Saturday, August 21, 2010

summer school is lame.

we had school today because we had to ganti for the raya :) so I didn't mind coming.

we practically didn't do much. the first subject was Science and we stayed in class. Pn Fifi played songs from her phone which included Bonamana and Billionaire like WOOT :) we did notes cuz she told us to do our own stuff.

next, PJK. it was so lol, we combined classes with 2D and weirdly, they were wearing PJK clothes :/ Eva didn't come, but saw Wye Mei and Jia Yi. we watched these stuff like people's bodies split into two. it was kinda freaky the first time, but later we got used to it.

BM we had to do a kad raya thingy (i REALLY had no idea why we had to do this) then Maths we had a quiz (which I messed up my brain at). KH we went to Bengkel.. and I was HAPPY :)


well actually Maryam finished it first but since she had something wrong, I guess I was officially the first to finish :) but I thought it was ugly.. well, at least it's correct ;)

after placing all the components we had to tape it up so that it wouldn't fall of when we um.. what's it called again? err sumthing la and I was so excited when I did it X3 it was really fun.. the timah looked like beads if you make a perfect circle (which I barely did, I'm referring to Cik Maryam's) but I had to correct some of mine so I'm not considered done just yet...

then me and Lea went to the bus stop together (I miss doing this during form 1!!! :3) and while we were still at the canteen, Divyia was behind us...

Divyia (D) : Oh awesome a rat's head *smiles*
Lea (L) : ???
Me (E) : What are you talking bout.. *sees* O_____O
D : It's so awesome!! *comes nearer*
L : *hides behind Divyia's bag*
E : *walks away* Lea, what are you doing?!?!?
L : EEK *stays behind Divyia's bag*
E : *pull Lea away*
both : omg that was so disgusting..... *sees head from a different side* OMG Q_______Q

lol.. that was.. a weird experience... it reminded me of the pictures of split bodies from earlier, and wonder what would happen to that human if his HEAD was separated from his body...


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