Friday, July 23, 2010

forgive and forget system.

people have not been updating their blogs recently. that is not a good thing. especially then ones that I want their blog updated. well, maybe nothing interesting in their lives had happened. and I, stupidly sitting here, am updating my blog everyday no matter what happens. mostly because I want to update on everything. even when no one's reading.

I'm locking my door shut.

it's sad to hear the people you love fight. especially when they're barely around. once in a while you come back home, don't you think you should make better times?

I guess it's because of what you've been doing when you're not around.

are you owing someone money? I hope not. that would be the worst. stealing from family is still acceptable, we're family, forgive and forget system is automatic. but friends, you can never really trust them. even when you think they've forgiven you, they might be stabbing you in the back.

no one's stabbed me in the back before. but they've stabbed me right on the gut, always, face to face. how daring. but the forgive and forget system is still applied. somehow.

okay so off with bad news and on with good :) well it's not actually news just something interesting that happened. so if you've been reading a lot of prefect blogs then maybe you'll know that today was the prefect installation. so most of the day (supposed to be the whole day) there were no prefects in class. plus the fact that there's 8 prefects in our class, 2 absentees and Lea going off for MSR at the end of the day we had very little people in class.

Sabrina : Don't forget to buy food to eat in class! :D

we.. didn't buy anything to eat in class.

anyways, the installation ended earlier than intended so half of the last period (Maths, Cik Shatirah). we were doing PATS and what not. then after a couple of minutes they entered class, the fans turned off. the electricity was off.

at first we thought the prefects were the reason the electricity was off, but of course us 2G's thought logically - something must've happened. so after a while, the prefects were called back again for something. and so they left. just when they were around the back of the class, THE FANS AND LIGHTS WENT BACK ON.

we shouted and laughed and screeched (skolah perempuan la plak, waktu-waktu gedik adalah dimestikan) and the prefects made a U-turn. their mouths hung as we laughed and asked them to leave. I bet Cik Shatirah was laughing in the inside too (emotionless teacher, don't expect much). the prefects left with utter confusion and curiosity - WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

so that was the story of the prefects.

I found out my writing on the board "I <3 Roxas" from a few days ago was not erased. no one noticed since I hid it behind one of those posters. haha good thing the LP3K's don't check thoroughly :P I don't even have to wipe my window everyday, just once every two or three days :) then today Nadhrah pulled the poster up, saw it and attempted drawing him. he looked like a POTATO. a HAIRY potato.

then I attempted drawing him. unexpectedly, it turned out quite CUTE :D then I drew a stick figure of him holding up the gem thingy. I got a balloon with the colour of the gem and wrote <3 Elyna <3 Roxas <3 on it. :3

It was SO hard to find this, apparently not a lot of people were a fan of this scene. to me, it's one the beauties of KH2 :')

The whole gang.

I think Roxas looks so cute here!!! Don't you think so? :D

Oh yea, you guys keeps asking me who's Roxas. If you don't own a PS2, the you can read the manga :) manga fox should have the full series. But they're not from the same distributor though, it's fan-made. but it's still published. I saw it at MPH once :)
no anime though. sigh.


p.s, as many times as I blinked
I've thought of you tonight.

what you've got is hard to find.
I think about it all the time.
I'm all strung out my heart is fried.
I just can't get you off my mind.

how can I get over you like this?
It's so HARD.

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