Tuesday, August 31, 2010

not interested.

why am I even layan-ing you? is it not obvious I don't want to talk to you? and now you're asking me for a favour after what you thought you did me a favour when actually i was using you. haiyaa. i wasn't thinking straight. now I'm regretting every single - well not really. at least Raine's got a guitarist. 

well whatever it is you want from me you sure are making it a whole lot more complicated than it should be.

... why do I feel like this post is wasted? maybe cuz it's only for you. I should add something.


I think I should do more DA stuff :3 but there's so many other things to do! >.<"

You know what I'm planning? For Raya I'm planning to draw Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas and Namine in baju raya lol xD oh yea I have to work on the paused project for Onyx Sorbet, now that we have a guitarist. also, Raine's Halloween party outift omg >.<" I still have no idea what outfit Raine should wear :/ if she wears an anime outifit, than it'll be cosplaying so I was thinking maybe a Disney or Cartoon Network character? someone Raine would actually like :3 Suggestions are much appreciated!! x3
I wonder if Eva's thinking of a character just yet. or if she even knows about the Halloween party happening at the forum >.<" I mean, it IS on October 31st. I have plenty of time - well sort of. by then the final are over, right? yayy :D

well I gotta work on some projects. talk tomorrow.

I know it's a lil late but :3
her birthday's on 13th August, btw. simply cuz I though of it on that day x3
should I upload it to DA? I dunno if it's worth it :/


Monday, August 30, 2010


why does Kizaya vids always look so good? Maybe I should watch the anime or something.

and sorry for foul language at the end. it made me twitch a bit.

epic 1996.

the year 1996 was kinda a highlight today. so we had Ambang Merdeka and well they showed us some videos. one of it had a time line on how Malaysia improved in the years. when the year "1996" came up, our batch went BERSERK.

Screen : 1996...

Our batch : WOOOOO~~!!

Lea : the year 1996.. WE WERE BORN!!!

Me : LOL

Screen : 1998...

Me & Lea : haha, kesian juniors, terlepas!!

then I went to tarawih just now. we met my mom's old friend, Aunty Zulaini. she's like, a family friend (sort of). it's complicated. you wanna try? 

[ Aunty Zulaini and my dad both did their PhD at U.S. at the same time. so we were like the two family friends. my mom was quite close to Aunty Zulaini. so blablabla I was born. the next year when they went back to Malaysia Iqbal was born. so skip a few years, both Aunty Zulaini and my dad worked at UM. I went to SSP, along with Aunty Zulaini's sons, Irfan (skarang form 4) Iqbal (skarang form 1) and the other dude (I think he's 12 or 11.) coincidentally, Kak Ain had a job interview with Aunty Zulaini at her faculty. so actually, Kak Ain knew Aunty Zulaini (and her sons) before she got married to Abang. it's so funny, such a small world. ]

HAH I bet you didn't bother reading that.

so anyways, Uncle Razak (Aunty Zulaini's husband, if that's not obvious.) said he hasn't seen me since I was a baby. haha very funny. we met like what, last raya? so they started discussing on year of births and all those stuff. like "which one that was made there but born here?" and "mane yang born kat sane?" and "which year was he born?" and I started feeling like us children were like products. like production dates, and production place. like wth? I even laughed to myself, which I think made the conversation stop. oops. intruding adult conversation much?


Let's welcome Onyx Sorbet's guitarist,
Chad Ivan :)


campak jer.

klakar. yesterday, my dad tengah basuh pinggan. just a small amount, you know, maybe a plate and a glass. I had a glass and well, I thought maybe washing the glass wouldn't be such a problem for dad. and it WAS mom's rules - wash anything that's in the sink, including stuff people had just placed while you were rinsing. so I just put it by the sink, and left. well, tried to leave.

I stopped. Ayah told me to wash the glass myself, as he was finishing up his washing anyway.

"Basuh pinggan sendiri, ayah tengah basuh pinggan awak main campak jer kat dalam sink."
and he left.

I almost laughed. a, because I simply PLACED the glass by the sink; if I campak-ed the glass, it would be in pieces right now.
and b, ayah tak sedar ke?

every night, I wash the dishes after every dinner.no matter what, as long as I was at the sink and dishes kept coming, I would wash without any complaints. maybe I'll grunt once in a while when I'm like, really annoyed, but I still wash it.
and you know, sometimes they just kept coming. when I finish one batch, another will come, and I'll just stay there washing it up. you know, mom's rules. nanti mak membebel plak, lagi payah.

and one of the people who kept gaving me those dishes to wash, was Ayah.
and he complaint when I placed one simple glass by the sink, expecting him to just wash it up.

well, sebab die ayah I and he gave me love and money, telan jela. I mean, what's washing a glass, right?

conclusion : sometimes, the road DOESN'T go both ways.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

activities update.

since I'm bored of waiting for the download to finish and Abang to come back home, let me update you on my future and past activities.(plays Just The Way You Are) <3


- Had piano class in the morning.
- relaxed the rest of the day.
- went for tarawih.


- wasted morning at Mid, browsing FRIDGES. okay fine I got new curtains but that's practically it. continuing Raya Shopping next week when Bakmal's home.
- slept until 3.30 when I got home.
- practiced piano
- helped mom at kitchen
- worked on drawings :3 (lynn8596.deviantart.com to see my latest deviantations!)
- DIDN'T go to solat tarawih. lepaked doing nothing much.
OH worked on a lil project *winks*

(plays David Cook's Come Back to Me)

- helped Kak Ain with her hampers while talking bout stuff :3 so fun!
- slept at 3.30 a.m. (yes, 45 minutes of sleep)


- had piano class
- now doing this, awaiting Abang to come home

*future* (plans)

- go to mom's office, print and scan stuff :3
- finish song for senamrobik
- memorize lines for BM drama "Angin" (I'm Awan, btw x3 it has it's pro's and con's.)
- SLEEP EARLY like 10.30 early. seriously.


