, but never mind. the things that I know I do a lot at least I got it right :3

Highest is Sociability, lowest is Dutifulness. I want to take this test again, I dunno if I really am that bad, or I dunno anything about myself. I can't tell. Okay let's try taking it in the morning once and after lunch once, or maybe before, just to see the difference. I'm a moody person, don't judge.


sound of a fight.

I died a bit when I heard how Bakmal messed up his last and second piece during the examintaion.

he played just fine at home. Does it really effect you that much?

I looked at my hands. "I trust you."

Soon Bakmal came out of the room, his usual face on. I smiled and he didn't say anything. To look nice perfectly normal in front of the clerk behind the table a couple of feet away from us, Ayah said "Apasal hancur sangat?"

I thought that would ruin Bakmal's whole day but it didn't. Of course he was kinda angry, I would be. and Ayah seemed so fake. God knows how awkward he can get. Then suddenly the clerk said "You can go in now" and I was like, Me? hen I just went. I looked back, and Bakmal and Ayah was still arguing about whether Bakmal sucked or not. Sigh. Looks like I'm alone on this.


That was disaster.

So that's a lil something from me since I'm in the mood X3 NO I am NOT gonna do the whole post like that. that'll be very tiring. something that should've been put in one paragraph dispersed into 5. ngeh no way. then I'll have like, 30 paragraphs in my post. and I don't even get paid PFFT.

anyways, after that we went to UM for a while Ayah had some business. then we went to the insurance thingy. then we went to register Bakmal's license 83 yes, he passed his exam yesterday X3 then we went to pick mom up at her office, then went to JPJ for ... okay that'll be a surprise :D

then on the way back home went to Kenny Rodgers, Amcorp for lunch. then went back home X3 and now I'm here.

interesting thing about Kenny Rodgers.. Mamat-mamat yang keje kat situ semue hensem giler, tapi pompuan selekeh2. =__= sorang tu comel gak ah, tapi macam kecoh. yang sorang lagi tu macam tak ikhlas. yang lelaki sorang, putih macam Cina, mata sepet dan serious hensem. Layan pun baik jer. Sorang lagi agak muda, umur Bakmal kowt, maybe a few years older, muke budak baik giler, hensem lak tu. haish. menjatuhkan maruah pompuan je. nasib pakai tudung.

have nay one of you heard the song by Miss Nina? no? get yourself updated. she's the one who's name is "sexy". keharuk ko. menjatuhkan maruah orang Melayu plak. buat lagu ngan Colbie o-whatever, tapi memberi pandangan yang salah kepada mereka orang putih. i bet now diorang ingatkan 80% orang Melayu camtu =_= orang putih lah plak.

okay don't wanna elaborate much about that, so here i go.


Monday, June 14, 2010

piano exam woot.

well. I'm taking my piano grade 5 exam tomorrow. wish me lluck. wish Bakmal luck too, he's taking grade 6. he starts first at 9 then I'm going in at 9.25. sigh. if only the emotion "nervous" never existed.


Kairi who? I'm Lucy, dammit.

 [ s t o r y ]
Kairi died of cancer. Sora couldn't accept it at first, until one day he brought a dozen roses to her grave, wanting to talk to her. He misses her.
Then as the years passes, Sora died of old age. but he met Kairi at heaven and that made everything perfect.

"Do you remember me?"
"Yea. Kairi."

It's mine, BTW X3 i love it.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

small things like these.

ya know, small things like these are what lil bad things worth while X3

this guy.. he dedicated this vid for me because we had a conversation and he said my editings are good even though I think they're too simple X3

see, I was having a rough night dealing with copyrights (damn you!!!) and suddenly I saw this vid.. and the description...

"Dedicated for: lynn8596

Subscribe to her! =D"

and I smiled sincerely for the first time that night :') 

(NIGHT, I was laughing my head off chatting with Core and his stupi--silliness :P)

and this too.. XD
well at least they didnt disable ur visual
and all u had was a song
i dont get that tutorial vid at all
its so damn confusing
ahaha lol
well u'd hve to hve a sony vegas 8
then u can actually try it out :3:3
i have last vegas and a sony handp
but not a sony vegas

these lil things.. they make me smile.. and all my problems go away...
those people who made me smile.. I love you guys.. 



Saturday, June 12, 2010


I found this in Deviantart so cute!!

Some other awesome favs...

