Monday, July 12, 2010

haters will hate.


confidential... I tell you confidential things :(
i wonder why people are finding it hard to trust me. Even Lea isn't telling me things that she's telling Nurin. haish.
in other news, where some how I'm yet again not accepted by Earth, Alani.. seems to dislike me. for reason beyond my knowledge. Azi said she just find me annoying.

I still find it hard to believe that I could consider today "plain". Hafizah cried in class today, Ustazah didn't teach us agama, I felt unneeded, I found out Samantha was a Tan, and had a FB, I found out Alani dislikes me, and Joy wouldn't tell me that thing.

Yes, it is very PLAIN.
Hahah, funny convo on the way back from agama...
yet again, if you're sensitive bout races and religion and stuff, don't read it...

me and Nuryn : *walks around the club boards*
Me : look, they even have prayer requests.. *shows at box at Christian Fellowship board*
Nuryn : I wonder what they request for..
Me : haha, maybe we can send something like, "Bismillahirrahmannirahim.. Ya Allah.. tolong ampunkan dosa-dosa mereka.." XD
Nuryn : LOL..

Just in case you read it out of curiousity, hey, we were just joking kays? ;)


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