Friday, June 4, 2010

fifth day, let it be a lesson.

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my cousin's post. a lil series. just love a good laugh.
warning. if you don't get it it's not my fault.

anyways, today can be a good lesson to us all. yesterday, i watched TV until 4.30 and used the computer until 7. then at night I studied Geo form 1 (which apparently tak banyak kluar pown) and KH while texting and listening to songs (not a good idea, especially when you don't know the words). then I slept. then the next day I crashed everything I could about KH then slided through it (HAH loved how confident I was) then during PJK... interesting story, but not in the mood. if you've heard the fan page "how did you do on the exam? I TEMBAKED LIKE A MACHINE GUN" then I was the perfect demo of it just now. plus I slept. until Sabsab ran out and shook the whole cabin building. then during Geo i went through a few rocks. but never mind. a B's a B. 

the lesson? I mean, I sound pretty confident here. well, I HATED MY PJK. i didn't check ANYTHING cuz I knew I lacked of studying. but lets move on. 

I am over with exams. grr.

So remember my boyfriend quest? hahah, well, apparently I got my wish come true (well sort of) so the texting part was actually with Falonnie. until her cousin, Asyraf  wanted to talk to me. he said that Falonnie said I was smart and pretty and he wanted to couple with me and I was like WHAT THE HELL but just for the sake of the fun, I went along with it. I said sure. I was planning to break up with him on Sunday. I mean, he's not really the best guy, really. he're something he said bout himself...

-good looking (mix malay and chinese)
-many girls want to couple with him
-he went to England from 6 to 11 years old (apparently this wasnt a lie, but I didn't even ask)

*ehem ehem* let's start with the criticizing :)

dude, I am not smitten by the fact that "you chose me when there's a bunch of other people he would have chosen". and I know when you say "gedik" it means "not pretty enough". and you don't say "I'm gonna regret it if i don't couple with you". hey, macha, belambak lelaki lain la bukan ko sorang jer. in fact I'm thinking of asking ******'s phone number from Joy (if she has it). :3 plus don't say you "love me" because YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T. haiyaa, macam ni ke bebudak sekarang? you don't even KNOW ME. do you know I'm playing with ya? nope. you're just a mere experiment for future purposes. but whatever. moving on with this wicked story of lies and complications.

he said he didn't tell Falonnie and to avoid explaining everything to her, I went along with not telling her at school just now.

so he asked me just now "do you really love me? remember ramai nak couple ngan I and I chose you" and I was like, well..

"i'm sorry but i don't love you."

muahahaha. he replied back saying he saw my FB and I'm not his type. well I didn't know your FB account can predict what type of person you are! Unless his type is "pretty, adorable, fun-loving slut" then haha, I'm obviously not his type. well his pretty much not my type neither and that's exactly what I told him. he said I only said it because I'm ashamed. well then. later I told Falonnie to tell him I said "I'm sorry I'm not his type and I'm gonna miss him xP" but she replied late saying "He was emoing"


HE broke up with ME and HE'S emoing. And I'm all hyped he's outta my life. lol. 

I know I took hours to do this but STILL. ngeh lost everything I wanted to talk about. went hyper after school. that's all.
oh and I was in the middle of a dramatic scene between Elia and some other people and DO YOU KNOW HOW CREEPY IT IS TO GET CAUGHT IN A DRAMATIC SCENE WHERE YOU'RE NOT WANTED BUT YOU'RE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT???!!! IT'S HORRIFYING!! and plus that person was there..

kirururururu dadidadidadida sometimes I wish people I wanted to stalk would give me some cooperation and let me have something interesting to stalk =___="



I was re-reading my post, checking for any mistakes and I noticed I didn't state out the lesson =_=" 

so the lesson is.. Studies is more important than TV or computer. TV and computer will still be there when you come home, unless some one decided to break into your house and steal all valuables, but time is always walking straight to infinity. so always catch up with it.


you know what lets start a new post.

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