Saturday, August 14, 2010

tarawih pertama 1431 hijrah.

so I went for my first tarawih for this year's Ramadan. I was so lazy at first but then I just went through it >3 as usual, it felt shorter than it really was - about an hour and a half - and we had tea afterwards :3 the teh tarik was too sweet, but the teh o was fine. there was some problem with the teh tarik container which was so cool. the tea wouldn't come out and everyone were so confused. then a dude came over and tried to discover what the problem is. then he started opening the lid of the container.
"there, trying pouring out the water now."
and so someone did. and it came out! :D the dude laughed heartily and said it had something to do with air pressure. and I was like *CLICK!* I learned this in school! it's the same concept as the milk can thing! the air pressure inside the container is lower than the air pressure outside, causing the air pressure outside to push the tea so it wouldn't come out! so how to solve this? make another hole a.k.a. open the lid! lol.

science shall save us all. but sivik wouldn't because not even politicians make use of it (ahaha, the so called not-into-politics girl talks big).


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