Monday, June 7, 2010

the hook up.

played a couple of teennick games. here's something really cute. x3


"kalau you guys nak cakap cakap kat tempat lain please. kitorang nak study. bising jer."

*just a random line. I was thinking bout the character I'm mostly like in K-On! and if it's Azusa and her sudden tempers, there's an example of me being suddenly very angry :)*


So today I went to Zulaikha and Suaidah's house, the kembar lima :) in case you guys didn't know, we live in the same area, Kawasan Melayu a.k.a. section 3 a.k.a. near Old Town P.J. :D so yea, we've been close friends since standard 2 :) So the main point I wanted to go there was watch the episodes of K-On! that I missed, but we also nded up doing a bunch of other things, too!

for instance, play Speed and UNO (I only played half way since I wanted to watch a Bleach movie, only later I got bored so I just hung around). ate keropok lekor, sausages and wholemeal bread with Nutella (yumm :d) met the boys after a long time. Ngeh, they haven't grown tall enough like Bazil had the time I met him at reunion. they're just about my height. Azzam wasn't there at first, they told us he went for this ninjutsu thingy (ninja stuff) at Samad and in my head immediately went "I know who would enter if this thing was at my school =__=' " but mainly, we watched K-On! and kept repeating the really funny parts.

in case you watched the first episode and didn't notice... there's a really creepy part... where Yui was afraid they would kill her if she said she wanted to quit... there's a part... where.. Emma Ai showed up behind Yui... *shudders* pergh.we played that twice, just for the sake of it xD

then I got a slight headache and wanted to watch something else (which turned into Bleach, but I didn't finish watching that) I kept looking at my phone checking if my mom replied my message when I said I can go home now at 5.30 (cuz that was the time she was supposed to pick me up) but she didn't. I called her at 6 and she didn't pick up. at 6.30 I SMSed Abang and when he replied I went "ALHAMDULILAH!" out loud.

by 6.45 Abang came. then we had a lil detour. I was really gelisah because I didn't solat Asar yet. but thank God belum masuk waktu Maghrib =_=""

kay my bro's pissed off.

So like before I went back home we were reminiscing about Primary School, especially about Ilya Kareena, big time biatch-best-friend. obviously we don't like her that much, but we were still close, somehow. her FB account's name is Ilya Nakalreena, which is really weird, since you're promoting the fact that you're "nakal" (omg that is wrong to the limit). anyway, we talked and talked (Azzam: Bisinglah! Nak tengok ni (Bleach) Me: Tak nak lah nak bising lagi. Ika jom bising lagi! Ika: Jom!!) then Ika started telling me bout the comic I worked on when we were younger and never finished (Me: IKA!! NAK TENGOK!! IKAA!! *shakes Ika's arms* Azzam: *ajuk* IKAA!! NAK TENGOK IKAA!! *shakes Ika's arm* wow very funny =.=") then she showed me :)

It was a good memory, that comic. it showed how immature we were still then and made us remember bout ZEN (Zulaikha, Elyna and Neda - WHO'D KNEW?! she was colouring xD).

Okay now I really gotta go.

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