Saturday, June 12, 2010

confusion at state.

sigh. found out you-know-who is going to Fraser's Hill from*insertnamehere* 's blog. I'm going to Cameron from 18-20th June.

Hmm... ingatkan dekat.. jauh jugak rupenye.. at least still in the same state.. I don't even know when you-know-who's going... kalau Genting nak naik bukit tu jumpe boleh lambai ke.. but never mind... sigh.

I'm kinda confused between you-know-who and almost-gay. sorry but I dunno WTF to call you. but I guess we can start with that since the first time I met Hanis was kinda pushing the fact you weren't like other guys therefore gay (I don't think that's fair though =_=") for one, it's kinda bahaya even if you're joking around, to call me sayang. even if you're pissed or annoyed or anything, just try to lessen it, thank you. it might not be obvious when we're chatting, when I reply with "X3" but you know, it does get me thinking.

although why should I waste my time typing all this out? You don't read my blog anymore anyway. Maybe cuz I'm bored and just trying to forget you-know-who. but then there's ******. lets call him Shorty :) cuz, you know, he's short since primary school. argh, I feel bad for almost-gay. let's call him.. umm.. Tally :) since Nis said he's tall and from FB pictures he DOES seem very like VERY tall, so there :D

and Shorty :)

I saw "Tioman" on the map =_= I miss that place. the beautiful, clean water, especially at White Sand Beach. wow, can't wait to go snorkeling there again :)

And have I posted my last MEP? I think I haven't. here it is. (just cuz I'm bored *sigh*)

It's so normal though.. Nothing special.. when will I ever be able to do something like this?!


I think I'ma do my homework now.. Have been delayed long enough..

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