Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy ever after.

so thankfully death haven't arrived yet. be thankful that everyday you can still breath. you can die anytime.

I know, I know, emo. but fasting doesnt exactly make me happy. I can taste SYRUP in my mouth *drools* sigh. i am so craving for something sweet and liquidy right now *drools again*

anyway, today was kinda lame. nuthin much to blog about. the Secret Club was kinda lame today, until I told about the "Collection". only difference is that I actually told them who *** is. and Azi and Nurin wasn't around so I was more open (yea right) to tell them about it.

I STILL haven't countinued my article because apparently the school computer can't open 2007 words. so... Nothing much to do. a couple of minutes more than an hour left. so I'ma BLOG :D

I don't feel like opening Facebook. mostly cuz, I'm kinda bored with it. I use it mostly for stalking and playing SL anyway which I'm more comfortable doing at home. the Briged computer is broken so no printing, scanning or deviantart-ing (it wouldnt be fun without me submitting anything anyway) can be done.

Am I gonna blog some more about how much this sucks? Yes. even though there's a couple of awesome-looking games in this computer. I feel like typing a lot >)




p.s, it effing hurts to keep this. but I gotta.

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