- Ambang Merdeka :D meaning, NO STUDY :DD
- check with Pn. Wan if folio's okay
- finish up PP board

(plays For You by Azu [Japanese] )

- stay back for senamrobik practice :3
- HAVE to practice piano. [remember Elyna, commitment.]


- finish up Sejarah folio
- finish up DA projects
- work on Eva's "project" (wait, can I tell on Blogger? :/ )
- maybe work on MEPs. maybe.
- PERFECT LAZY DAYS ON PIANO. have to get ready early, right? :3


- hand in Sejarah folio ^^
- stay back for senamrobik practice.
- practice pianooo


- Jap as usual.
- practice la piano.
- OH finish piano hw ^^"


(plays Gee by SNSD [Korean, if you live in the last decade. and yes, I DO know Gee's an old song. but's its so addictive ^^] )

- stay back for Senamrobik practice - AGAIN! :D
- finish possibly still not done piano hw.

(yes that is sarcasm.)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

fast paced.

please oh please world slow down so I can catch up.


morning. wake up. did usual stuff before school. went to school. sent paper about Nuzul Quran to 2C, D and E. failed school's sejarah quiz. skipped takzirah to "finish Pandu Puteri Board" (jus enough time to staple the "Satu Malaysia logo", other wise I don't think we can consider it done =_=") tried to have an arguement with Annie but failed cuz we were agreeing with each other too much. listened to Pn. Puteri's sad/funny/serious stories (so freaked about the dude who 'sembelih-ed' his own son e___e) actually tried to do something for Sejarah folio. finished up our art thingy right before we went to the lame thingy in the hall (got a prize for that - super stain on my tudung yay.. =__=").

this is when things got interesting.

so the talk was super lame. it was by people from Universal Music Malaysia and they were talking bout health. like how irrelevant can you get? Lea and I concluded they were here to promote Camp Rock 2 - uh DUH.

Okay let me just tell you this. I'm not a hater but I'm not exactly fascinated by people prancing around to a song neither. but I love the songs and the story lines are usually good so there's nothing with actually wanting to watch the movie, right?

and I'm definitely not fond of JB.
Like I'm not fond of K***.
Or that's what Nadiah labels it as.

anyway back to the lame speech. the dude wasn't half as good as the Papermate dude. he looked like he didn't wanna be there and would rather watch some porn or something. so Lea and I had some good fun telling stories and mengutuk orang. especially the "throwing babies" part.

see in Geo Kaii announced her love towards babies. she said she'd take them in anytime. so Lea was like, "The reason people throw away babies was because they couldn't find Kaii~!!"

LOL. very HARD.

so it went on and on and on... we even met a time when we were so lost in conversation when we looked back to the screen we were already wayy off topic. until the end of the speech and our hypothesis was proven :) they DID wanna promote CR2. they set out this like "talent search" thingy (which by then were 10 minutes before school ends) and asked who wanted to dance/sing to a CR2 song after they showed us one of the music videos (which, again, I loved the songs [ and some of the clothes, ofc ] but not fond of the actors).

oh btw there was a part in the MV where Demi's jacket blew off a bit and we can see her collarbone and Lea went like "EE tak menutup aurat, KEMUNGKARAN!! mencegah dengan hati iaitu dengan membenci dan mengelak dari kemungkaran tu!! jadi jangan tengok Camp Rock 2!!" me and Afiqah went lol.
(btw if you don't get it it's from a topic in agama "Mencegah Kemungkaran Tanggungjawab Bersama" or something like that)
(oh yea Lea kan mencegah dengan hati selemah-lemah iman, kite kene mencegah dengan tangan!! jom gi US, jumpe Demi lepas tu lempang die sket, "Tutup aurat!!!" xDD)

sorry got lost for a moment there.
so there was a buzz and I was saying to Lea "Siape lah agaknye yang sanggup embarrass themselves for this?"
well, we got our answer soon.

first a junior. Monica Chin. then later..
Iman Razak.

okay no offense to the "big" people out there, but Iman was like XXL size (omg I wish she doesn't read my blog). she wasn't exactly "performance material" like those cheerleaders. like Lissa Nazeri no. even if she's good she wouldn't make it unless she lost a few kilos (okay maybe a bit more then a few) oh and I heard a rumour saying she's thinking of entering cheer? I'll be smoking pot when that happens. seriously.

but well she was accepted "openly". Except from me. when we saw her (and Dhanya) got up me and Lea went "OMG" but our reaction after that was different.

Lea  - cheers and tries to be the supporting friend that she is (yea right she was laughing her head of the whole time. how sincere.)
Me - "I don't know her I don't know her" *hides in the crowd*

they were.. okay. Lea said they were using the usual set for MSR. how... adjustable. (i just can't find the right word, sorry)

so they were gifting CR2 merchandises. haha yea right i'm gonna take a picture of the JBs. the note book seems attractive but I wasn't going to go through a crowd for it.

Slept during the video part in Jap (mostly cuz I can't read the subs). found out Zaza has an interest in KH too. oh hurrah.


yesterday's post.

mom decided I needed a break.
I decided that the world should slow down for me.


Today was very very very tiring.

I had a chat with Xueh Wei last night. She was very annoying. Today I asked her again and yet she still annoys me. But at least it’s reasonable. If I don’t give her a piece of information, she won’t be giving me any info herself.
But thing is, can I trust her to give me the piece of info after I give mine, or will she retreat without a fair deal? And another thing, will she keep the piece of info to herself?
But I’m so so curious. And there’s a reason for it, Xueh Wei, let me just tell you that. THERE’S A REASON.

