Friday, September 3, 2010

being liked for being mean.

looks like a lot of people likes the fact that I can be very mean at times.

(i was talking bout an ICTL project we had to do AND post on our FB profile. it's right there in my "Random Pix I Suddenly Decided to Upload" album. mine's so much more better. but mostly because I used a template on Publisher. I dunno WTH Prii did, since it wasn't... that good.



true that. If you can guess who's blog this is from, I'll give you a virtual COOKIE! :D

why do I have a feeling Xueh Wei will get it right?


so on Wednesday, Wanie indirectly told me that she wants to sell her old Gempakstarz comic books. you know, those Japanese RM6.50 comics. YEA I DO READ THE MALAY ONES. If I read the English ones, not only do I find it OBVIOUSLY translated, but also EXPENSIVE. (yea sure a buck or two. but still. every cent counts okie.)

anyways. so the next day (yesterday, if you didn't pass maths standard 2) (I want to be mean, people like it.) Wanie gave the list of comics she has. I was kinda disappointed to see like 1/3 of the list crossed out. I wonder if some people already booked it or she just canceled on selling those. I didn't even dare try to read the canceled out ones - I don't think I could handle the heartbreak.

So I picked out like 6. the next day (TODAY) she came with my comics in hand! xD I traded it with 22 bucks (she bargained it for 4 bucks! and their condition's still good, since she wrapped them in plastic covers =_=" and she even forgave me for not having enough change! I dunno if she still wants the extra 2 bucks though, 22's quite a lot) and happily read one and lent some to my friends. I can feel the holiday heat already.

USAMI MAKI AND OBATA YUUKI ROCKS!!! *punches fist in air*

other interesting stuff...

-stayed back until 4 although practiced ended at 2.30 :P cuz Lea brought her radio so we lepaked in 2F. she said sayang hari ni tak bawak camera. we could've camwhored as much as we could. but I didn't want to, cuz I was afraid they were gonna have a spot check. they've been doing those lately. they had it on the form 1's today. Divyia found a SIM card. oo rebel. she hit my head.

- funny convo on the way to ICTL. (it was after recess, which would explain some stuff. also would explain how we can strategically get a good computer ;) )

Anesha : Oh God, why do they have to sit there (means the stairs, some form 1's were lepaking on the stairs.)..??

Me : man...

Anesha : those are juniors right? form 1's? (as if we had juniors other than form 1)

Me : yea.. annoying..

Anesha : (simultaneously) annoying...

Me : o.o

Anesha : ahahaha xD

Me : lol xD high five!

Anesha : *high fives*

Both : *giggle until we reach ICTL lab*


p.s, it looks about the right time to write in you again. I'm gonna need the key. there's so many to tell, so little ink.

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