Thursday, August 26, 2010

fast paced.

please oh please world slow down so I can catch up.


morning. wake up. did usual stuff before school. went to school. sent paper about Nuzul Quran to 2C, D and E. failed school's sejarah quiz. skipped takzirah to "finish Pandu Puteri Board" (jus enough time to staple the "Satu Malaysia logo", other wise I don't think we can consider it done =_=") tried to have an arguement with Annie but failed cuz we were agreeing with each other too much. listened to Pn. Puteri's sad/funny/serious stories (so freaked about the dude who 'sembelih-ed' his own son e___e) actually tried to do something for Sejarah folio. finished up our art thingy right before we went to the lame thingy in the hall (got a prize for that - super stain on my tudung yay.. =__=").

this is when things got interesting.

so the talk was super lame. it was by people from Universal Music Malaysia and they were talking bout health. like how irrelevant can you get? Lea and I concluded they were here to promote Camp Rock 2 - uh DUH.

Okay let me just tell you this. I'm not a hater but I'm not exactly fascinated by people prancing around to a song neither. but I love the songs and the story lines are usually good so there's nothing with actually wanting to watch the movie, right?

and I'm definitely not fond of JB.
Like I'm not fond of K***.
Or that's what Nadiah labels it as.

anyway back to the lame speech. the dude wasn't half as good as the Papermate dude. he looked like he didn't wanna be there and would rather watch some porn or something. so Lea and I had some good fun telling stories and mengutuk orang. especially the "throwing babies" part.

see in Geo Kaii announced her love towards babies. she said she'd take them in anytime. so Lea was like, "The reason people throw away babies was because they couldn't find Kaii~!!"

LOL. very HARD.

so it went on and on and on... we even met a time when we were so lost in conversation when we looked back to the screen we were already wayy off topic. until the end of the speech and our hypothesis was proven :) they DID wanna promote CR2. they set out this like "talent search" thingy (which by then were 10 minutes before school ends) and asked who wanted to dance/sing to a CR2 song after they showed us one of the music videos (which, again, I loved the songs [ and some of the clothes, ofc ] but not fond of the actors).

oh btw there was a part in the MV where Demi's jacket blew off a bit and we can see her collarbone and Lea went like "EE tak menutup aurat, KEMUNGKARAN!! mencegah dengan hati iaitu dengan membenci dan mengelak dari kemungkaran tu!! jadi jangan tengok Camp Rock 2!!" me and Afiqah went lol.
(btw if you don't get it it's from a topic in agama "Mencegah Kemungkaran Tanggungjawab Bersama" or something like that)
(oh yea Lea kan mencegah dengan hati selemah-lemah iman, kite kene mencegah dengan tangan!! jom gi US, jumpe Demi lepas tu lempang die sket, "Tutup aurat!!!" xDD)

sorry got lost for a moment there.
so there was a buzz and I was saying to Lea "Siape lah agaknye yang sanggup embarrass themselves for this?"
well, we got our answer soon.

first a junior. Monica Chin. then later..
Iman Razak.

okay no offense to the "big" people out there, but Iman was like XXL size (omg I wish she doesn't read my blog). she wasn't exactly "performance material" like those cheerleaders. like Lissa Nazeri no. even if she's good she wouldn't make it unless she lost a few kilos (okay maybe a bit more then a few) oh and I heard a rumour saying she's thinking of entering cheer? I'll be smoking pot when that happens. seriously.

but well she was accepted "openly". Except from me. when we saw her (and Dhanya) got up me and Lea went "OMG" but our reaction after that was different.

Lea  - cheers and tries to be the supporting friend that she is (yea right she was laughing her head of the whole time. how sincere.)
Me - "I don't know her I don't know her" *hides in the crowd*

they were.. okay. Lea said they were using the usual set for MSR. how... adjustable. (i just can't find the right word, sorry)

so they were gifting CR2 merchandises. haha yea right i'm gonna take a picture of the JBs. the note book seems attractive but I wasn't going to go through a crowd for it.

Slept during the video part in Jap (mostly cuz I can't read the subs). found out Zaza has an interest in KH too. oh hurrah.


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