Science I was kinda down. I got 11/20 for revision. And Pn. Fifi were taking down the marks for reasons beyond my knowledge and when she heard mine (which was most probably the lowest) she went “Elynaa, you better study ahh,” and I pulled my don’t-worry-I’m-disappointed-with-myself-too face, just to let her know. Then we got our class position. I was expecting the worst – maybe lowest ten this time, not even 20 – but what I got hit me with an arrow.
I got number 8.
Number 11 for the whole form.
3.67 GPA.
(Which is not counted, btw.)
I was so sad I forgot to ask Ika to teman me skip Takzirah to do the Pandu Puteri board.
PJK had to do senamrobik thingy like last year. Quite excited. Have to use Mamma Mia songs only lol. Got grouped with Anesha, Laila, Lea, Sabsab and Ashwini. Sabsab’s quite good so :D we’re using Money, Money, Money as suggested by Sabsab and planning to make a sort of medley so that we have more moves option? Like last year we used “I Like To Move It” and it was so easy to plan! xD thankies to Lea for suggesting it :3 although the song was quite long so =_=” last year me and Jan Zhi did most of the choreography (with help of others, ofc) but I think I’m gonna retreat for this year =_=”
Maths me and Annie were gonna start arguing again but we broke into laughter when I mentioned that we always start fighting during maths. So Geo – Hyper Time. Maths – Arguing Time.
KH was kinda interesting. Before that Idah came to visit me and said electronics are boring but I find it nice! :3
Thing is remember last Sat I mentioned I’m almost finished (with pateri-ing, I found out what it’s called)? Yea well when I was finally finished teacher said my transistor was the other way around! D: I was like, so sad. Cik Mariam was nice enough to remove the timah for me but the transistor looked terrible. I thought it was broken so I waited for teacher to give me new ones. But after a while I noticed teacher wasn’t about to give me anything. I finally asked her and apparently I was supposed to reuse the transistors. =_=
So I finished up mine and it worked perfectly! :D Afiqah was the first person to finish. Fuyoo x3 Xueh Wei and Sabsab left early for Singapore performance :/ so I was feeling so sleepy. I wanted to help Lea but she looked really serious and when I asked if she needed help she said no so I just left her. But when it came to pateri-ing she really needed help x3 so I was testing that thing we use to melt the timah and changed plugs and stuff and showed her one example on how it’s done. She was doing it very slowly so later Prii finished up for her =_=” Lea Lea. Tsk tsk.
After school was hectic. I had to clean up the PP board then pick up Gamer Girl from Sammie (AWESOME BOOK BTW XD) then go solat then go for meeting. But I had to make an apparently useless pit stop. So that sort of wasted my energy. Then meeting ended early because the IMPORTANT people like Nadhrah and Xueh Wei had to leave. So later Ika, Hafizah and I met up at the canteen to finish up work.
Which didn’t finish. Too tired. Plus we ran out of bullets. So we gave up and decided to finish up tomorrow. I WILL go and see Ika when we go to the lab to ajak her skip Takzirah ><”
And Alhamdulillah, even though I was practically dehydrating, I managed to tahan X3 good thing Nadhrah was there to give me support. And I was especially inspired when Chloe who practically knew nothing about fasting suggested I hold on for just a while. So thankies Chloe X3

After breaking fast mom and I had a funny conversation about the kembar 5.

Mom : none of them are fair like the father, kan?
Me : Adela, Azzam fair ape!
Mom : oh Azzam’s the anti-social one? (hey hey I came up with that don’t blame my mom :P)
Me : no lah that’s Azhar!
Mom : I though Azfar’s okay?? (she meant socially)
Me : no I said AZHAR, not AZFAR..!

p.s, this is how I label the kembar 5 (sort of).
SMK (P) Sri Aman – Ika (alim, mesra, rajin, pandai) and Idah (suke pakai sheksi sheksi, pakai tudung kat skolah jer, suke ponteng skolah and likes to visit and hug me :3)
Budak Asrama – Azfar (alim, nak bersocial tapi rasenye tak pandai sangat) and Azhar (anti-social, totally shuts out from the world he doesn’t want to be involved in, had been the odd one out since standard 5.)
SMK Sultan Abdul Samad a.k.a. Samad People – Azzam (likes to socialize, friendlier than the other boys, the cutest [lol?? In my opinion la. Lea says she likes Azfar out of the boys. Kesian Azhar xde siape suke. Tula anti-social sangat :P] )
Please take no offence lol!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a disaster has occured.

life's Lea's awful funny.


I showered with cold water yay! :D so refreshing~!


I was so sleepy earlier this morning. I don't get it. I slept earlier than usual last night. but I woke up feeling super drowsy.

I slept during patriotic song and agama.
Then during recess we were supposed to go to surau but they told briged bestari to go to bilik kaunseling and so we did. but teacher wasn't there through out the whole 25 minutes we were there! So annoying, what if there was something important at the surau? >:/ plus I had to hear the ramblings of Aisyah Azhar, Aliah Imran, Izyan Hani and Alia Fatihah while sitting next to practically-don't-say-anything Anis.

did oral during English. ngeh. I'm just happy that's over and done with. during maths me and Anesha had an awesome arguement, seriously! it was so memorable, fighting over a silly thing so seriously but yet laughing so much! xD

"I'm right, you're wrong, LALALALA!!!" 
high five, Anesha ;)

we did our seni mounting board thingy during seni. Khairin and Nadiah played us some Beetles songs lol x3 ARIGATOU~! then my hand was badly attacked by pencil :/ you know that silver lead-ish dust you get on your hand when you rub it over pencil sketches a lot? yea that one. and it was TERRIBLERGH.



