Friday, July 2, 2010

prep a.k.a. sticky day.

well, I have some time today to blog. so today was the last prep (preparation) day for tomorrow. we have like 2 hours tomorrow morning to get ready some more, but it's a whole lot better to get ready today (plus the fact that two hours don't mean much). so if you guys dunno, our life savers to no-loss of the sales, we decided to make POPSICLE-s ;)

see, yesterday, since I stayed back for Japanese Ms. Foo managed to catch us to give us the plastic then and there, there fore we made it at HOME. BUT. The rest of the class still had to bring their drinks to school and pour i at school, and then give it to Ms. Foo so that she could keep it in a secret freezing place ;)

but see, that's where the problems start.

first it was all fine, everybody was setting up their places to pour in their flavoured drinks into plastic tube Ms. Foo gave them, with newspaper and all. but since we're effing 14, and fact is that we're not exactly Einstein, even the newspapers couldn't help the water reach the floor. and with delay of cleaning up the mess, it was harder to clean up. and after a while, we realized the fact that our class is gonna be sticky.

another problem which not many but only close friends of Lea realized, Lea had plenty more plastic since she had so many of her drink left, and she didn't managed to finish it before recess. With determination she's gonna do it afterwords, she cleaned up.

after recess was ICTL. went to lab.
when we got back, our class was practically flooded with syrup. someone's Popsicle-to-be was leaking.
there was also a message on the board.

"Dear 2 Gigih,
We have taken two of your tables. You can use our class, 5SC for the last 2 periods.

well, that's a simplified version.

so we packed up, wiped away the flood (although it started again) and was confused. it was Agama time. where do we go? we usually have Agama in our class.

so me and Lea were the last ones to leave the class. I helped her pack and stuff. then we didn't know where to go, so we went to 5SC to discover it was occupied. by 2F.

so we went to 5SA, which was empty, and got confused. we put our bags in a corner and took Lea's Popsicle-to-be. we thought of sending it to Ms. Foo, where most probably the rest of the class was to. But we decided to check out the surau. on the way, we discovered that maybe Lea's Popsicle-to-be was leaking too! But we went on. and discovered the class WAS there. So we went to the nearest place we could think Ms. Foo might be : Staff Room. nope. not there. Canteen. Nope. but we asked Kak Long if we could tumpang the Popsicle-to-be there, and she said "Ms. Foo eh?" "Ha ah" "Ah letak la" and so we did. with the rest which we THOUGHT was the other popsicles.

so we went back up to Form 5 classes to get our books, then went to surau and I did my hafazan (with the most minimum amount of emotional torture) then we went upstairs and Encik Alias told us to use any empty classroom. which was 5SA. but just when we were about to settle down, we were told to just use our classroom =.=" with much other chaos and whatnot, including syrup (which turned out to be Xueh Wei's) Ms. Foo and maths. I was kinda happy we ended all the choas with a lil Maths, but later got more frustrated cuz other people can see how to solve a question and I can't T T

then I discovered there was no Briged meeting. homes calls for me.


I'm sorry.. I was trying to make things better.. looks like I made it worse..
I don't want the same thing that happened with Cynta and Hanis happened again.. but I don't want to ignore you..
everything just doesn't feel right.


who am I gonna hang out with tomorrow? I dunno. I dunno. Ain n Dina? Iman n Eva (from what just happened most probably not)? Lea n Nurin? who? who? i dunno. i dunno.


I wonder whom I know from another school is coming. <--- biggest question yet.


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