Friday, October 22, 2010

the confession game.

So in a girl's school, what do you expect us to do when teachers aren't in?

Person A : OOH I know~ You guys study your heads off cuz you guys are in SBT school and you guys are such freakin nerds cuz you're in 2G~!

Err, no.

In fact, people can call me nerd, but I hate studying as much as the next person. Anyways, the answer lies within the story...

So one day in Bilik Masakan A, us so called nerds (okay maybe we are since we finished our work so fast) were so bored and decided to play Truth or Dare. the game became boring when we ran out of dares and everyone decided to go with truth (and they gave me the position of questionnaire, just cuz I make up good questions sometimes). So we decided to shorten the game, and spun the pencil for confessions.

Sabrina, Prii and Nadiah each confessed something very personal. I confessed something weird, funny and most probably was best kept to myself but neh-verh-maind... Lea confessed something she never even told Zaza, which I think was epic.

So I thought that was a very epic day where we created the Confession game.

Just the other day, we played this game again. It was sort of getting boring, but I guess you have to eat a hundred durians to find the best one. (is that the idiom? I can't remember haha) Xueh Wei confessed something really weird 0-0

Let me just tell you, it made me feel like I can never look at her the same again.

When you play the Confession game, you are automatically sworn to secrecy. you can't tell ANYTHING told in the game to ANYONE, no matter what. I know this wasn't exactly in the rules, but when it's personal, it's personal. If someone who plays the game doesnt get this unsaid rule, the other players could be victims. And you can't repeat a confession, even if you're playing with different people. So who's there is lucky la.

But this confession is WA-AYYY too funny to not tell.

Prii : *Spins pencil* (she's the pencil spinner, and she loves it) Santra, your turn.
Santra : ahh.. I don't have anything to confess la..
Divyia : never mind, just anything would do.
Santra : My hair is long.
Divyia : Something that isn't obvious~~ (MTT : like, maybe your hair has extensions or something)
Santra : Oh, maybe I should tell that thing I told Anesha and Ashwini yesterday!
Anesha : Ooh, that one! ahahaha
Others : tell la, tell la!
Santra : Oh my God, it's so embarrassing !!
Divyia : Just tell..
Santra : Okay.. *takes deep breath* ahahaha it's so embarrassing
Me : *roll eyes*
Prii : Just tell already, oh my God!!
Ashwini : just tell Santra, it's not that embarrassing..
Santra : okay, okay.. ... ..
Divyia : SANTRA!
Santra : SORRY! Okay, so yesterday, I went to the toilet...
MTT : *all these guesses are coming to my head, which involves period problems or something like that*
Santra : ... and I saw, I wore my underwear terbalik!!
Everyone : ...
Me :... AHAHA WTH?
Divyia : ahahahaha
Xueh Wei : what? are you laughing cuz..?
Divyia : yea I'm laughing cuz it took such a long time to tell... ahahaha...
Xueh Wei : ahahahahaha...
Prii : that was lame, Santra.
Santra : But it was so embarrassing!!

I wanted to ask terbalik as in inside out, or terbalik front to back, back to front? But I guess it wasn't the right timing.


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