Monday, August 23, 2010

prank of the night.

real funny elyna.
Its okay, i wrote all the names from the georgia nicolson book, so it doesnt matter :):)
I though of doin it to XW, and can you stop smiling?
Oh god
yea do it to xueh wei!!
lol the names r weird
You see its actually Dave The Laugh
and i wondered if the calculator actually worked
But then i got fooled.
lol same here..
so i didnt find out
only i didnt use fictional characters :P:P
:O:O : O
but it's a junior so
I sent the link to XW
i guess i can just threaten her to eternal unpopularity or sumthin lol
GOOD :):)
ooh! Must go
Reality calls my name
bye O
okie bye

I love that line I extra-accented above. it's just too epic.

this is where it ends.

oh oh only for you.

Haha yea, kantoi tak pernah gi Canada. :P
takpelah bantai cakap boring (HAHAHA)
but it's kinda the truth right?
we learn in Geo Canada is one of the countries with low population...
so yea :)


Life's funny, isn't it?
It makes you effing happy,
even if the worst could come.


so during assembly I sat next to Lea and Laila. Pn. A talked about her new plans for the school. truthfully, I find it annoying. she's thinking of something that's different, unique, surely will make a buzz for our school, but... the little things like waiting in the Serambi Ilmu and sitting "properly" while waiting for our ride are still unsolved and you want to go on with these stuff? they say we're a good school, SBT. But what is it for? Academically? Co-curriculum? Do people know we're just normal human beings? Just normal girls learning stuff to survive whatever that's happening out there when we get out?

Well enough with ranting. the rest of the day went well. I made two birthday presents - Ashwini (27th August) and Prii (26th August) and to tell you the truth, I LOVE the way Ashwini's turned out :3 It's a drawing of her and the background is pictures of baked goods ^^ but problem is, people are saying it doesn't look like Ashwini... :/ 

for the last period we went to the lab. when we went back home, Lea was practically saying bye to everyone. Everyone but K***. (this is WAY too obvious) so our convo went like this (prepare for a round of gossiping) ...

Lea (L) : I can never forgive K*** for misspelling my name.
Me (E) : how did she spell it?
L : Iylias (supposed to be Iylia)
E : WHAT?! ahaha I mean if she tersilap letak I ke Y ke understandable la but S?? maybe it's from your Syaurah (her full name is Nur Iylia Syaurah)..
L : I don't think she even knows I have a Syaurah!! 
E : :/ Well you I think you should forgive her anyway...
L : Tengokla.. You see people like her ave a higher class level than people like us. When people like us talk to people like her, then their level of deafness gets higher (get it??).
E : Lol that's true..
L : Like Sabsab! once she randomly said Hi to K*** and she went like "huh? what?" like pretending to be blur. like she wasn't even doing anything like kalau macam tengah cakap with someone then boleh faham la kan...
E : OMG teruknyer.. 

and the gossiping went from there on :) sorry K*** but I've told this to my mom and Anesha. and now the world wide web. lol.

I hope she won't actually read this :/


Saturday, August 21, 2010

the house 2.

I'm gonna play with Laila soon. We're communicating through FB chat. wish us luck.

if you wanna play, just google "The House 2" and pick the first link.
Good luck.

okay I didn't finish it.

but this is how interesting it got.
I invited Joy and Laila went offline after I didn't respond (GOMEN!!).
I closed the tab the minute Joy went off.

hold on ah
where r u?
u are now inside the hous
im freaked im freaked
so am i
im nearly peeing here
are u in the living room?
ok ok
what else to click ah?
i already click the switch
and turned off the sound
click the picture and letter on the sofa many times
hehehe HI 5
we're cheating btw
how come?
oh rite XD
jk jk
i clicked the pic many times
just click as many times as possible
until something happens
okay a piece of paper fell out
and a nanny too
okay wait
do u have the blood yet?
the blood on the vent thing?
okay now click on the paper
in the chair
yea i noe
got the nanny yet?
oh god ure slow
i might fin the game first
i think mine's broken i clicked it like a mil times already
im at the bathroom now
wait!! wait 4 me
ok ok
i told u so
try the switch
okay the nanny's here
paper fell out?
oh did u scream?
it was kinda expected
wat's happening at the bathroom?
nothing im waiting for u
how did u get to the bathroom?
did a paper fall out of the ground?
daughter's date of birth
the paper in the chair changed
click that
whoa weird
i change my mind.. lailas even slower
click many times la
or click the pic
bathroom yet?
y must everything b stained with blood??!?!
how bout the paper changed to "she's not..."
click the paper or the switch again

which paper?
on the floor
if nothin then the one on the chair
toilet break
runs away
like finally :P:P
i got the she's not
click the pic now
im scared ><"
now everything i do the light flickers XD

are u at the bathroom yet?
just click the picture?
ok im through
the bathroom now?
ive got a sinkful of bloo
i clicked the showers
how u get dat?
i just cliked
okay i saw sum1 at the window
i didnt
okay got the blood
click the bible
click the shower
i also got blood at the toilet bowl
laila's out
whatdya mean?
by wat?
well ive got
forgive me written all over the bathroom
i saw the letter already
bed room now
meh WAIT
i c the legs in the shower
wat did u click to get forgive me?
erm click the shower
ok i got through
from sources there's 5 levels so..
3/5! :D:D
yeah its at the bototom
oh lol
the daughter's adopted! :O:O
ive got the music box playing
the play with me in blood on the wall
and a drawn pic in the drawer
yea same here minus a drawn pic
howd u get that?
how bout sticky notes on the wall?
yea done
working room
did u get the drawin yet?
click all the sticky notes?
the play with me on the wall?
u can click tat?
erm no
i didnt
click the teddy
its a teddy??
er on the bed?
yea i know
r u sure that's it?
yeah click the teddy many times
if not check the drawers on the right side of the screen
i got through
im stuck now
mine's BLANK
hurry u gotta click something
look at it
i sort of see something on the left
okay keep on watching
i got 2 things that be clicked
whats that?
1 is at the top, the second's at the bottom
click the top one
its a switch
lights on?
to the left of the screen more in the middle
ok got it
what's next?
wait i gotta go
AWW MAN :(:(
did u managed to do anything?


