Tuesday, July 13, 2010

unselfish love.

wow, I feel like sleeping.

well today we had immense practicing. Mr. Melvin came one and a half hours late (is that a new record? no I don't think so.) and I feel like dying knowing the amount of homework I have (not much, but it's hard for me to do all these stuff considering how active I am online with DA and YT and what not).

Briged computer still broken, so another week with no deviantations sent in unless it's digital. sigh. I wanted to make the lineart for my collab! :'( didn't fast today, because when I woke up at 4 my mom was snoring so I was like, "... kesian mak. takyah lah. *sleeps*" the next morning my mom asked me why I didn't woke up for sahur. I didn't say anything, didn't want her to go all dramatic (you don't wanna know how sensitive she is).

which, I'm actually glad of, me not fasting, since practice was so tiring. I wonder what would've happened if I fasted. T T well, 4 more days to qada' and I'm done. Ramadhan starts at 11th August so...

Oh yea, exams on 3RD - 5TH AUGUST. Sabsab said it's not counted, and I said "then don't have to study la :)" and she said a lot of people said that... well parents are gonna be pissed though :/

*whispers* that person's birthday is on a SUNDAY. :/

oh yea, guess who's birthday it is TOMORROW ;P
surprise for you. make sure you come online tomorrow. I hope you'll like it >.<"


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