Friday, July 30, 2010

if you were tagged.

haha, I was stalking people's pix as usual, and suddenly I saw this photo that had 50+ comments. I've seen more, of course, but out of curiosity I read the whole thing. Turned out to be quite entertaining.

    • Jen Li Thx, Jia Yi, but u might wanna consider tagging other peeps coz I feel kinda lonely.XD
    • Zaza Azahar I AM NOT THE GEEK!
    • Loo Jia Yi oh yes ur
    • Zaza Azahar NO I AM NOT! meanie! ahahahah!
    • Jen Li OMG! You also think Damia is sexay? LOLs!!
    • Loo Jia Yi wei hu else in d class more sexy than her?
    • Jen Li SHOBA!
    • Loo Jia Yi ‎................*akward silence*
    • Zaza Azahar damia isn't sexy. She is the pretty one, hahahahaha!
    • Heng Yen Fern wth.. why am i thne LOST ONE?!??!
    • Loo Jia Yi bcuz u r always blur
    • Zaza Azahar HAHAHAHAHA!
    • Loo Jia Yi same 2 u geek
    • Sak Wye Mei lost one, u shud learn to be more "unlost"
    • SieMone Ng me leh!!!!
    • Loo Jia Yi wait lar
      d photo dun wanna cum in
    • Sak Wye Mei me too.
    • Loo Jia Yi WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Sak Wye Mei rmb to tag me.
    • Loo Jia Yi yea i will
    • Sak Wye Mei gud
    • Zaza Azahar HEH! ONCE AGAIN, I'm not a geek! T.T
    • Sak Wye Mei Since Jia Yi is now offline, i shall replace her.
    • Sak Wye Mei Heh! ONCE AGAIN, U are a geek!
    • Sak Wye Mei oops, 4got the smiley... =P
    • Zaza Azahar aiyaaa... T.T
    • Sak Wye Mei ‎^.^
    • Loo Jia Yi thx a lot wye mei
    • Sak Wye Mei ur welcome
    • Sak Wye Mei the gamer!!!
    • Loo Jia Yi u r welcum
    • Sak Wye Mei wad does it means? does it means i lyk to play games?
      i really do lyk playing games!
    • Sak Wye Mei thx ^^ 4got to type that
    • Loo Jia Yi yala it mean u lyk 2 play games
    • Leong Ka Yan sweet
    • Ratzz Sangeetha who am i
    • Sak Wye Mei u r Sangeetha.
    • Loo Jia Yi haha sangeetha u r d 1 tat is always up 2 no gud
    • Loo Jia Yi thx ka yan
    • Yap Li Qin ya d innocent....not
    • Loo Jia Yi yea rite
    • Zaza Azahar aiyaa! don't spam la! so many notifications! XD haahhaahahahah, and im not the GEEK one. :P
    • Loo Jia Yi yes u r the GEEEEEEEEEEK
    • Sak Wye Mei keep spamming.
    • Sak Wye Mei zaza is the geek.
    • Jen Li you guys are CRAZY!
    • Jen Li Im getting 150 e-mails a day, and a hundred of them are from facebook, and about 20 of it are from this post!
    • Zaza Azahar YA LAA! you guys! *sorry*
    • Loo Jia Yi hei hei not my fault everybody wanna keep commenting on my photo
    • Zaza Azahar I know laa, tht this photo is soooo shhpechhial. Eh, sorry. :P
    • Loo Jia Yi yea sure 4 a geek
    • Jen Li Im not finished !BUT I LIKE IT! muahahahha..LOL XD *continuing the previos post I posted*
    • Loo Jia Yi do pics like this get SOOOO many comments????
    • Sak Wye Mei not reli...
    • Sak Wye Mei can't u see it happening here?
    • Loo Jia Yi ‎55 looks a lot 2 mi
    • Sak Wye Mei nah, I've seen more~
    • Zaza Azahar stop it la. the cmmnts. ERGH.
    • Loo Jia Yi ahhh shut up u geek

LOL.editing this was so tiring. and it's still retarded. but the comments r kinda funny. especially the Sangeetha one that really got me laughing.

okies gudnite~!

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