Wednesday, September 15, 2010

five four oh.

Five hours. wasted. for nothing.


nyaa I can't believe I went to OU and didn't enjoy it like I thought I would! I've been wanting  to go to OU for months. why? cuz I barely go there that's why!

I mostly didn't enjoy it cuz I didn't get myself stuff that I wanted.

1. Bakmal's birthday present
2. maybe a couple of tops (dah ade duit raya blanja la ape lagi)
3. go take photos at the photobooth that Engku said exists!
4. comics
5. Gempak
6. game PS2 (dah lama tak beli)

and the reasons I didn't get any of those was because

1. I had no idea what to buy him
2. I thought that none of the tops were actually worth the price. but knowing prices now a days, maybe I should've expected all those prices. And I discovered that Alya just bought a RM299 vest. (but she has a swimming pool, so it's not counted?) There was this op that was RM39.90, maybe I should've bought that? hmm.
3. IT DOESN'T EXIST. Not anymore. Kalau gi outing ngan Laila maybe takleh pergi OU dah.
4. The shop I loved is GONE, GONE I TELL YOU!!! (memang sah I jarang gi OU)
5. Bile ade duit, takde. bile takde duit, melambai-lambai jer magazine tu. :'(
6. when I went to the shop, the dude said "There's no PS2 games sold." I know PS2's so last five years ago but still :'(


yea, you heard me. so that I can play KH 358/2 Days and that game I saw on Youtube.



KyuHae, gomen was rushing ^^"

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