Friday, October 22, 2010


It's advised that religion-sensitive people to not read this. It MAY contain offensive words about other religions, although I don't really mean it. Seriously I don't.

Last Wednesday, I had the sneezies. I hate the sneezies. it involves a lot of tissue and trying to not let people see your snot. But thankfully, this sneezies involved just a lot of energy pressurizing since I sneezed a lot, but nothing but dust came out. And me as a proud Muslim, will say to myself "Alhamdulilah" after everytime I sneeze :)

During the morning announcements, I sneezed once and Sabsab called out "Bless you!" and I smiled at her. Thanks Sab. Although I already said to myself alhamdulilah, I accept all blessings haha :)

But afterwards during KH, I got a blessing from someone I didn't really expect a blessing from. At least, the form of blessing la.

Me : *sneeze*
Sabrina : Bless y--
K*** : Bless you!

I was shocked. I didn't say anything, but I think a frown did form on my forehead. I mean, I can take a "bless you" from a Christian, but from a Muslim? That's their way, not ours. Isn't it better to say Alhamdulilah? Even though I already said it myself, but knowing that other Muslims find it important to say too would definitely make me feel better. Looks like some of us terikut-ikut budaya agama lain. You can wear what they wear, you can befriend them all you like, but you should never forget what you really are inside.

Or.. am I just too sensitive?


P.S, yet again no offense to Christians, I just.. don't find it right.


I told my parents this. My mom laughed. My dad said "Agaknye tulah maksud Satu Malaysia" but that's politics so.

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