Sunday, July 4, 2010

making sounds.

they don't understand...
some people do, but they don't...
when I saw those pictures, I made a weird sound, like
cuz I just can stand it.

my stomach hurts.

I wonder why emotional stuff which involves the heart and brain, affects the whole body.
maybe because they're the main organs in our body,
without it we could die,
it seems unfair to torture my body with something even I don't understand.

don't worry I don't cut myself.
I love myself okay.

I've been addicted to trying to sing to KPOP songs while reading the lyrics, and so far,
I have only succeeded for Gee's chorus =____="
I guess I'm only good at cheeky foreign language lol.

did I tell you?
yesterday I heard Bonamana and immediately started singing to it
(with wrong lyrics, of course)
(Eva called me Korean freak, umm, sorry it's just been like this lately)
and later I saw Xueh Wei and went like,
and she was like, 
and we were like,
Everyone else in my shift was staring at us =___="
I guess we're just... infected.
with KPOP fever.
hmm, the new wave haven't been announced yet
but never mind.
it's fun to get a fever different from other people's
(Glee, Twilight, Justin Bieber [yucks] etc)
so yeah.

to you...
I really appreciate the nickname you gave ***
it is, obviously, cool.
but if you were going to use the nickname a lot,
you should've just used it the whole way :)
and and next time, use better pix of ***
but I don't mind, really.
but it WOULD be better for me to add to my collection LOL >.<

hahaha I'm going crazy.
i have like what, 3 4 pictures of ***?
not really a collection.


p.s, do you NEED to know why I'm using center paragraphs? >.<

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