Sunday, October 31, 2010


This laptop.. aish.. I bet it's cuz of the Hello Baby thing.. benci betul...

I know.. It's because Bakmal slalu tengok girls, so you don't like boys? You prefer girls? Your mindset dah rosak la, laptop. Laptops need to be bi. they can't pick. understood?
now let's watch Korean guys instead of ....  okay?

sigh. I think the laptop has turned boy already. can't wait to buy my own laptop. firstly, I will definitely buy a laptop that's a different colour than this. bronze is not only male, but also ugly. and I thought Bakmal had taste. maybe there weren't many options.

When I get my own laptop, I'll get something silver or platinum blue for sure. teamed up with black. the bag should be... actually that really depends, but I want that padded laptop cover thingy as the bag, so that I can just put it inside my backpack like ^^ or or just bring it around in my arms, like a book or something kyaa xD that would look so cool. can't wait to go to college ^^

but that's just appearance. what about performance?

Well, I've just concluded something. One thing I would be really specific about is that it wouldn't be... *looks around* *whispers* ... Compaq branded.

The laptop I'm using now a.k.a. Bakmal's laptop is Compaq. Lea's laptop, too, as I remembered was Compaq. And what happened to that laptop? Lea punched the screen and hit it on the ground and now it's somewhere being fixed.

Okay that maybe because my friend is a bit ... unhealthy but the reason she did it is because the laptop was so slow.
I now understand.

Every time this laptop hangs I just slide in my seat and rub my hands on my thigh, sighing. patience. if it hangs some more anytime soon I'll definitely feel like what Lea felt like doing, only this isn't even my laptop, so I'll have to be even more patience. I was already bullying the mouse by clicking the "X" button millions of times. I only stopped because I was afraid the not-mine mouse would be broken.

But I guess if it's my laptop, I would feel like taking better care of it, yes? I guess that's only applied if I bought the laptop myself. Like my parents said, since everything's given to us, we don't feel the loss money wise.

which is why I hope to contribute to the payment of my first laptop, rather than Ayah paying 100% for it. I only question how. I can't exactly collect money right now, I get just enough allowance to buy the expensive food at our canteen. Meh. I should at least try, yes?

Maybe I should just wait till I grow up and go to college, like Bakmal.

Naah, I can't wait that long, by then people will move on to something else. Collecting money it is, then.

Starting from today, me, Nur Elyna bt. Mahzan, 
will promise to save every sen I have in hopes to contribute to my first laptop! 
Ciayok (is that how you spell it?) !
Semoga berjaya!
Best of luck!


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