Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm not gonna give up.

rimas tau tak rimas? kengkale kalau I tak jawab kat chat tu is because I DON'T FEEL LIKE TALKING TO YOU. and you keep asking if I'm there.. it's kinda annoying when you expect me to jawab balik every single thing yang you cakap!! grr.

so practice today was tiring. the only break we had was for 30 minutes. I was just happy school ended and I slept like a baby for almost the whole afternoon =,= until the actual baby (Umar) came back home and mom was like "Na, ambik alas Umar." *goes and take* "letak atas sofa tu (where I was sleeping)" "(=__=") *puts*" terpakse beralah.
so prep for tomorrow...

- MJ clothes (need ironing and hanging)
- black tudung ( I need to iron it again? :/ I think I'll do it tomorrow, tak nampak sngt kesan lipat)
- safety pins to adjust my outfit (will ask from Kak Ain later :) )
- shoes (DONE)

and that's it ;)
erk. I have this feeling when you're kinda hot at the face, your heart trembling just by the slightest and your hands don't know where to go.

when you're around, I dunno where to look. cuz truthfully you're the only person I wanna see.



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