Monday, October 18, 2010

guess what.

firstly, I got 15 followers on DA :3 SO WHAT IF MY TUMBLR SUCKS, at least my art's good >w< but obviously, it can't live up to Hana's MILLIONS of followers T_T most probably cuz she's started like, two years ago. and her chibis are REALLYY good. and she takes requests all the time, so go figure.

secondly, I got my LAST DOSE of my cervical cancer jab today. yayy. I forgot how it feels like, really. it's been months. Sabsab vomited. I was worried, but Lea kinda relaxed me a bit, saying some people get nauseous from stuff like that. later when she got back to her normal, cheerful self I thought I was kinda silly to worry.

lastly, I have a record on writing to Prii! >w< she says that everyone reads it, so :D the first one was kinda lame, but she (tried her best to say it sincerely) convinced me that it's nice and she wants it in her book. but then I wrote a smaller note, something more meaningful then she's like "THIS i want in my book." and I'm like, so you were lying just now? =3= although I kinda know the answer to that.


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