Friday, October 8, 2010

fish, fish jr. and fishy

there's so many "firsts" in life. this time, it's the first time I went to school as a form 2, without juniors.

what wonders.

I don't really feel the lost of the form 1's, since I'm not really close to many form 1's, mostly just Sammie. but it was okay. i guess there wasn't "the attack of the juniors". but instead, there were "the attack of the seniors". =3= people just love attacking us form 2's.

apparently, my expectations of having the canteen all to ourselves (and maybe the form 3's) were totally ruined when the form 4's had recess with us. I was totally lost. I recessed somewhere with Ain. Today, I just quickly ate and went to do something more important.

anyways. The class wasn't amazing neither. although I found the perfect place where I got the taste of the fan, I really preferred my own class. (Anesha just said that we usually get the fan in our own class too, but who cares! the usual problem in classes is getting the fan.)

we didn't even clean the class yesterday. we were busy acting out what we would think of the future in English. haha.

after school, I had Japanese. During lunch we discussed... ANIME! :) and we saw a cat! :) on the way to class, we saw the cat again (it ran away, Eva scared it :O) and held it captive >:) we called it Fish Jr. according to Yen Fern, the cat last year was called Fish, and apparently this year the cat's gone :( so now we got Fish Jr.! :D (also, I remember Donghae's Fishy x)) )

Eva brought it into class (yes, UPSTAIRS.) Qian Rui and Chloe got FREAKED. but Sabsab asked Eva to put it on her table. seeing Qian Rui got so freaked, (and some 2H-ers being very unsporting :( ) we got it out of the class. we saw teacher coming up, so we hurriedly (and sneakily) got it back downstairs. we don't want it running around the second floor.

after Jap class, we went to the pond and started naming the terrapins. The brown one was Coconut, the bigger green one is Cucumber and the smaller one is cabbage. I protested cuz I thought the name Cucumber was too small for the terrapin, but Iman said it's okay.

Me : I would like to see a cucumber that huge.
Iman : O.O ... I will grow one for you.

Aww :')
although knowing Iman I don't think it wasn't supposed to be an aww moment.


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