Thursday, June 24, 2010


Goodbye Singaporeans... :'(

Helloo original place :D

Well today was the Singaporean's last day of Malaysian school X'( I was kinda surprised when... never mind. So the beginning of the day was as normal, they would come into class after the announcements. then before the second last period starts, they went :( but they told us to wait at class after school, because they wanted to take pictures X) so like, Sharifah and Nurulain gave me these like, lil contact cards which I really appreciated X3 so I ftly bad for not making one. So I just made a simple sort-of-contact-card out of test pad paper including my emails and websites :D I forgot to give my number and address though :( although I practically live online lol :P

so after school we took pix :3 then bla bla bla JAPANESE! :D I got 82.. even though higher than I expected, it would still be nice to get A :(

then when I went back home I saw them left X) I waved but I dunno if the ones I know saw me.. but never mind..

so to you guys ;)

You guys are real awesome people. Smart, too. I have never met people like you guys :D well obviously since like no one is exactly the same in this world.. okay anyway good luck in life and all :D if Lea had a the voice, I'm sure she'd randomly say "Good luck in life" anytime, but apparently you guys came at the wrong time =_=" I guess I can say you're lucky, cuz Lea's just as loud as Divyia, just that she doesn't talk as much XD

no seriously though. You guys are quite lucky >.< so best wishes to you guys! :D


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