and Joy went offline.
I gues it just wasn't meant to be.
whenever you need a friend to play with, I'm up for the challenge! >:)


summer school is lame.

we had school today because we had to ganti for the raya :) so I didn't mind coming.

we practically didn't do much. the first subject was Science and we stayed in class. Pn Fifi played songs from her phone which included Bonamana and Billionaire like WOOT :) we did notes cuz she told us to do our own stuff.

next, PJK. it was so lol, we combined classes with 2D and weirdly, they were wearing PJK clothes :/ Eva didn't come, but saw Wye Mei and Jia Yi. we watched these stuff like people's bodies split into two. it was kinda freaky the first time, but later we got used to it.

BM we had to do a kad raya thingy (i REALLY had no idea why we had to do this) then Maths we had a quiz (which I messed up my brain at). KH we went to Bengkel.. and I was HAPPY :)


well actually Maryam finished it first but since she had something wrong, I guess I was officially the first to finish :) but I thought it was ugly.. well, at least it's correct ;)

after placing all the components we had to tape it up so that it wouldn't fall of when we um.. what's it called again? err sumthing la and I was so excited when I did it X3 it was really fun.. the timah looked like beads if you make a perfect circle (which I barely did, I'm referring to Cik Maryam's) but I had to correct some of mine so I'm not considered done just yet...

then me and Lea went to the bus stop together (I miss doing this during form 1!!! :3) and while we were still at the canteen, Divyia was behind us...

Divyia (D) : Oh awesome a rat's head *smiles*
Lea (L) : ???
Me (E) : What are you talking bout.. *sees* O_____O
D : It's so awesome!! *comes nearer*
L : *hides behind Divyia's bag*
E : *walks away* Lea, what are you doing?!?!?
L : EEK *stays behind Divyia's bag*
E : *pull Lea away*
both : omg that was so disgusting..... *sees head from a different side* OMG Q_______Q

lol.. that was.. a weird experience... it reminded me of the pictures of split bodies from earlier, and wonder what would happen to that human if his HEAD was separated from his body...


guess who's here?

Ika and Idah :3


Idah : Zup -___-
Ika  : uhh.... Hi???
Me : lol..
Idah : so.. why are we suppose to this?
Idah :  SHUDDUP!! (>_<)
Me : she misspelled misspell and backspaced it XD
Ika : haha
Idah : Meow.. so what!? :3
Ika : She misspelled AGAIN!!!
Me: LOL!!! XD
Ika : Now she's afraid to write... XD
Idah : Baka Mono... it's supposed to be type.. not write
Me : still bad English Idah. Anyways, moving on... GUESS SIAPE TAK PUASE HARI NI~~~
Idah : So What? At least...
oops misspelled spontaneous.. XD


Friday, August 20, 2010

i am in shock.

the unexpected has happened.

how do I know nothing else is going to come?

how can you do this to me?

why did you have to leave?

everyone's invited to read.

This happened in 2008. at that time I was in standard 6, jahil of all the happenings around me. my life was SSP and UPSR, and that's just about it.

but a different story was happening in SMK (P) Sri Aman.

It was during Ramadan, like now, when everybody was getting ready for tadarus. a form 2 girl came up to Ustazah Nura. she looked scared, but still controlled. she was holding a red al-Quran, tagged "A030".

"Us-ustazah.. ade muka surat dalam al-Quran ni yang hilang..."

the shocked Ustazah came over to check the missing pages. it was true, there were 2 pages that were completely blank. still hoping it was of a mis-print, the teacher told the student to put back the al-Quran in the cupboard and use a different al-Quran. the student followed the instructions.

the next day, the form 2 student searched for the al-Quran with the missing pages. what she found out shocked her.

she came back to the same ustazah. her face was white. she told the ustazah there were more pages that were gone.

ustazah checked the pages and, as the student said, there were 2 more pages that were gone. the student was dismissed, and Ustazah Nura came to work. she started looking for more pages that were missing, just in case, and there were none. she checked twice, same result.

the next day, Ustazah Nura came to see if more pages were gone. two more were gone. she checked twice, trice, and it's true, the missing pages added overnight.

that day, Ustazah Nura stayed back. before Zohor, another two pages were gone. and after Asar, another two. she was frustrated to find a conclusion to this.

"Ya Allah, jika benarlah apa yang sedang berlaku ni, tunjukkanlah di depan mata ku sendiri."

and with that, lines started to disappear, one by one, right in front of the eyes of the very Ustazah who stood in front of us today during recess. she told us that she made further researches and found out that the surahs that disappeared were mostly about the end of the world, peradaban manusia etc etc. because of the limited time that we had, the takzirah had to end there.

when school ended, I had no idea where to go. I can't eat and it wasn't Zohor time yet so I couldn't go for prayers. I went to the canteen to look for some friends - I think I could handle watching them eat lunch - and I found Ika. she told me that I had to work on the Pandu Puteri board already (oh noes!! :'( ) and that she was curious of the Al-Quran case. she said she wanted to see it, but was too afraid.

