Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sound of a fight.

I died a bit when I heard how Bakmal messed up his last and second piece during the examintaion.

he played just fine at home. Does it really effect you that much?

I looked at my hands. "I trust you."

Soon Bakmal came out of the room, his usual face on. I smiled and he didn't say anything. To look nice perfectly normal in front of the clerk behind the table a couple of feet away from us, Ayah said "Apasal hancur sangat?"

I thought that would ruin Bakmal's whole day but it didn't. Of course he was kinda angry, I would be. and Ayah seemed so fake. God knows how awkward he can get. Then suddenly the clerk said "You can go in now" and I was like, Me? hen I just went. I looked back, and Bakmal and Ayah was still arguing about whether Bakmal sucked or not. Sigh. Looks like I'm alone on this.


That was disaster.

So that's a lil something from me since I'm in the mood X3 NO I am NOT gonna do the whole post like that. that'll be very tiring. something that should've been put in one paragraph dispersed into 5. ngeh no way. then I'll have like, 30 paragraphs in my post. and I don't even get paid PFFT.

anyways, after that we went to UM for a while Ayah had some business. then we went to the insurance thingy. then we went to register Bakmal's license 83 yes, he passed his exam yesterday X3 then we went to pick mom up at her office, then went to JPJ for ... okay that'll be a surprise :D

then on the way back home went to Kenny Rodgers, Amcorp for lunch. then went back home X3 and now I'm here.

interesting thing about Kenny Rodgers.. Mamat-mamat yang keje kat situ semue hensem giler, tapi pompuan selekeh2. =__= sorang tu comel gak ah, tapi macam kecoh. yang sorang lagi tu macam tak ikhlas. yang lelaki sorang, putih macam Cina, mata sepet dan serious hensem. Layan pun baik jer. Sorang lagi agak muda, umur Bakmal kowt, maybe a few years older, muke budak baik giler, hensem lak tu. haish. menjatuhkan maruah pompuan je. nasib pakai tudung.

have nay one of you heard the song by Miss Nina? no? get yourself updated. she's the one who's name is "sexy". keharuk ko. menjatuhkan maruah orang Melayu plak. buat lagu ngan Colbie o-whatever, tapi memberi pandangan yang salah kepada mereka orang putih. i bet now diorang ingatkan 80% orang Melayu camtu =_= orang putih lah plak.

okay don't wanna elaborate much about that, so here i go.


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