I do not own any of the above art, although I can't state out the artists' names (because they came from various artists) I can say that if you Save the Image the name of the file that comes out most probably has the name of the artists ^ ^

so thank you for not suing me ^ ^ again, I DO NOT OWN THE BEAUTIFUL ART THAT WAS DISPLAYED.


confusion at state.

sigh. found out you-know-who is going to Fraser's Hill from*insertnamehere* 's blog. I'm going to Cameron from 18-20th June.

Hmm... ingatkan dekat.. jauh jugak rupenye.. at least still in the same state.. I don't even know when you-know-who's going... kalau Genting nak naik bukit tu jumpe boleh lambai ke.. but never mind... sigh.

I'm kinda confused between you-know-who and almost-gay. sorry but I dunno WTF to call you. but I guess we can start with that since the first time I met Hanis was kinda pushing the fact you weren't like other guys therefore gay (I don't think that's fair though =_=") for one, it's kinda bahaya even if you're joking around, to call me sayang. even if you're pissed or annoyed or anything, just try to lessen it, thank you. it might not be obvious when we're chatting, when I reply with "X3" but you know, it does get me thinking.

although why should I waste my time typing all this out? You don't read my blog anymore anyway. Maybe cuz I'm bored and just trying to forget you-know-who. but then there's ******. lets call him Shorty :) cuz, you know, he's short since primary school. argh, I feel bad for almost-gay. let's call him.. umm.. Tally :) since Nis said he's tall and from FB pictures he DOES seem very like VERY tall, so there :D

and Shorty :)

I saw "Tioman" on the map =_= I miss that place. the beautiful, clean water, especially at White Sand Beach. wow, can't wait to go snorkeling there again :)

And have I posted my last MEP? I think I haven't. here it is. (just cuz I'm bored *sigh*)

It's so normal though.. Nothing special.. when will I ever be able to do something like this?!


I think I'ma do my homework now.. Have been delayed long enough..

Friday, June 11, 2010

fight with Eva chan.

hi eva chan :):)
gnaws on arm
ew get away from me!!!
removes hand
hits head
hits head again
WHY YOU........
whips out chainsaw
summons roxas
dear, can you handle this for me? x3
"sure :):)"
activates chainsaw
"Ngeh, i dunno her."
"just kill her"
"Alrightie :D:D"
"Pulls out keyblade"
maniacal laughter
weirded out face
runs towards freak
hits with oblivion
steps aside
hp down 100
chainsaw pierces Roxas
(damn comp)
whats with this hell thingy?
hits Roxas with a fish
"i'm a nobody anyway, i cant die =.="
pulls out bigger fish
whips out samehada no jigoku
smash smash smash
oh no
"summon out Sora"
"sora get that girl b4 she whips out your nobody!!"
samehada enlarged
"ngeh.. what was that?
What the cow?
fireworks display? XD"
hits a million times with the halloween keyblade
smashes Sora with Higanbana
"ouch! what was that?"
smashes Sora with samehada
does combo with Roxas
eva's HP ggoes down 10000000000 times
eva dies
hp regained by Higanbana
victory ^ ^
smashes lynn-chan
ya noe what
this is ridculous
I'm bored too.
you're like Sephiroth with a higabana

~the end~

MEPs attack.

One more MEP to go yipee x3
one MEP, one tag, and one promo video. no AMV's this time :/

Kak Ain's birthday today!!!

So I gave her a cute t-shirt (I was under budget, okay!) and mom gave her a pair of totally awesome shoes!!! I tried them lol XD and as I guessed, it fitted her perfectly ;) maybe because the one I was wearing was a wee bit tight and Kak Ain's feet are smaller than mine so I just KNEW.
Ayah bought her um.. never mind. We knew Bakmal didn't remember Kak Ain's birthday and since he couldn't join us, we bought what he would usually buy anyway. Something from Famous Amos ;)
Abang got Kak Ain a pair of earrings. Lovely, really. Abang has good taste.
So just now we took some time to buy her a cake, it was really hard, with four bakeries (well three, if you don't count Secret Recipe) here in Old Town. But in the end we bought her brownies from Secret Recipe :) was really full cuz Kak Ain cut it into really large pieces. :/

Gomenasai Core. You know (well maybe you don't) how emotional I can get. At least I layan you mase you had to go XP


Thursday, June 10, 2010

no way that just happened.

i did NOT just read K-On! yaoi i did NOT just read K-On! yaoi i did NOT just read K-On! yaoi i did NOT just read K-On! yaoi i did NOT just read K-On! yaoi i did NOT just read K-On! yaoi...


