Tuesday, June 8, 2010

those boys i love.

Marchin On - One Republic

My hopes of finishing my seni and Blame it on the Pop MEP today had fallen into a great pit of broken dreams. but never mind. It was a tiny piece so it didn't fall with a great break or anything.

The reason, really is because I've been DEVIANTART-ing a lot! yea, I have a deviantart account! here it is! I've only uploaded two deviantations though, and none of 'em is really good. one received two favs, sure but the only thing I did was save, crop and colour it in paint =_=" I was reading KH2 Manga for God's sake! and THAT made me receive two favs?! I feel like nothing is going right anymore!! I know I should be thankful and happy and shit but I just don't deserve it..

Okay back to the happy situation *cries inside sob* I was checking my subscriptions on YouTube when there was this video "House of Musicians". I right-clicked and opened it in a new tab as usual. I paused it until it loaded along with the other videos as I check my Facebook and Deviantart (usually it'll be Blogger first, but since I've been kinda active on Deviantart it was priority next to Facebook) then I returned to my subs. a couple of AMVs, a dumb video by thecomputernerd01 and a Movie Awards video by ijustine (oh don't freaking boast that you got a chance to go, biatch). Then I returned to "House of Musicians". it started of with a cute drawing of a character called Mimi (it's written next to the drawing). cute. amateur, but still cute. then I read the description when the video ended.


it seems that this is a character that the youtuber created for a group on Deviantart, where there's a bunch of cool characters, rock musicians, to be specific, all created by deviants. they're all very interesting, and it just freaking pulled me to join. so I joined. there was a lil comment box for me to write anything, as if a plead or something so I wrote...

"can I??"

I know, weak, but STILL it seems like they were professionals and I didn't want to be a weakling there! But somehow I was freaking ACCEPTED :D yea, like, five minutes after I sent the request! So I started working on my character.

I scrolled through the bands list - I didn't want to make my own band, I didn't know anything bout bands - and the title "Skater Punk" totally took my heart! I mean, rockers who don't scream, over-do their make-up or strum their guitar using their teeth? THAT IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME. My idea was already in my head - Blonde with pink highlights, arm-warmers, sneakers, jeans, skateboarder - and I worked on it almost (I repeat ALMOST) immediately. when I'm almost finished with colouring the hair, I just noticed she kinda looks like she's a Avril Lavigne-wannabe. well. Never mind. =.=" that reminds me. maybe I should put a section where I show her skateboard. will need some research for that.

so this is what I got into the computer...

I know, bad quality =_=" it's also on my Deviantart, just to let them know I'm working on uploading a better quality. I wanted her name to be Rosemary, but that's not exactly rock, is it? So it can be her real name, but not glam name (what's it called again? I can't remember - the name that isn't your birth cert name, just what you're called). so. what's close to Rosemary Anne? ... ... .. okay fine, What's rocker-ish and starts with "R" and ends with "-ne"? .. .. .. RAINE OMG

so there you go, by contribution for House of Musicians. ^ ^ so now I just gotta scan it.. dammit. have to wait until school re-opens =.="

when I was browsing through other characters, there were the gay band where both band members were gay = =" didn't bother to check what the genre of the band really was (maybe it was "emo-gay"). then there was the trio group where they're always trying to change the blue-haired guy... =.=" WEIIRD a rock band that likes costumes, perhaps? then there were some other few.. and the creator of the group was apparently ALONE. yes, her group was only her character T.T how sad. I wonder, why can't she just make up the whole band herself? Maybe it's some sort of her self-principle or something. sigh. what if no one wants to help me with my Skater Punk group?! OMG I'M GONNA FORCE EVA AND HANA AND CYNTA TO JOIN GRR. but I'm afraid if it's not exactly Hana's style though.. sigh. maybe she can create the over-active drummist or something. but she draws a lot of chibis, wonder if she can create full-bodied characters O.O I don't wanna underestimate her, but WHO KNOWS?!

I just typed out a whole bunch of crap. Enjoy.


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