I, for one, didn't think anything would happen. so I just said let's just go, nothing would happen. and so we did and we checked it out. it was true. I even checked if the surah continued on the next page of the missing pages, and it didn't match (like the last sentence was sentence 19, then the next page was 31). nothing happened, as I thought.

Ika's friend (she called her Wan, and I believe she's an asrama kid, from 2D) said that there's another al-Quran that had missing pages, she heard, but she wasn't sure which one (this is all hear say, i dunno anything about it). when Ika and I went separate ways, she said thanks for temaning her go and see :) what are friends for?

anyways, let's ambik iktibar from this. why did it happen in SA? maybe it's a reminder to us all. have you seen the girls in our school, what they wear? I mean, I don't mind the non-muslims but.. some budak Melayu memang tak sedar diri.

tapi kene munasabah diri jugak. kita takleh kate orang,diri sendiri tak fikir balik. *munasabah diri* O.O eheheh.. kene berubah kene berubah...


haha lol.



Cobalt's talking to Raine.

help! what should I reply!! I have no idea what to reply!! DD:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

just the way you are.

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Her nails, her nails
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

So don't even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

The way you are
The way you are
Girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile

Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are


I dream of the day


looks like dreams do come true lol. you look as normal. i guess i was just thinking too much.

love letter.

dear **** you have a cute smile. You make me blush. You should be married. You and I should get together. I'd get your name tattooed on my heart. You are so gonna kill me. I love you. Love, kiki
Dear ****, you
have a cute smile. You make me blush. You should be *cough cough cough im not gonna tell u guys :P*. You and I should be friends :D:D I'd get your name tattooed on my cat. You are so awesome! I always feel like hugging you! X3 Love Elyna.
i win
mine's more touching xP
jk jk
true true
thing is, it's not what i'd actually say to****
yeah exactly

the big five oh one.

today was a big day. quite a few events happened today like the RM500 briged bestari photoshoot (like FINALLY.) the Sivik puisidra competition and I got back my Japanese paper back. and mostly...


yea I know yesterday should be the big day but I wanted this day to be REALLY special. lol.

So the photoshoot was okay. I got to sit yay! :3 I have never done a picture where I stood... wait I have for choir only.. it means that I have a lot of posts lol X3 <--- bangga moment.

the SIVIK COMPETITION. *pants, pants*

so we've practiced "a lot" (yea right bulls***) and well it was awesome in class but then..

lets start with other classes first. first class was 2F. they did awesome, and they obviously had help from En. Alias =.=" nothing wrong with that though, just that OUR class teacher is.. well.. a PJK teacher.. so Ms. Foo can't really do anything lol..

2A was.. not really "puisidra". more like "drama yang ade puisi". no offence to that ofc. many people said Alya looks hot. meh. i didn't wanna say it in front of her but, I thought Yen Fern looked hotter lol xP

next was 2D.. they had a nice storyline, really! i had a good laugh. but it was kinda kecoh by the end. and we couldn't really concentrate on the sajak.

next 2E. the sajak-ers were good :3 and I LOVED Uthraa omg!! she was so cool like, "*does karate thingy* huhh, saya laparlah, kita sambung serang selepas saya makan! *flips open fan awesomely*" and I was like "THAT WAS SO AWESOME XD"

2B was next. "don't you dare." we didn't get to see the full performance though since we were next :/

so like, the first part was the merdeka thingy. then we went to the wrong side, us Askar Melayu. and we only realized like when Japanese started coming our way and we were like, "wait! the other side!!" then we ran through the backstage to the other side. just at that moment, my keris decided to BREAK. =.=" then after the fight, we realized the FLAG WASN'T WITH US! D: it was at the other side of the stage. patut the closest to the other side go and take it la kan, but no one was moving and me who was standing at the other side ran across, took the flag and gave it Nadhwah. haiyaa.

also for the "now" the vandalism part was canceled like, last minute =.=" and there was actually some humour happening before the war between Brits and Japs. but cuz there was no mic, no one actually heard anything, I think.

then 2C. THEY WERE LIKE, AWESOME. like something you'd see in TV1 or something. so emo, so touching :') now THAT'S a winner.

so they announced the winners...

3rd place..

yea. En. Alias told us that we were lucky we had such good sajak-ers since our acting SUCKED. haha. malu seminit. compliments to AZIEMAH, WANIE, XUEH WEI, LOGSTER, SABSAB, SANTRA AND AMIRA CUZ THEY WERE LIKE, AWESOME.

2nd place... 2 FASIH WOOT1 I knew they'd place top 3 x3

and first goes to...

i was so excited for them lol XD I guess cuz I really thought they deserved it :3
although I thought 2D would place top 3 :/ maybe they were like, below us with 2E or something.

then Japanese.. I felt like I really didn't want it to be there... we got our test papers back.. and well. I failed.

yeap. 27/75. although there's still hope to get C. but this is really bad la kan. but I'm not depressed or anything cuz I know I didn't really did my best. in our class there were two failures.. I dunno if that person wants me to tell that she's the other failure. but she got better marks than me anyway.

but Yee sensei said some from the other class got less than 10 which made me a little bit more happier. Eva chan got less than me yay XD lol. but still. 26 isn't that much difference (not that much? it's just ONE.) well at least we're at the same pace (the competitive side of me is triggered) YEN FERN GOT 39 D: although I bet some kids from my class got better. I didn't dare to ask cuz I'm afraid of depression.

so there's my SPECIAL FIVE-OH-ONE POST :)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

manga competition.

so today we had a practice for sivik. so after KH I ajak Lea to go and solat (I mean, what else can we do?) and guess what? there was practically a 2G gathering there. We first met Nadiah, then Laila, then Khairin and Nadhrah then later on we saw Engku, Izzah, Nadhwah and Maryam at the back. [interruption, they chose who got to go to Australia already. none of them is me.] so we walked to the gallery together and I forgot but I LEFT THE KERIS IN THE CLASS.

