Thursday, July 1, 2010

what am I doing here?!

i was supposed to just restart the episode downloads and go back to my Agama notes. But never mind. just a quick update.

so just like I thought it will, trouble has landed about money in our project for Hari K. but never mind. we got a solution for it (lol, I feel like life's MATHS)

life's kinda messed up these days. the only chance I get to see Joy, and she has to go for a school trip. then when I invited Hanis, she couldn't come. Why do I feel like there's no purpose for Hari K anymore other than collect money? sigh. like Lea said, our back-up plan should be to get ready to drool over hot boys who came. if there's any hot boys who comes. for all I know, all the hot boys who comes aren't available, and the available ones are geeks.

sigh. i need to get a life.

wait, I do. but somehow, not everyone can cope with the life I have.
yea, downloading my first Avatar episode is like taking my first UPSR trial exam. imagine SPM in the cyber world. sigh.

well let's just hope I can get a job when I grow up and get out of school. since I don't have any idea what course I'm gonna take even if I DO get into college. I know, it's a lil early, buut Laila's gonna take up medicine and Lea's taking business. what bout me?


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