Thursday, June 3, 2010

fourth day, I could've died.

I know I've said "my sivik die" or "my seni die one for sure" but this literally felt like dying. it's not tough just shoot  machine gun at the paper, but it was tough to except the fact that I got a lot of wrongs. I know it's total no-no to check your paper right after the exam, and I didn't, I checked it after school with Ain. which I totally regret.
actually I just checked Science, because apparently after that I didn't feel like doing anything anymore then go home and sleep but after the confidence I had before the exam, and after I tembaked, is totally different when you realize you could most probably never get an A on the paper. Was it the post the other when I said I'm acing it? Maybe it was. I dunno.
But with that paper, I'm definitely not getting an A.
Plus paper 2 macam nak mati je (there I go again with the dying thing).

Anyway. Today was mixed with feelings from happy to sad to proud to down.
ngeh not in the mood anymore.
going to study Geo, KH and PJK now. well not really.


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