Thursday, October 28, 2010

breaking news.

Me : *doing maths paper 2, hardest paper I have ever gotten after Ms. Mallika's UPSR trial papers*
Xwei : *stares at me*
Me : *look*
Xwei : :))
Me : *roll eyes* (how can she actually do this paper?? eff.)


Tomorrow is the FINAL day of exams.

Kemahiran Hidup
Pendidikan Seni
and Japanese.

Why am I still here?

There's nothing much to talk about anyway, I mean, what can you say about exams?

other than 'jhfjabfjasbfjabfsajbfafafas'?

okay, so it wasn't THAT bad the first two days. but Science paper two was JBFASLJF and paper 1 I thought was okay (as usual) but turns out.. not okay (as usual). I AM SO FREAKING NOT GOOD IN SCIENCE..! even when I think I did okay, I did not do okay. jafjasbfasd.

Paper 1 and I was like :)) oh my GOSH that was a great paper.
but paper 2 I was like :(( OH MY GOSH THAT WAS A FAIL.

Agama? I left out two questions. and bantai like, 5 questions. (or as ustazah calls it, "goreng")

Today we got our Sejarah marks.

Xueh Wei : how much did you get?
Me : :( 84. ONE MORE MARK TO A!
Xwei : aww, no worries, come sit here..
Me : *sits* How much did you get Prii?
Prii : 81 :(
Me : oh... *wants to hug, but hesitates*
Prii : what? what is it?
Me : I wanted to hug you, but I remembered you didn't like hugs.
Prii : aww (thinks I'm sad cuz I got lower than her) *offers hug*
Me : :)) *hugs*
Prii : how much did you get?
Me : *hides face* 84.
Prii : WHAT? DD:
Xwei: :)) heehee
Prii : shuddup, xwei. we all know you got a high mark.
Xwei : :)) oh well. *leaves*
Prii : I can never get her. she can be the sweetest person on earth, but she can be so mean sometimes.
Me : agreed. she's like the Lucifer. some people say he's an angel. but some say he's the devil. >:)

I am now freaking scared for Geo marks. I already got 1 B, I don't think I can stand getting another B.
Other than Science and Agama. I would totally understand.
So.. 3 B's, rest A's?


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