See, since our class is so special (yea right ;P) we have to actually lock our doors so no staying back in class, no "oh never mind, we'll just drop by later" no nuthing. you left something, you're gonna get it tomorrow when Qian Rui opens it up.

so thing is, Lea left her stuff for her "tugasan" (i'm not gonna say it, it's too embarrassing, well at least I would be if I was her.) in class too, and as if a miracle, QIAN RUI'S HERE YAY! ^^ So she and Jing Kai went to get the key and later gave it to us to take the stuff woohoo ^^ so we got our stuff and started practicing.

so things are going well until.. *coughs* umm should I tell this story? okay well something happened that needs me to do something very embarrassing so I have to do it in private. so I ajak Lea because at the surau she told me the same thing happened to her. but then she told me that she fixed it in the surau already while we were gossiping [while waiting for Laila, we chatted a bit and without noticing, it was apparently gossips. and Laila and Nadiah heard EVERYTHING. lol.] i was petrified but she agreed to follow me to the toilet.

see, there's two rooms at the gallery, one is the games stuff store and the other is the toilet. the door is right next to each other. and sometimes, the toilet is locked unexpectedly. so I held on to the first knob I saw, and went berserk on it (while Lea was standing beside me, not saying anything) and when it didn't open, I was petrified all over again and kicked the door. Lea told me to "bersabar" then we went to the other door. when I noticed that THIS was the toilet, and just now was the STORE, I laughed. I completely embarrassed myself in front of the seniors! Dx it was so embarrassing I had to laugh it off my chest.

so i did the fixing and went back to practice :3 I can't tell you anything though, you have to see for yourself tomorrow ;) maybe I'll record it, maybe not, not really sure.

so the title says "Manga Competition". I'm not sure if I'm entring just yet, if the manga turns out good then maybe I WILL enter, but it really depends. I'm going for something local, yet still have meaning. meh I still dont have a main idea, but i think it's basically bout school kids.

other artists in my age maybe taking part : Eva, Cynta and Hana. I'm not sure bout Sammie (but she's 13, not 14 but doesn't make a difference, she's still good! x3)



i miss actually looking at you. pictures can't compare to the real thing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

full of emotions.

okay firstly, a few fun facts I found for my oral test with Anesha Thursday/Friday...

Before composing Beethoven dipped his head in cold water.

John Lennon wrote Good morning, good morning after hearing a Corn Flakes commercial.

The only guy in ZZ Top who doesn’t have a beard is Frank Beard.

Termites will eat wood two times faster when listening to heavy metal.

In 1976 Barry Manilow sang a chart topping song named I write the songs. The song wasn’t written by him.

Make music not war : Monaco’s national orchestra is bigger that its army.

House of the rising sun by The Animals was recorded with only 15 minutes because the band was on a tight budget. In spite of that the song went all the way to number one in 1964.

The longest song title is 305 characters (including spaces) : The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus, The Lumberjack Of Bulk Rock City, And His Never Slacking Stribe In Exploiting The So Far Undiscovered Areas Of The Intention To Bodily Intercourse From The Opposite Species Of His Kind, During Intake Of All The Mental Condition That Could Be Derived From Fermentation by Rednex.

today was a day full emotions.

- Agama - intrigued. Ustazah asked us to read the books in the surau. really went deep in the book called "Soalan-soalan yang remeh tentang Solat" which is, really, the smallest things I never even brought into consideration (like wearing shoes while solat, you can do that, asalkan the kasut is bersih. well i never actually got into a situation where i have to wear shoes while solat, but well now i know.)

- BM - panicked. oral right after recess.

- English - cool. didn't feel anything since teacher started from Thivyaa's row woot! XD (the arrangement's Thivyaa's row, Prii's row, Aziemah's row, Xueh Wei's row. I'm in Aziemah's row :3)

- maths - undescribable. was trying to give information to teacher bout the "lesbian activities" in our form but not enough until teacher knows who it actually is.. feel kinda guilty, but teacher was practically choking us. whatever it is i don't blame Laila. Maryam should let go of her ass (not literally, duuh).

- seni - frustrated. firstly, cuz the askar melayu weren't concentrating when iwas screaming my lungs out for them. then some stupid ass dropped of those thingies that you get when you sharp pencils all over the floor at my table and us not wearing shoes, I felt VERY uncomfortable. it was a pain to sweep it away because well, THE RUBBISH IS NOT MINE. i know that sounds very selfish but, someone dropped this and doesnt want to take responsibility! >:(

- sejarah - laughy. it's hard to stay frustrated when Maryam keeps giving stupid comments and Pn. Wan keeps making her Utara jokes. it's so funny when like just a couple of us like for instance just now Xueh Wei, Aziemah, Maryam, Laila and I were the only one laughing at one of her jokes. that's the thing bout Pn. Wan. she makes me feel special when I understand her ;) lol.

