Sunday, June 20, 2010

school fever.

no soccer fever for me.

since I have the littlest time on earth, i shall point out what I have done throughout the weekends yay :D

- finish a couple of MEPs :3
- updated and activated my Deviantart :DD
- made friends online ^ ^ aloha, Emily senpai!
- became closer friends to some ^ ^ You know who you are.
- got some distance with some other friend(s) :'( we need more chatting time.
- i DIDN'T finish my homework :D
- did a lot of ART ;)
- scribbled a lot
- went somewhere new ^ ^
- clipped my nails

and yipee for that. although I yet have my TOEnails to clip, at least I won't be demerited ^ ^

okays gudnight peeps. hope you guys have parents like mine who make you guys go to sleep before 12.


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