good thing it's just fan art *phew*
man, the imagination of die-hard-fans now a days *sigh*
well whatever it is, I'm happy not everyone is gay :)
I mean seriously, RitsuXMio? PFFT
AxelXRoxas?! PFFFFFT
... well I might consider that :3
*considiring* NO NOT ACCEPTABLE

Although I bet all of us have our gay times, but please do not involve anime in to it. It is totally innocent and not for use of yaoi and ESPECIALLY NOT HENTAI. now that's just wrong, using cute animated lil fictional drawings as s** thingies (what are they used for anyway? growth of hormones? wish you had the amount of hormones you did when you're in the teenage years? FTW?!) anyways, to not further my comment on how totally innocent cute animated lil fictional drawings are being used, lets all do the caramelldansen! (^_^)

*caramelldansen song starts*


Kim Possible lol ^ ^

Yayy in uniforms ^ ^

H***** the Combat Butler 
Gomene~ I'm not so good in names ^ ^

*clickable ;)*

Hanis you know it's for you ;)


L from Death Note FTW somehow looks very cute when he's supposed to be scary :/

Freaky.. this is the Emma Ai i told you before.. 
Hell Girl...


Miku Hatsune :)
No she's not in any anime. she's a Vocaloid 
i'm not really sure what Vocaloid does though.. :/

I love this pairing too!
I'm all for NarutoXHinata!! Hinata rules~! Woohoo!
(you know sometimes I wonder about these teenage animes when they grow up and whom they'll actually marry :3 have you ever wondered so? CBOX!)

Orgy 13 yay!
Axel, Larxene and Marluxia FTW


I don't support this pairing.. Sasuke sucks... but very handsome :)
OH YEA did I tell you I watched a lot of Romeo X Juliet this morning and Romeo's REALLY CUTE.

haha ^ ^ I love Kiba's expression

Kingdom Hearts yay! ^ ^

haha I miss watching Avatar ^ ^"

kii~~ I also love this pairing!
Zutara all the way!!
Aang, go get Toph!
and Sokka, you've had one too many girlfriends!!!

and that's it ^ ^
If you want the music go search it on YouTube. I can't provide everything =.="


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


clickable ;)

and here's a link to the super-awesome Animator vs. Animation!!



crashing down into pieces.

I don't know why but I'm in quite a bad mood right now.

Well. This isn't really the reason but my mom's car's window was broken by this guy who tried to steal something but I'm not really sure what happened, maybe my mom fought back, and he didn't get the chance to steal anything. I was really freaked when mom called and told me someone broke her car window cuz I was home alone. Before that I was actually scared already, cuz it was raining and mom told me about something.. never mind...

but thankfully Joy was online :) I freaked out a bit and she told me to stay calm and whatever it is, make sure I have my handphone by. *tucks phone inside pocket safely* then the thunders started coming and I just went offline. thankfully, mom came home safe. I kept asking her "Mak okay ke? Sure mak okay" hope she doesn't get annoyed =__= nasib takde ape-ape. thanks to the client (who also sort of cause this, but she solved it too) :D

by the way, Eva had decided to join my band ^ ^ Yay! she wants to be the drummer~ so there's the drummer/ backing vocalist post. i'm still wondering if i can ask for an adjustment (my character isn't a guitarist! repeat, ISN'T A GUITARIST!) But Eva-chan! We yet still have to discuss the band name!!! so here's the groups...

my group ^ ^ yep, that's me! the picture of Sora right there! heehee :D Eva's not there yet cuz the group creator wasn't online when she gave the comment :3 here comment..

yea she accidentally posted it FOUR TIMES. i did that once but it was only twice and it was on her deviantation so whatevs. and ain't my signature sweet? but it's not original :/ so Ima put something in that later, maybe "Keitaro Lynn" in katakana or something :3 okay back to the groups.

And there ya go!!! There's a couple of other bands that no one had reserved a character for, so yea. Here it is.

-Industrial rock group
-Alternative rock group
-Nintendocore group
-Black Metal group
-Garage rock group
-Grindcore group
-Mathcore group
-Grunge group
-Nu metal group
-Synth pop group
-New wave group

Okay, if you don't get some of the terms go Google it. I don't get some of it neither (like mathcore? WTH?)
Although I highly doubt my other readers are fascinated by my new discovery, I'm still gonna tell you guys so THERE = - =

So if you wanna join and maybe even just START drawing, well, go make yourself a deviantart account and go to this link : and join!!! don't worry, not all of 'em are that good (^_^)