Pn Wan : kamu faham tak ape maksudnye bile cakap "mati bahasa, mati bangsa?" maknenye, bebudak Melayu skarang tak sedar diri, cakap orang puteh komain lagi!
Kaii: ouch, cikgu, terasa!
Pn. Wan : hah, terasa? bagus, memang cikgu memang nak kasi terasa pun!!
Xwei, Aziemah, Maryam, Laila and I : AHAHAHAHA...
rest of class: ...

but when teacher talks of this "mati bahasa mati bangsa" most of the class just doesnt get it, which like PROVES IT. Pn Wan was talking in BM.. AHAHAHA, get it? ;D


Monday, August 16, 2010

i, i need somebody.

so 5 things today (stolen computer btw. me: finish homework* ayah, nak pakai laptop? ayah: shakes head me: okie *steals laptop* >3)

1. The Ouch.

Pn. A's .. ouchie statement.

apparently the choir didn't win for Subang Parade competition, but it was still announced since, u know, they cna't keep it a secret (possibly). so later during Pn. A's speech she was like "we cannot win saguhati anymore, we must be number one. we are SBT school, and we are aiming for not only kebangsaan, but international, antarabangsa ya."

oh shmuck.
i felt the "ouch" factor, you know. even though i didn't go. maybe you'll say "it's cuz you're in the choir" but after that statement a wave of chatter started. coincidence? maybe not.

2. The Walk.

haha, don't we all feel a little happy when we have our little group of friends, hanging out, walking together to everywhere, having fun, laughing always, no worries? ;)

3. The Dialog.

english oral tomorrow. Anesha and I worked on our oral a.s.a.p., managed to finish it PHEW. Annie scanned it and sent it to me just now. just wondering why it's type "alv", whatever format that is. so sad. worried i can't read it and wouldn't be able to memorize by tomorrow.

4. The Pianist.

Okay so today was the choir AGM (annual general meeting) so Amanda Kok, congrats for getting the president title ^^ as an ex-classmate of yours, i'm proud of you *woots* form 3 president ye-ah!!

okie as you all know (okay maybe not) I've moved on to grade 6 (hopefully, if i pass, which is like a 70-30 thing right now, 70 being pass) so just now for pianist they were asking for grade 5 and above and I'm like, ain't that me? i forgot, i'm qualified now! *cheers* but i was freaked so i was like nak-tak-nak angkat tangan which costed me.

there were two positions for pianist - the main one and back-up. Priyangka got main and Amanda got back-up.

at first i was devastated. i went emo all of a sudden (did anyone notice? hopefully not. i don't have many friends in choir anyway.). i wanted to walk away a.s.a.p. but i strengthen up myself and stayed. when i told my mom (bukan mengadu ye, just.. bile sedih kene cakap la kan) she said it's okay.. it's most probably because they're in a higher grade (grade 7 Q_Q) and since i never really spoke up then maybe isn't sure if picking me is the right choice.. well that's a bummer.

5. The Trip.

Perth Australia.
2nd - 8th November.
RM988- 1200.
8 students per club.
Orchestra. Choir. Cultural.

i want to go. but thing is. requirements are.

- must be committed to the club. (am I considered committed??)
- must have at least 3.5 CGPA (are you kidding me? can't it be 3.2? musicians aren't that smart anyway :P jkjk)

and well.. sanggup bayar.
but seriously? 8 places? i most probably don't have a chance against the juniors this year T_T

but it'd be fun if...



p.s, stupidity gets me all the time.

why i'd turn around? no why did i even go back? i am so stupid at predicting timing  

*slaps forehead*

Saturday, August 14, 2010


knape batch '08 takde buat camni? :'(

and another thing..

Batch '08 takde QM and 
Pengawas pusat sumber tak pakai


in other news..
who else misses miss Malika? :')

tarawih pertama 1431 hijrah.

so I went for my first tarawih for this year's Ramadan. I was so lazy at first but then I just went through it >3 as usual, it felt shorter than it really was - about an hour and a half - and we had tea afterwards :3 the teh tarik was too sweet, but the teh o was fine. there was some problem with the teh tarik container which was so cool. the tea wouldn't come out and everyone were so confused. then a dude came over and tried to discover what the problem is. then he started opening the lid of the container.
"there, trying pouring out the water now."
and so someone did. and it came out! :D the dude laughed heartily and said it had something to do with air pressure. and I was like *CLICK!* I learned this in school! it's the same concept as the milk can thing! the air pressure inside the container is lower than the air pressure outside, causing the air pressure outside to push the tea so it wouldn't come out! so how to solve this? make another hole a.k.a. open the lid! lol.

science shall save us all. but sivik wouldn't because not even politicians make use of it (ahaha, the so called not-into-politics girl talks big).


Friday, August 13, 2010



*raises up hand*

yup, I'm the dumbass here.

Laila, your bro boleh betulkan my PC ke tak? :'(

askar melayu polystrene.

so I've made some polystrene keris for my class Sivik. I almost died. it's not  exactly a fun thing to do. and the results weren't that ... good.

well today I got sick by Science. I wasn't feeling so good. I went through the day until Geo and I just went x.x
but I still stuck my head out when my name was called to say "SIXTY NINE". and also help Xueh Wei and Laila with the kajian thingy.

Sejarah we went to BKB and I think I got a little bit better because I got a nap during Geo. But when I asked Laila to check my temperature she said it's quite high. then after Sejarah we went for the Papermate thingy :3 I liked the guy, he's cool! :3

then when we went back home I asked Ain to check my temperature and she was like "Panas!" but by the time mom came to pick me up it got a lil lower. after I had lunch (yes, still not fasting. hopefully tomorrow's the last day.) I slept at the extra room next to my mom (who was resting) then she woke me up to give me Panadol and water :3 aww, THANK YOU X3

I slept off and woke up at around 6? maybe? by then I was BACK TO NORMAL :)


p.s, I miss going to the canteen and see Eva kecoh-kecoh :3


crushes are awful silly.
especially when you don't even realize how silly it is.
you just look back one day and think "I was so silly, thinking of all those stuff."
and the worst is,
knowing that you've embarrassed yourself
and not being able to go back and change everything.