Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Syawal 1431H.

Today was divided to four parts.

The Breakfast

I ate breakfast while watching TV. Had lemang with rendang and crackers with Milo yay! xD
I also saw the sweetest mother-son scene :')

The Children

Some kids, like about ten, came over to beraya. the usual "Cik!! Kami datang breaya!" was used and later when mom came up to the door they were like "Boleh kami beraya?" I imagined what it'd be like to reject them.

"Boleh.. boleh blah!"

old. how bout.


Hmm. I give up. You can never reject awesomely.

Anyways, the eldest (who's taking UPSR this year, evesdropping me :P) was very familiar.. maybe from camp.. Mom even asked me to play the piano >.<" I was so embarrassed, especially when the song ended and mom said "Tepuk~!" and they were like " =,= *tepuk* "

When they had to leave mom called me and she told them to salam me and I'm like, "D; MAKK" and her duit raya was with me so OBVIOUSLY since she's not giving it I HAD TO GIVE IT. I quickly gave duit-duit seringgit sekebat tu kat Mak Then only the eldest (embarrassingly) salamed me along with what? two others?

Bummer =3= I was hoping no one salamed me. I didn't wanna feel old.
but at least I know the eldest has some respect *smug*

The Mall

Aunty Ha is here so we decided to go to Mid. First we went to Kenny Rogers for lunch (banana and vanilla muffins, LOVE!). I also brought a new comic from Gempakstarz. a Korean mangaka, this time. "Rama-Rama". very nice cover, hopefully equally nice story. Was searching for Gempak but it was out of stock :(

then went to Jusco. That's where we parted from Aunty Ha and Kak Ani and went to buy our stuff. I bought a new wallet! :D can't wait to show it off at school lol :P and yet again another Icon brand =__=" my bottle and pencil box is ALSO by Icon. Anesha noticed that.

omg.. I miss Annie :'(

then mom told me Aunty Ha and Kak Ani was at MPH and I was like :DD DAH LAMA TAK GI MPH. I was planning to buy something but mom was like "NO TIME! HAVE TO COOK FOR AYAH!" (ayah puasa hari ni) so didn't buy anything. we went back home after that. after buying Dunkin Donuts. I really wanted Krispy Kreme (thank you very much, Pn. Noraini's discovery of XWei's fav lunch) but mom said it's expensive =3="

The Dinner

Umar got a walker!  :D he's walking all over the place!

mom cooked asam pedas for dinner and let me tell you, MEMANG KAW PUNYE. mak memang sah orang Johor ah ;) When I looked at Kak Ain she was like "Pedas, pedas" and trust me, I knew what she meant. I laughed even though I was burning too. she stared at me annoyingly.

washed up as usual after.


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